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An efficient branding strategy is possible with an effective research of different types of needs as well as expectations of individuals who purchase your product.
Building a powerful and distinctive identity is among the most essential procedures in developing a branding technique. In 2010 -11, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank built further on its strong recovery from the effects of the global financial crisis. This graph is drawn from this year’s annual report and shows profits and earnings for the past 5 years.
It is a feature of the structure of our balance sheet and our reliance on retail funding that dramatic damages in pricing of either assets or liabilities affect our earnings quickly but are then adjusted for quickly.
This shows that the combined company is a more powerful company and reflects the organizational benefits of the merger.
Increasing capital requirements, so lower risk, more conservative balance sheets are part of the new, stricter, regulatory world of banking.
Following the release of APRA’s discussion paper relating to the Basel III capital requirements, the Bank will need to increase its tier one capital ratio to in excess of 8.5pc by 2015.
We will achieve this through ongoing organic capital generation and the strong support of our shareholders through the DRP, and the potential use of cost effective hybrid capital structures to bridge the gap between our current capital levels of approximately eight per cent tier one and this target.
But the last few months have rattled the markets and confirmed Australian customers in their habits of thrift. In these times, we have a choice: either we batten down the hatches and defend our position, or we continue to invest when others are not investing.
I said when we opened the new building in Bendigo in December 2008, in the depths of the crisis, that we were determined to emerge from it in better shape than we went into it, stronger, more capable of serving our customers and their communities.

While in our Bendigo Bank brand we have one of the most trusted and valued brands in the market, we in fact have a wide range of different brands products and distribution channels and we will build them all. I hope many of you have read Mike Hirst’s article on creating shared value which was published in the Age and which is available on our website.
Thank you everyone who has worked so hard under what have been very difficult conditions over the past 4 years. RIM’s decision to change its company name is a move to align itself with the core of its business. RIM has decided to move away from the original House of Brands structure to a Branded House brand architecture strategy.
To promote its new name and operating system BB10, BlackBerry will participate in this year’s Sunday’s Super Bowl advertisement lineup.
Good personalization strategies call for your manufacturer communications, analytical methods, and innovative positioning. It consists of unification of the brand, effective communication of the brand information, research techniques, and numerous strategies. The next graph shows the earnings of the two organisations prior to the merger and then the combined earnings after the merger. It has contributed to benefits like the ratings upgrade we received from Fitch in May this year: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is one of very few banks around the world to get an upgrade of any kind over the past 5 years. Yet even here we should expect that the requirements for additional capital under the new rules will reduce the returns that banks deliver to shareholders. The much anticipated announcement has unveiled BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 running on the new operating system.  Besides the new products, Heins also announced a change in company name.

BlackBerry, once a branded product line of RIM, has become the center of operation and the star brand that will determine the “survival of the company.” Its fame has also travelled across the globe. We now represent a company with a clear global brand and cohesive global marketing approach," said Frank Boulben, BlackBerry's chief marketing officer.
RIM had introduced different sub-brands such as PlayBook for its tablets, BlackBerry Bold, Curve, and Torch before.
Increasing competition running a business develops comparable products with top quality from various manufacturers.
It consists of tasks for example tracking as well as measuring of the brand endeavors, measuring their own performance, managing the actual visual identity from the brand, as well as maintaining the corporate status. By aligning the umbrella brand and its sub-brands under one name, the company will have a clear focus on a single name to strengthen its brand equity. A correct branding technique begins along with analyzing numerous measurable benefits of your item over your competition. Brand focusing on and positioning assist you in defining such things as your manufacturer character, availability of the product on the market, and trustworthiness of your item.
In common, an efficient branding technique helps your company attain much more profit, whilst developing quicker. As the company introduces new products in the future, this name change will allow it to leverage BlackBerry’s strong brand assets and elevate its brand esteem.

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