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Chris made the surprising admission in the new issues of Rolling Stone magazine, where Martin confessed that Beyonce has never been one to dance around the truth when it comes to his music. Martin confessed that Beyonce respectfully turned down the song and certainly didn’t mince her words when telling Chris how she really felt. But it’s not just in the studio where Coldplay and Beyonce spend quality time together, as it turns out the twosome are also pretty close in their personal lives. What do you think of Beyonce’s very candid response to Chris Martin’s song pitch?
Hebebrand J, Albayrak O, Adan R, Antel J, Dieguez C, de Jong J, Leng G, Menzies J, Mercer JG, Murphy M, van der Plasse G, & Dickson SL (2014).
As a specialist in addiction medicine, and especially food addiction, I would like to respond to some of the arguments made in this very thought provoking article. The first is that Johannes Hebebrand and colleagues say that there is little evidence for food addiction. People pontificating from armchairs about why they assume people eat too much usually seems to end up with a lot of ivory tower nattering about problem behaviors and emotional eating.

Our culture will never hold the agri and food industry responsible for doing what every business is designed to do — make profit in any way they can.
Sugar is the culprit, and human engineered food containing sucrose is overwhelmingly addictive. DonationIf you have benefitted from the information on this site, please take a minute to donate to its maintenance. Sharma, I wonder about whether we should really call this subjective loss of control an addiction at all, in view of the ample evidence for possible disorders of physiological appetite stimulation. I maintain that food, as well as eating behavior, can be addictive, if it involves the limbic reward circuitry. I hope that this perspective can be included alongside the contention that the substance of food is itself addictive.
Yet you can switch up a cows foods and fats and the lazy overweight cows become energetic leaner cows (nobody wants that!) and this completely without regard to their relationship with their mother. Everything in the food industry from the ground up, and a whole lot of scheming chemistry designs nearer the top, is designed to addict humans for profit.

People with restless legs syndrome, or sleep apnea, or narcolepsy crave sleep, and have subjective feelings of loss of control over sleep, yet we do not say they have sleep addiction. One need not look further than at the scientific research of Dr N Volkov, which is now informing addiction physicians in their clinical practice. Furthermore, I describe, using clinical examples, how excessive consumption and true addiction can be distinguished. There are extensive monies spent by corporations designing foods to be incredibly addictive — low level long term, not high-level like a street drug, but just as useful for the people making money off it. Of course this has the potential to be addictive depending on what is actually IN that stuff and how our bodies react to it.

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