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Our expertise is our differentiator by combining the best of the academic world and its developments with best practices and experiences from 'the field'. Too many businesses can be overwhelmed by massive, self-developed Excel spreadsheets that seem to grow on their own as update requests flood in. Smoothly running, automated finance tools and processes, integrated with forecasts and budgets makes everything easier, from closing to consolidating to reporting.
Over years of testing and examination, we have confirmed a list of Preferred Partners in Business Software, based on the qualities that matter to our clients, such as flexibility, scalability, and vision.
Delaware Consulting implements the full SAP solution portfolio, customized to the needs of both SMEs and large enterprises.
Delaware Consulting is a global partner for Acorn Performance Suite, including Performance Analyzer, Cost Analyzer, and Supply Chain Analyzer. Helping your business anticipate and optimize business opportunities is the advantage of SAS. Delaware implements Tableau’s breakthrough products to change the way people use data.
Thomas Cook wanted to transform from a brochure-driven organization towards an integrated e-driven organization. To accomplish this challenge, Thomas Cook had to come to a consensus about the strategic direction and align this direction with clear definitions on critical success factors. Delaware Consulting helped Thomas Cook by introducing a corporate strategy map and a corporate balanced scorecard. Another big step forward was made with the introduction of the Balanced Scorecard to follow-up on the strategic performance.
Due to the new trends in the industry of building products Eternit was facing a wide range of potential innovation opportunities in the different segments of the business.
Delaware supported Eternit determining the strategic priorities, investment projects and identifying the most optimal investment strategy. Delaware stepped in and, together with all departments, we co-created a new corporate strategy to mobilize and motivate the organization for the execution of its new strategy. To increase its sales of branded alkaline batteries in a mature commodity market, Panasonic wanted to mobilize its sales & marketing people from several local sales offices to contribute to the execution of this corporate strategy. Using market studies and customer surveys, Delaware assisted Panasonic Europe with the transformation of its sales & marketing team into an effective customer-focused organization.
Like many other companies, Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium (CCEB) was confronted with an increasing cost-to-serve (CTS) due to a changing customer landscape. Based on our extensive experience in Banking & Insurance, Delaware implemented a Time-Driven ABC solution making it possible for KBC to map transactions in its complex and dynamic environment.
In the very challenging and complex environment of the retail industry, Colruyt was confronted with a common issue when allocating costs from the supporting services (shared services) to the business units. Delaware introduced its innovative Chargeback methodology and created the necessary cost-transparency. ASR Netherlands (former Fortis Netherlands) and the entire financial industry, has been allocating costs towards their products in order to determine a price. However, with the saturated market and a continuously changing market environment it became clear that ASR needed more insights into the profitability of their customer segments and its different channels. Being able to link profitability to segments and channels enables ASR to analyze these results, take fact-based decisions and optimize its portfolio and cost management as a continuous process. Cetrel, a financial services provider in the field of card payments, electronic transfer systems and inter-bank clearing, lacked insights in and ownership of its costs.
The introduction of a Chargeback model for management control (including a transfer pricing mechanism) allowed Cetrel’s business units to take responsibility for the services they demanded from the Shared Service Centers.
Cetrel was one of the very first companies to implement the Delaware-chargeback model which has given Cetrel a great competitive advantage in strategic cost management. Delaware implemented a global Business Intelligence system (combining MS SQL Server BI and SAP BusinessObjects) on top of the AFS-solution to tackle the requirements on performance and regional availability. Whereas TCR service used to have no real view on the urgency of their work orders, Delaware implemented a solid new reporting systems based on Microsoft technology. Our Business Insights team has a rich history of publications and groundbreaking research in all aspects of Performance Management and Business Intelligence. Delaware Consulting’s Business Insights experts are at the forefront of new developments as they continue to write management books and teach at major universities, business schools and management schools. Our Delaware General Corporation Law compliant model by-laws and minutes template is available as an editable template or as a printed form. Stock Certificates or Membership Interest Share Certificates customized with the name of your company document ownership. Certificate of Good standing is a state issued corporate document which serves a vital role when it comes to a number of business transactions.
All of the above refer to the same document, commonly known as Certificate of Good standing. It is a state issued certificate which attests that the entity in question is a valid entity and that it still exists in the state of the initial registration and maintains good status with the state authorities when it comes to appropriate business filings and state business fees. In most of the United States, after the entity is dissolved you may still obtain the Certified Copies of Articles of Incorporation.
As a common rule such documents are not valid for period longer than six months, which is simple logic that during a longer period you may simply dissolve the company. The document is issued by the Corporation authority in the state where the entity is formed.

So now we know where to obtain the document, we may start exploring the options available to us. Short Form Certificate of Good standing is the most commonly used one when it comes to such type of document.
For your convenience, we have developed a unique online application which will allow you to obtain the document from your own computer, smartphone or tablet. My Certificate of Good standing is black and white copy, can I Apostille Certificate of Good standing?
This entry was posted in Documents and tagged Certificate of Existence, Certificate of Fact, Certificate of Good standing, Certificate of Good standing Delaware (DE), Certificate of Good standing Indiana (ID), Certificate of Good standing Nevada (NV), Certificate of Good standing New Jersey (NJ), Certificate of Good standing Wyoming (WY), Certificate of Goodstanding, Certificate of Status. The right of a stockholder to inspect a corporate books and records was originally a common law right.
However, as summarized by the table below, these rights differ significantly amongst the three states. The table below is from the just released treatise, Bishop & Zucker On Nevada Corporations and Limited Liability Companies.
May 31, 2013 By Sam Wu 1 Comment The first step to incorporate a technology startup is to prepare and file the Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State.
SPEEDBUMP: For startups incorporated in Delaware it is very important to have a par value associated with your shares.
Finally, one last principle to understand is that any amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation requires board AND stockholder approval. Sam is a partner with Innovation Capital Law Group and specializes in startup representation, corporate finance (i.e. With the support of our Business Insights experts, you will gain clear insights into the cost and profitability of your products, services and customers.
Our passion, drive for results, pragmatic approach and expert skills have given our organization the recognition as a 'trusted advisor', delivering high quality and sustainable results at an accelerated pace. Not just their future, but their market, their competitors, their capabilities, and their processes. With our globally recognized expertise in controlling concepts and systems, Delaware helps you discover those specific insights that will improve your decision making, advancing your bottom-line profitability.
That software, combined with our longstanding expertise, will help your company thrive, both today and tomorrow.
We are your genuine, long-term partner, ensuring that the hardware and software continue to fulfill your needs, even many years after you’ve gone live with our recommendations. We are your preferred partner for complex projects characterized by business transformation and change management. Through this partnership, we provide you with profitability and cost management software and services, helping you achieve better business decisions. At Delaware Consulting, we use advanced visualizations and predictive analytics that turn your data about customers, performance, and financials into meaningful information.
We continue to update them as frequently as we can to give you the best idea possible of what Business Insights can do for your company.
Delaware facilitated this merger and assisted Jessa with the development of a co-created strategy.
Jessa Hospital now has a continuous strategy management process in place to facilitate a strategy-focused management, driven by a motivated organization. This was translated in a new corporate strategy and an optimization of the product portfolio. As in all complex mergers, this one also had to deal with interdepartmental conflicts, culture clashes, confusion, and internal disruptions. By translating the corporate strategy into a specific sales & marketing strategy, we succeeded in creating a new mindset that was needed to realize the corporate objectives. This was translated in their request for insights in cost-to-serve, cost-of-complexity and the cost-of-capacity. By offering a solution that manages and controls Colruyt’s costs of shared services, a significant cost reduction and win-win was generated in the partnership between the shared service suppliers and the business units. As a consequence, business units had no incentive to behave cost-consciously and the service centers at Cetrel worked inefficiently. Their reporting needs were vast and complex because of high data volumes and both a global BI development team & user base. This solution provided Quiksilver with a high-performance BI environment that was able to produce real-time reports on Sales, Finance, Purchasing and HR across the world.
Within TCR Group, a critical need was raised to follow-up on the equipment availability more closely and to allow their customers to follow up on their own equipment as well. However, Certificate of Incorporation does not prove that the entity still exists, it only shows that the entity was duly formed at some point in time. However, a more precise period depends on the target country where you will use the document. So for instance if you company was organized in the State of Delaware, the Certificate of Good standing will most likely have to come from the State of Delaware. Whether you need it for domestic purposes or you need to Apostille Certificate of Good standing, you most like will need a short form.
Furthermore, our complete service will allow to obtain the document, have your Certificate of Good standing apostilled, translated and if needed certified in the target consulate. For instance some state may fax you the Certificate of Good standing, and will be a perfectly eligible document when it comes to apostille.

O'Reilly, Bishop and Zucker on Nevada Corporations, internal affairs doctrine, Nevada corporate law, proper purpose, Section 1600, Section 1601, stockholder inspection rights, Valtz v.
Think of it like the birth certificate of the company and the beginning of the life of the startup. It is important to understand that name availability doesn’t necessarily mean that the trademark rights are not owned by someone else. This might seem obvious but it is very important to keep in mind because it means changes to any rights, preferences or privileges that are included in the Certificate of Incorporation will require stockholder and board approval.
At the time of writing this post, Delaware has been turning around filings in 2 to 3 business days, but California is taking 6 to 8 weeks.
At Cannons Bakery, we provide freshly baked desserts for a variety of corporate functions, from breakfast meetings and afternoon coffee breaks to birthday celebrations and employee recognition events.
Delaware Consulting beats back the spreadsheet beast and helps companies find the core meaning of their data. We make sure that your financial processes run in the most effective and error-free way possible.
Through this co-creation we succeeded in motivating all doctors and nursing personnel by translating the strategy in clear and inspiring operational terms. This resulted in a successful reduction of their cost-to-serve while still being in line with the new corporate sales & marketing strategy. In order to increase the transparency and predictability of cost allocations, Colruyt needed to be able to control and manage the cost of their shared services more effectively and more efficiently. On top, TCR customers can follow-up on the same data through the availability of the same dashboards in the existing customer portals. Added value of a 3 "D" locking ring, holds your documents neat and flat which provides less wear and tear on your documents. Certificate of Goodstanding shows that the said entity still maintains its active status and was no dissolved. It may come from California, also, but this is a more complex matter and involves filing of certificate of authority for a foreign entity, which is different subject which will be cover some other time.
Long Form Certificate of Good standing is also eligible for an apostille, however, not all states, as it was mentioned earlier, will have such document available. Don’t be confused with synonymous terminology — in Delaware this document is called the Certificate of Incorporation but in California it is called the Articles of Incorporation. In Delaware, the name must include one of the following words: association, company, corporation, club, foundation, fund, incorporated, institute, society, union, syndicate or limited (or the abbreviations). When picking a name for my startups, I always suggest conducting a quick trademark search on the USPTO website (or go hire an intellectual property attorney to do it for you) and confirm availability of the domain name. The Certificate should also include the total number of shares of Common Stock that may be issued by the company.
The reason is that Delaware has an alternative method of computing tax that will significantly lower the tax bill by using a calculation based on the stated par value of the shares. The Certificate of Incorporation will also include a provision indemnifying directors, employees, officers and other agents.
This is the reason why some investors want certain protective provisions to be included in the Certificate of Incorporation instead of some other contractual agreement between the parties. Together, we create value for your stakeholders, transforming your business into the best organization that it can be.
We ensure that our clients have an easily accessible, up-to-date and integrated view of their business intelligence.
In cases when the entity is not in Good standing or was dissolved the Certificate of Goodstaning will not be available. Although, a professional service provider entity may be able to locate the record without the state of registration, it may take longer to do so, it will more costly and lastly it may not be the record you are looking for, since two or more entities may exist under same name in different states. However, some states may have a fax option, but it will not be eligible for Apostille, and you need the printed original with the state seal in order to Apostille Certificate of Good standing. If the startup brings on investors later in the game, the investors will usually be issued Preferred Stock and the Certificate of Incorporation will be amended accordingly. An indemnification is essentially an insurance policy whereby the startup agrees to reimburse the directors, employees and officers for any loss they incur associated with their employment.
Our team can also work with you to create custom desserts with your company’s logo, marketing message and much more! In addition, a state registration number is also helpful when it comes to locating the record. However, to start out, most startups simply authorize a certain number of shares of Common Stock. 4th 316 (2010).   The plaintiff was unsuccessful, not because the Chevron is a Delaware corporation, but because he failed to persuade the court that Section 1601 authorizes discovery in an ongoing lawsuit.
Some founders incorrectly assume that the par value is equivalent to the fair market value of the shares. These companies should still try and keep the language as broad as possible to avoid inadvertently violating the Certificate of Incorporation.

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