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Once you have started making some videos you are proud of, you want to make sure you get your content out to your target audience as proficiently as possible. We find that many clients of ours are now starting to plan the distribution of their videos at the same time they are looking into the video production.
There are an increasing number of ways to advertise or refer users to your online video content. Real Time Bidding Platforms allow ad networks to bid for the real time opportunity of getting their ad in front of a viewer based on the a number of variables in terms of the viewer’s location, interests etc. Using an ad network can be very expensive, but if budget is no obstacle, then it is certainly worth considering.
With YouTube’s impressive statistics as the number one video hosting site in terms of traffic, it is probably a good place to start. With both ad formats you can pay for your ad to be shown when specific keywords are searched. Twitter offers advertisers what they term “promoted products”, which are either so-called promoted accounts, or promoted tweets.
Outbrain refers people to your content by giving them recommendations based on whatever a person is already looking at. This service distributes your video to relevant publishers (websites, blogs, social games, mobile applications).
Interestingly, Virool mentions the rather poignant fact that people spend more time on video sharing sites watching viral videos than on Facebook, Twitter and CNN.
This short video explains Stumble Upon’s paid discovery service which can be effective for promoting video content.
By using their “Paid Discovery” service, you can bypass even having to wait for users to click though to your site via an ad or recommendation, instead they are delivered direct to your landing page of choice. If you can cope with the horrible looking site, you can pay to have your video link featured in their sponsored link section. This form of video advertising relies on you have active communities on video platforms already as otherwise nobody will see your videos once they make it onto the platforms. There are many more paid options for promoting your video, but you have to start somewhere. This entry was posted in Video Marketing and tagged video advertising on 20 December 2012 by Neil Davidson.
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Ever wondered what sort of technology you would need to publish your online magazine, journal, newsletter, blog or press centre?
We take care of the technology for you, so you can concentrate on creating engaging content and communicating with your audience. So whether your publication has an audience of a few thousand, or a few hundred thousand, Media Publisher™ delivers. As a standalone publication, Media Publisher hosts the domain name of your publication and all of your content. Deliver your publication to more people in more places with Media Publisher™ web, tablet and mobile editions. Media Publisher™ simplifies and optimises the production of many different types of online publications. Media Publisher™ has all of the elements that you have come to expect from well designed and engaging publications. Media-rich articles organised into editions, sections, sub-sections, departments, and columns. You’ve created a media-rich publication with lots of sections, articles, pictures, and reader comments.
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Media Publisher™ offers a complete interactive advertising solution for your publication to maximise your reach, impressions and advertising revenue. You can create and manage advertising campaigns that appear in both your online publications and your email newsletters.
Your ads can be a mix of your own directly-sold ads, and those from Google AdSense and other ad networks.
AddThis allows your readers to quickly spread the word to their social network with the click of a small unobtrusive button aall over the web.
Optimising your content and reducing barriers to the indexing activities of search engines is an important part of Internet marketing.
Media Publisher™ produces website designs, navigation systems, and content that is optimised for the purposes of search engine exposure.

Add keywords and meta tags to your articles that are only visible to search engines to more effectively index your content and improve rankings in search result lists. Google Analytics can help you keep track of how your readers interact with website, tablet and mobile versions of your publication.
Media Publisher™ is a multi-user system with fine-grained access control to the extensive range of content creation and publication management functions. Create user accounts, manage passwords, assign privileges, track account usage, authorise and revoke access, and prevent unauthorised access attempts. We work closely with our publisher partners to implement scalable and high-yielding advertising solutions, which do not interrupt the user's browsing experience, and deliver meaningful revenue streams. An impactful online display advertising format, PageSkin wraps around entire web pages in a takeover style, enabling the advertiser to ‘skin’ multiple high-traffic web pages with a single booking. Running across desktop and tablet devices, PageSkin Plus has an extended header unit, where existing campaign videos, rich media assets, masthead and bellyband creative can be incorporated, to maximise brand impact and amplify campaign messaging. Mobile and social app publisher Cellfish announced it had acquired digital advertising platform ToneMedia today. Cellfish works in a number of different areas, but is mostly known for Bandsintown, a concert discovery app for music fans on Facebook, iOS and Android. The company also develops custom apps for a number of featured partners in other industries, however, including Fox, Marvel and the NBA.
ToneMedia, meanwhile, is an advertising platform that connects marketers with consumers through music and online lyric sites. The company now claims to have a global reach of 120 million music fans every month, of which 55 million are in the United States alone. ToneMedia’s expertise in the music industry should give Cellfish some additional know-how regarding its numerous custom home screens offered through Universal Music, as well as the ongoing development of its own service Bandsintown. The way digital inventory is purchased and the technology supporting it is in different stages of maturity around the world. Programmatic premium and programmatic upfronts (something AOL announced with mixed reviews) caters well for specific premium publishers and advertisers looking for brand building as some of the processes are automated and programmatic, but sales teams still negotiate prices and nurture relationship with agencies. Ratko Vidakovic explains in an article on Marketingland that if the industry move to a model where publishers use fully programmatic solutions to sell the entire spectrum of their inventory, the “bidding” element of RTB may become too limiting. Overall programmatic growth in individual countries will be dependent on advertisers that demand specific performance metrics from their agencies and expect higher return on investment.
Advertisers and agencies need to make more informed decisions when it comes to targeting online consumers. Some innovative publishers are using this opportunity to monetize display inventory very effectively using their own advanced technology platforms. Programmatic allows for much more than just the efficient trading of banner ads, it includes advanced strategies that can give banner advertising the much-needed edge it requires.
The fact that more and more popular publishers are making their (sought after) inventory available to partners for programmatic deals.
There is a key focus on increasing transparency in the market for all parties and programmatic allows for detailed reporting by site, impressions, clicks, post view conversions, bid price, technology partner agency. Scaling across multiple publishers and inventory sellers becomes much more manageable and takes out much of the manual processes (think 15 – 50 different insertion orders).
Programmatic is also going hand in hand with the rapid online video growth and great way for advertisers to reach their audience with visual messages and publishers to monetize their video content.
As with many channels currently growing rapidly in the digital landscape, it will be interesting to follow how programmatic buying and selling evolve further and validates its unique place in the industry. Jaco Lintvelt is Head of AMNET SSA – The Dentsu Aegis’s Network Programmatic Trading Platform.
He has extensive experience in the online media industry specifically related to advertising technology, publisher yield management and real time media buying.
Tumri Publisher online advertising network : Tumri, the world’s first integrated merchandising and advertising network, announced the official launch of Tumri Publisher, a ground-breaking online advertising application that allows publishers to customize product offers via their ad units to maximize revenue potential.
The world’s first integrated merchandising and advertising network with targeting technology that leverages “offer intelligence,” to deliver relevant offers through the AdPod. A complete reinvention of the online ad unit, with a never-seen-before mix of interactive branding, merchandising and customized offer-based advertising, AdPod is the consumer shopping experience interface on the publisher’s site. Tumri Publisher gives creative control over the Tumri AdPod to publishers by providing the ability to select the exact mix of product categories, offers and merchants that they identify as the most appealing to their readers. Apart from ensuring you have made the most of the many free video marketing opportunities out there, it’s worth considering paid video advertising to aid the distribution of your videos. Being owned by Google, the biggest search engine, it can only help to have your video on the site.
InStream is the one where, having found the YouTube video you want to see, you have to watch 5 seconds of an ad before being able to skip it, or carry on to the end. With the number of people trawling the site, there are bound to be some relevant for your web video content, so if it is mass exposure you are looking for, YouTube is probably for you. You need to set up a twitter account first and start tweeting for a while to build up a network of followers. They work across news and entertainment sites only, so you need to make sure they are right for your business. You set a maximum amount you wish to pay per view and then decide on demographics, location, keywords etc.
The site works by getting to know the interests of its membership, both though which categories they tick to select, and by what they actually look at. They call it “self-serve advertising” and it is fairly straight forward, though a little hit and miss in terms of how much exposure your budget will buy. This is more a tool to use in conjunction with some of the aforementioned advertising opportunities.
Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. We believe that a great user experience is at the heart of all successful digital campaigns. The company has also partnered with Universal Music and now creates interactive home screen apps for a number of high-profile artists including Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Deadmau5.
The company operates through a number of outlets – over 50 content publishers in total – and offers large corporations premium advert spots based on consumers’ tastes and buying behavior. Val Katayev will remain as ToneMedia’s CEO and report directly to Fabrice Sergent, CEO and founder of Cellfish.
The company snapped up mobile app publisher Airborne Mobile in October 2010, before buying Bandsintown in September 2011. We have all heard about how Real Time Bidding is growing in all developed digital markets and how it has caused a great deal of disruption and forced new structures in the digital ad ecosystem.

It’s crucial that everybody (publishers, advertisers, agencies and all vendors) in the ad ecosystem (see picture below) all speak the same language and have the same understanding of concepts for growth to continue. Agencies and publishers have the option to interact with each other on pre negotiated terms that can include reserved or unreserved pools of inventory. On the other side of the business – there will be a great need for publishers to start placing quality inventory into (private) exchange environments and seeing value in selling programmatically, something that also requires a very good strategy around data management.
Incorporating effective retargeting into campaigns and cleverly using all the consumer data that publishers and advertisers (first and third-party) have available and just executing the actual buy with technology is guaranteed to increase results.
The same applies to publishers that have to make sure they keep control over inventory and juggle multiple demand sources. Founded in 2004, Tumri provides publishers and advertisers with innovative solutions that deliver enhanced ad targeting capabilities, relevant consumer offers and improved ad performance.
Publishers can use the Tumri Publisher application to create custom AdPods to merchandise very specific products and offers. With a customizable ad mix, in-depth reporting and an unprecedented level of control and flexibility, Tumri Publisher allows publishers to maximize the revenue potential of each individual Web page. Based in Mountain View, CA, Tumri allows publishers, large and small, to monetize their sites with a next generation interactive ad unit, the AdPod, supported by an extensive network of major advertisers and merchandisers.
For the advertiser, you pay only if the viewer decides to watch at least 30 seconds of the ad (or all of it if less than 30 seconds). You only pay per view, and recommendations to your video are posted at the times most appropriate to capture your relevant target audience. As an advertiser, you can select which categories are relevant for your target audience and your video is placed among a selection of the best in the category.
The company is owned by TubeMogul, a video ad media buying platform, which gives it a great understanding of and power in the media buying industry. RTB is however only a subset of the broader picture, Programmatic media buying and selling, and that is where the future growth lies.
The IAB recently released an online report that address this issue in the industry and the report simplifies all the programmatic terms. As can be seen in table below, trading in real-time has really evolved from focusing on open exchange at the bottom of the table to a level where automated guaranteed traded make up a high %. That is why more complexed buying system like a DSP platforms that can take multiple variables into consideration within milliseconds and make a well-informed bidding decision can come into play. It’s crucial that publishers are monetizing all their inventory effectively — with a unified solution this becomes more manageable.
Now, with the launch of Tumri Publisher, website publishers have unprecedented flexibility and control over the advertising displayed on their site. In addition, Tumri Publisher provides in-depth performance reporting that allows publishers to review metrics and fine-tune advertising offers to better target their website visitors and maximize the revenue potential of every page on their sites.
In addition, Tumri Publisher provides in-depth performance reporting that allows publishers to fine-tune the advertising offers to better target their website visitors. Tumri’s patent-pending offer intelligence technology, expansive reach and interactive ad unit provide advertisers and merchandisers a flexible, effective means of placing their products and messages in the right context, in front of the right audience at the right time. InSlate gives the viewer the option of selecting one of a number of ads to watch in order to continue watching whatever they searched YouTube for originally, and the advertiser pays when their ad is selected.
Twitter then looks at the type of followers you have already attracted and promotes you to a similar cross section that don’t yet follow you. The video will need to be posted on a blog as Outbrain aggregates your RSS feed into their system and places your content on publisher sites. Only when your video is viewed are you charged, and you can cap the daily budget so there are no nasty surprises at the end of the campaign. Choose whether you want it to run site-wide or in a specific reddit section, then submit the url and title of your video. In one fell swoop you can put your video out across social networking sites, video sharing sites and other specialised sites. There’s no harm in trying all of them and comparing results if you have the budget to spare. Programmatic media buying specifically refers to buyers transacting with publishers inventory via private exchanges (invite only auctions), preferred deals, deal-ids and that is where we have seen a major uptake during the past six months.
Programmatic trading also makes dynamic creative retargeting possible which is used very effectively by companies trying to aggressively push product online and many E-commerce retailers is doing this with great success.
With just a few clicks in Tumri Publisher, any website owner can increase revenue from their site. If you choose to have a “Promoted Account” this means that Twitter will put you in the “Who to follow” area of your potential followers’ feed. The amount of traffic you get each day depends on how many other sponsors are advertising, and how much they are paying.
I personally like the fact that there are no surprises when it comes to cost, with an up front rate to pay. Why not ask some of your current customers (and ideally target customers) where they watch online video and let this inform your decision. Visit the Tumri website to build a customized, interactive AdPod ad unit using Tumri Publisher. If you choose to have a “Promoted Tweet”, Twitter monitors your output and promotes your best tweets to the relevant potential followers.
Whatever your spend represents as a fraction of the total spend that day will be the proportion of the traffic you are exposed to.
You can try their basic business tier service for either $75 a month (1 year contract), or $150 for a month without committing to a contract. You may also find it is worth looking into services and products your target audience appreciates and looking as some kind of sponsorship situation where your video is embedded in their brand websites. Essentially it is about giving a boost to your best tweets, in which you can post the link to your video. There are also 2 other business tiers (Business Pro and Enterprise) which offer more features. You decide on your daily budget and whether you want to target a specific geographical area too, which is helpful.

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