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A fee of ?76 will be payable to The Institute of Commercial Management on successful completion of this course.
Multi-Course Discount: Students who register for two or more  classroom-based courses can do so at a fee of €795 per course. A practical diploma aimed at individuals who want to achieve success in their own role and for their business.
Expert tuition by a qualified trainer, with vast practical experience in using online marketing. A support service for those new to online marketing and social media, as well as a fast track route to excellence for those familiar with basic concepts in these areas. Hands-on use of online tools throughout the course, including innovative pre-session, in session, intersession and post-session support.
A practical approach in each module to ensure positive business and personal benefits designed to transform your situation. This course is designed not only for those involved in marketing and IT, but also for all those involved in communicating, in sales, customer service, the arts, research and development, HR and every aspect of business, government or personal development.
The online revolution will transform those who embrace it and the organisations who support these new communication tools.
Pre course ice-breaking – all participants invited to set up a Twitter account and answer a question using a # tag. Courses for students who are passionate about their subject, delivered by leaders in their field.
The course is offered from South Great Georges’ Street, Dublin 2 and Templeogue Dublin 6W as well as online.

PERENNIAL TECHNOLOGIES is the one of the leading company in Dubai to offer digital marketing training and is already setting its sights on offering this course across UAE. Over the past few years we have successfully delivered digital marketing training to individuals and businesses and will ensure that any training we provide is customized specifically to you and your team. We are able to offer a variety of training in digital marketing and will ensure that any training we provide is tailored specifically to you and your team. However, as the training is all about you and your team, if you would like a training session that consists of a mixture of content from the various digital marketing disciplines, then we are happy to deliver this training to you also, so please get in contact and let us know what you would like. About UsPERENNIAL TECHNOLOGIES is a Digital Media and Training, Consultancy and Web Designing company in Dubai-UAE.
Sometimes you want to be in control of your digital marketing efforts, but you just don’t know where to start. We offer one-on-one and group training on social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and related fields. Build your expertise by enrolling the challenging programme of study and research in Digital Marketing! Digital Marketing Courses (DMC) offers professional training programmes in online marketing field that helps you become an expert in just 45 days!
Few reports claim that Facebook’s organic reach is reduced in order to force business pay larger amount for better exposure, which is the reason why Facebook’ stock price keeps growing up!! Google has started a research with a completely new design for search results, which ultimately allow any brand, celebrity, or organization, have a committed Twitter-like feed built right into the corporation’s search engine. Do you have a local business (such as restaurant, pet shop, or a retail store) that does not make money as you expected?

Digital Marketing Courses is an education arm of Zuan Technology, a leading SEO, Web designing and Web Development Company in Chennai having its remarkable existence for nearly half a decade. A personalised social media & digital marketing plan will be one of the key outputs from the course.
This course provides in-depth guidance on the latest tools in each area combined with a rigorous approach to planning and executing, including guidance on governance and deployment. After all, the training is all about improving your skills and your knowledge and arming you with the tools necessary to reach your personal and business goals. The digital marketing training offered by our institute in Chennai will guide you to plan, manage and execute internet marketing campaigns that generates leads and sales to your business. Those who like to continue your career in IT field then study this course and get high earning jobs!
You will learn how to use the digital tools and techniques effectively for a successful campaign. This article will help you with all the ideas to gain new clients online for your local business!

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