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Your requestWould you like to combine your existing digital signage content quickly into appealing multimedia shows and control these temporally? System requirementsA commercially available computer with Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista, 1 GB RAM, modern graphics card with min. Self-running digital signage presentationShould the content on your digital signage screens change from time to time?
Screen format adjustment via presentation software You have video material that was created for the 4-3 format and you would now like to display it on a 16-9 plasma display?
Media-independent digital signage displayThe friendlyway composer presentation software supports nearly all common media formats.

Integrable tickerThe friendlyway composer presentation software supports text tickers with current news from a text file.
Should the whole thing function with live TV, PowerPoint, Internet content, text, and graphics?
This function is also available separately from the composer, so that you can play back digital signage shows you have already created for your clients.Another component of our presentation software composer is the friendlyway packager.
The friendlyway composer presentation software takes over your formatting desires and adjusts the digital signage content automatically.
Whether you would like to display PowerPoint, video, audio, Internet content, Macromedia Director applications, images or text tickers is unimportant.

This multimedia packaging software allows you to bundle presentations and to send them to displays where the digital signage shows should be played.

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