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We are asking for Motient stockholder support in removing Motient’s current Board of Directors.
Motient’s ability to attract a capable chief executive officer or chief financial officer. Attorney Francis Pileggi, creator of the Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation blog, has an interesting post about a recent pension lawsuit. The Court also addressed a Rule 54(b) motion regarding the finality of the judment as well as an alternative argument for an interlocutory appeal, both of which were denied. About Francis Francis practices primarily in the areas of corporate and commercial litigation.

About Firm Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC is a national law firm with over 325 attorneys located in offices throughout the eastern United States. Pursuant to Section 220 of the Delaware General Corporation Law, LAMPERS will have some access to the financial records of Countrywide.
Nothing on this blog is intended to serve as investment, financial, accounting or legal advice. That seems counterintuitive in light of the supremacy clause, but the court explains in a scholarly manner why a corporation will not be relieved of its obligation under DGCL Section 211 simply because of federal securities laws or regulations that may also impose certain prerequisites to holding an annual meeting. The firm’s clients represent nearly every facet of the economy, including multinational corporations, small businesses, nonprofit institutions, municipalities, government agencies and individuals.

The needs of our national and international clients involve us in virtually every area of the law and most industries. The Vesta decision, highlighted on these pages here, held that the requirement in the Delaware General Corporation Law’s Section 211 to hold an annual meeting will not be suspended due to the failure to satisfy the prerequisites of having audited financial statements prior to holding such a meeting as required by the federal securities laws.
29, 2006), read opinion here, which was highlighted on those pages here. See also the Romero case, highlighted here, which did not find a conflict between DGCL Section 220 and federal law.

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