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TomorrowMobile informeert en inspireert liefhebbers van mobiele telefoons, connected devices en gadgets. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and 2016 is another big year of expansion and maturation. Businesses of all kinds have been shifting to digital marketing in droves because it's affordable, flexible, and measurable. The definition of a valid digital ad "impression" has been tested and critiqued in 2015 and will get even more specific in 2016. Picture From HubSpot Everyone in the world of digital marketing , social media, and startups know about Guy Kawasaki. Who better to get business, customer service, and entrepreneurial wisdom from than the venerable Seth Godin? Digital marketing is consistently changing, and the Internet has radically altered the way information is shared. Now is the time for marketing departments to begin working as one unit rather than in silos. We’ve heard it for a while now that consumers are sick of “in your face marketing.” The debate could go on about the presence of ad blockers. NewMedia Digital is a full service digital creative and branding agency dedicated to helping brands reach new heights with creative marketing solutions that generate performance driven ROI. We specialize in responsive website development, SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, Analytics & ROI tracking, and brand development and strategy. If you’re ready to started generating traffic, converting leads, and growing revenue - then just fill out your info here. Last week we took a look back at what happened in digital marketing last year – now let’s look forward to digital marketing trends for 2016. Mobile first and multi-screen marketing is a digital marketing trend for 2016 that is still building steam. Social media, as the #1 online activity (surpassing entertainment!) has become one of the top referral traffic sources. Data awareness and analysis is a digital marketing trend that will continue to become more sophisticated in 2016. As marketers, we will be working towards creating personalized journeys that are accessible across multiple devices, attributable to specific campaigns, data driven and consumer focused.
When you hire a digital marking company to control and manage the various aspects of the internet-based marketing world, you can expect to see far better results than those that you may get yourself.  Professional digital marketing agencies depend on keeping up with the trends that shape the growth of turning digital content into profitable conversion.
To find out more about creating a website and a digital marketing plan for your business- feel free to contact us! You need to be on top of your game if you want break away from your competitors or take your business to the next level.
Overall advertising budgets in 2016 will continue to shift towards digital marketing from traditional television, radio, and printed publications. Business rivals can come out of the woodwork, scale quickly, and poach your profits in a matter of weeks or months.

As you may already know, more traffic is coming from mobile phones and tablets than ever before.
With more rigorous guidelines, digital ads should be more effective and statistics should be more accurate.
All forms of advertising need to come together with the main goal being the sales cycle and customer service. It needs to tie in with all other means of marketing including your website and email campaigns. Facebook live streaming, Periscope, Snapchat, and YouTube are on the rise now more than ever.
If you plan your strategy now, you will be ahead of the curve and ready for the 2016 season. Keeping pace with the ever changing digital landscape is critical to staying competitive online. Relying on written content, no matter how engaging, will not suffice when your competition is offering image or video content, which is so much easier for visitors to absorb. Your audience, especially if you’re targeting millennials, grew up with a mobile device in hand and is very comfortable with multiple screens. With the growing trend of social media consumption comes a dazzling array of new advertising options from Facebook, the acknowledged behemoth of social media channels.
Data analysis will drive even more business decisions as marketers learn to analyze multiple dimensions of data simultaneously.
Maar ook de nieuwe of nog steeds bestaande kansen van GPS en mobile commerce in combinatie met loyaliteitsprogramma’s en mobiele coupons zijn hot in 2016.
The smarter traditional media should already be integrating their advertising efforts with their digital campaigns. You have to be ready to compete globally for website traffic, search rank, advertising bids, mobile domination, Kickstarter campaigns, investors, sponsors, screen space, and most importantly ATTENTION SPANS. If you are a publisher, it might mean a little less ad revenue and more vigilance on your part to display engaging and optimized advertisements. My advice is that you stay up to date on the latest business, marketing, and technology news and bring the best to your business every day. Change can be difficult, but it’s important to under the main trends that will shape the digital marketing landscape for the year. There is such a huge audience to reach on each social platform, and if your brand isn’t taking advantage of that, then you are missing the mark. Visual-centric channels such as Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat are incorporating ecommerce initiatives and will see increases in ad revenue, especially from fashion brands and other retailers who want to sell products from within their apps. Facebook is nog steeds het platform naast YouTube voor het genereren voor grootschalig bereik.
Zeker nu de aandachtspanne van de gemiddelde persoon drastisch is gedaald de afgelopen jaren.
Het valt dan ook allemaal terug te lezen in de 10 digital marketing trends voor komend jaar.

Every print ad should include their website, social media icons, hashtag, email newsletter, or whatever is applicable to get the most bang for their buck. Can you hold the attention of a reader, viewer, or customer long enough to convert those leads, make that sale, or display those ads? You have the opportunity to help a customer resolve a problem effectively or share their positive experience with the world. People are also making larger and more frequent purchases on mobile devices than ever before. If you are purchasing digital ads, you'll be getting more value with more ironclad criteria for what is considered a valid impression.
Marketers will begin using integrated tools, which can track the customer’s journey and give them the ability to engage with the consumer online. Keep creating advertisements for your brand and understand the browsing experience of a consumer. Social Media has many new capabilities for targeting to the right audience, generating clicks to a website and creating overall brand awareness. The numbers of people browsing on mobile passed desktop users a long time ago, and this statistic shouldn’t be ignored. Now is the time to tell your story about the brand through blogs, website content, and social media. It’s time to take video to the next level and allow video streaming to be at the top of your digital marketing plan in 2016. Can you make the customer experience an exceptional one that they will remember and share with their friends? On the flip slide, if you have a large corporation or controversial product, you are very susceptible to damaging negative social media backlash or even online sabotage . Remember that consumers love to be able to relate, so think in their shoes when putting together a strategy. Your company's Monday - Friday 9-5 office hours social media monitoring isn't going to cut it anymore.
Instead make it easy to measure sentiment and loyalty, plus match the behavior with outreach tailored to the consumer’s wants and needs. Wanneer je de aandacht van de kijker langer dan 5 seconden kan vasthouden heb je het goed gedaan. Customers, prospects, and critics are viewing all over the world and potential problems could amplify by the minute.

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