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When marketing your roofing business it’s important to try to develop the same mindset that your customers have. Repairing or replacing your roof is a big decision, and usually most people only make a couple of major decisions a year. You need to ask yourself would you search for a roofing contractor in the Yellow Pages, ask a friend or do an online search? Both the print and online versions of the Yellow Pages are still a great way to promote your roofing business.
This is an important and affordable part of a strategic marketing plan that will also help build your brand.
There is no marketing tool more powerful for roofing contractors than Door to Door lead generation. The professionally trained lead generation experts at Homeowners Solutions will connect directly with homeowners who need emergency roof repair, caused by recent storm damage, to give roofing contractors a premium quality lead.
Our canvassing experts are your “Boots on the Ground”, representing your roofing business in a helpful and professional manner, but most of all, in Real Time. A marketing plan includes everything from understanding your target market and your competitive position in that market, to how you intend to reach that market (your tactics) and differentiate yourself from your competition in order to make a sale. If you don’t have the funds to hire a marketing firm or even staff a position in-house, there are resources available to guide you through the process of writing a marketing plan and developing a market budget.
Ultimately, it’s more important to determine whether sticking to your budget is helping you achieve your marketing goals and bringing you a return on investment (ROI) than to adhere to a rigid and fixed budget.
At the end of the day, the time spent developing your marketing plan, is time well spent because it defines how you connect with your customers. This is just a small portion of what I cover in depth in Small Business Marketing Basics home study course.
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For best results driving marketing ROI, integrate proven technologies / tactics with new social media techniques. In planning for the next year, if there is one word that you should keep in mind when planning your marketing and sales techniques: it is VALUE.
Serving professionals with the latest trade news, advertising and marketing in the pond and water feature industry.
It makes sense to combine several different advertising techniques into one strategic marketing plan. As stated before it is smarter to spread your marketing dollars over several different options, to find out which option works the best for you, and to also to cover a wider area, rather than just relying on one marketing option to spend your whole budget on.
It’s best to use a clean, bold design that people will associate with your company whenever they see it.
Be consistent, when you decide on a design and layout, use it for all of your vehicles and any other signage. Essentially, it will outline the costs of how you are going to achieve your marketing goals within a certain time frame. Consider what impact certain marketing activities have had on your revenues during a fixed period, such as a business quarter, compared to another time period when you focused your efforts on other tactics. But if you launch a new product or service, take time to revisit your original plan or develop a separate campaign plan that you can add to your main plan as an addendum. But efficient and effective planning is critical to the future of any company or organization.With a marketing plan in place, you have better control of the required action items, resources and budgets needed to be successful. But, adjusting demand generation and maturation to the stage of the product in its market is critical to effective utilization of resources.
DISCOUNT SHOP – More and more people are hitting up the discount stores like Wal-Mart to save money where they can and to get greater value for their money.
VACATION TIME – Everyone needs a vacation, it’s just that not everyone can afford a vacation any more. DO IT YOURSELF – There is a reason why so many people are opting for this course of action. OUT WITH THE OLD – Many homeowners have opted for updating or renovating their current homes as opposed to buying a new home.
TRENDY – Often when a homeowner is ready to update or remodel they realize it is because their home is looking dated. PHASES – Recently while house hunting we had a real estate agent who continually went over the budget that was set.
Whether it is your knowledge, your skills, or your services, showing your value to your customers and how you can add value to their own lives or homes is very important – it is what the average American is focused on in this economy.

Doing this will be a lot more effective than a hit and miss approach, which will wind up costing a lot more in the end. A strong marketing plan will ensure you’re not only sticking to your schedule, but that you’re spending your marketing funds wisely and appropriately. You are also in a better position to execute and put those requirements in motion.Also, for any marketing plan, it is always beneficial to have agreement from all employee levels. When it comes to choosing a contractor to complete a project, it is no surprise that homeowners are shopping the same way that they shop for food and household items.
For the couple or family that enjoys the beach, include a beach area in their water feature or in their landscape.
The housing market is a large part of the reason why, as is the fact that it is a more economically beneficial option. Covered patios & screened-in porches with fireplaces and televisions are gaining popularity. When they begin their search for their new look, they browse through magazines and books and search online for current design trends. This may require changing how you’ve done business in the past, what services you offer, or how you approach sales, but as long as you take a hard look at your business and make changes that are in-line with what makes sense for you and the direction you would like to go, then you may find (as it often is) change is a very good thing.
While we are trying to sell patios, they are going to the local stone center to take a DIY class to install their own. A fresh approach to how you promote your business, the services you offer, and a new understanding of your customers will help.
It seems logical to concentrate on selling the products and services that will yield the biggest return in the shortest amount of time. If you are selling the outdoor kitchen spaces, you can also sell the idea of eating OUT side. If they enjoy sports, think of an area that has volleyball, bocce ball, or a putting green.
It is easy to spot the homeowner is working with what they have: they are constantly on the way to a Home Depot or Lowes, their dumpster is always full, and they look exhausted.
For those who want to tackle an addition on their home or an extra living space, the process of designing, planning, and construction can be daunting. They are driving their cars a bit longer before trading them in, taking fewer trips to the mall, choosing tents over hotels for family vacations, cooking family dinners instead of eating at fancy restaurants, and generally keeping a tighter hold on their wallets than they did in the previous decade.
Grilling is often a fast and easy way to cook a tasty dinner that is often much healthier than eating out. Designing areas that encourage entertaining at home or family time is also a great selling point.
If you have a professional edge and approach to your design (artistic renderings that go beyond a computer program), then you may be able to implement that into your services. Then there is the extra hassle of obtaining permits and dealing with building supplies and deliveries.
This will help you to determine how effective your marketing efforts have historically been and the results related to those efforts. We are ripping out carpet, installing hardwood floors, updating lighting & plumbing fixtures, and generally rolling up our sleeves to make this new house our home. Indeed, most average American households have faced the current economy by changing their life style and how they spend their money. More importantly, once you are in front of them and have the opportunity to sell them on your services, it is a good idea to add value to your work.
Sure it is less food (which is really a good thing), but it makes getting something we want, that we may not normally be able to afford, attainable.
To add value to those sales, you can throw in an outdoor party complete with burgers & hot dogs or just a gift card to a local grocery store for free groceries.
Giving people the option to use your services and install their landscape themselves is a great way to increase your service offerings and still gain new clients. Unless you are in a condo or townhouse with no property to maintain, landscape is an extension of the home. If their grand plans for their outdoors is more than their budget allows, instead of pushing to make that money right away, be honest with them and propose the work be done in stages and set up a realistic timeline. Free or upgraded plants, materials, or future services are often a good way to help close a deal. Think of packages that include a game area – seating and table space perfectly sized for board and card games. Like a menu of options, you can offer certain services along the way such as assistance in choosing plant materials or stone and grading.

Recently while house hunting, and driving through more neighborhoods than I care to count, I was struck by how many homes I didn’t even want to go in because they lacked curb appeal.
For example, when finishing an addition to my home I knew there were areas I wanted to tackle on my own to save money and that there were some areas where I would be over my head or I lacked experience and knowledge for the outcome I wanted.
For example, sitting at a window in a particular room, you can extend the color scheme to the view taking that palate to the plantings outside. You can develop your own ‘Dollar Menu’ that includes entry level or basic design, installation, or services with al a carte options. The important thing here is to get to know your customers, their interests, and understand how they will get the most use of their new outdoors. For the beach, sand buckets with sunscreen, nice towels, and a beach umbrella are a nice touch. Additionally, I was left wondering how many homeowners were content with the boring landscape package the builder gave them that left them looking like every other cookie-cutter home on the block.
After a long search, I found someone who was willing to oversee the project, allow me to work on what I wanted to on my schedule, and brought in other professionals (or did the work himself) to finish the job. Additionally, if you price your installation services reasonably and you have clearly defined the benefits of working with you, they may find it is well worth it to have a professional see the project through.
Being able to show the benefits and differences between a well-landscaped yard and a non-descript yard or un-landscaped yard, is important in increasing your own value. Having a designer that you work with is helpful, but today there are many options in outdoor materials that can be used to create a living space that is current, comfortable, and consistent with the landscape you have designed.
You can assume that it is a project they can easily afford because of the size of the home or the cars in the driveway (and I hear professionals say that ALL the time) and it is, I’m sorry to say, just plain stupid to assume that. The goals must aligned with the objectives of the business and be specific, measurable and obtainable. Again, the important thing to keep in mind is taking the time to listen to your customers and find out what interests they have and how they will enjoy the great outdoors. Also, once homeowners have increased their curb appeal, it will make selling the home much easier once the market turns around. The other thing to consider is being able to design functional living space and storage space. Unless you have access to their bank accounts and credit card debt (one of which may be zero and the other astronomical, and most likely not in the way you think it is), you can’t assume what anyone can afford. An outdoor shed doesn’t have to look like a shed and can even have a small studio or office in front so that it looks like an extension of the home. Your best bet is to take the approach that you are working for this person, working within their parameters, and building a working relationship that will be beneficial to you in the long run. The goals of the plan must show a target return on investment but must also be flexible enough to change in the name of making better progress. Pushing a project may just push you out the door and cost you a job that could have been beneficial to you in the long run both financially and in terms of referrals. There are many products and services available which are geared toward a varied audience while other products target a niche market. Hard work and extensive research conducted at the beginning will significantly help during the creation of the plan later. Research is tangible feedback so without knowing this information you are guessing about which steps to take next.
If research is not performed, it is easy to miss your target audience — which can lead to missed opportunities and sales down the road. The strategy will highlight how a specific product or service will be promoted to the identified client. Marketing strategies are utilized by all companies to drive brand and product awareness, increase sales, launch new products or services and provide profit to the business.
The plan must be built with an end-result in mind and be tailored to specific markets.Creating a successful marketing plan is a lot of upfront work.
She is a contributing writer to this and other blogs and also writes email newsletter articles, press releases and web content. Prior to her writing career, Natalie worked in various fields including real estate, equipment leasing and banking.

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