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In terms of who participate in the research: 53% of the participants were marketers representing corporate brands (25%), consumer brands (30%) and other related industries (45%). Over 76% of respondents were key decision makers and influencers (CMOs, senior executives, VPs and directors) with annual marketing budgets ranging from under US$1M to over US$100M and whose key markets are North America (57%), Europe (19%) and APAC (11%).
Thanks for providing the chart Drew…Anyway, I have learned a lot from this post…Great job!
I definitely agree with the push on content creation as once a business gets their head around it, it is the most cost effective marketing there is.
For an example: A previous client of ours (a drug and alcohol rehab) was convinced by us that doing a major content creation campaign and redirecting the bulk of their marketing dollars here was the best way forward, other then the fact that they would not see overnight results. The run up to get to 66 articles a month was several months as we had to find the correct writers to do the job in the manner we wanted. How ddi you manage the process of having that many outside writers create that volume of content? Well it took a couple of months of testing and vetting writers, but once they realized we are going to read every word they write and they would not be paid for junk content it was actually pretty easy. I think at one point we had 8 writers but they were weened down to just 3 that were producing quality.
The other day, I found an interesting site collecting real-time data about trends relating to demand for Digital Marketing jobs within the wider IT sector. Curious as I am, I input Digital Marketing into the search to find out more about trends, job locations, salaries in jobs requiring digital skills and so on. This is a very simple, easy to understand visual representation of the considerable increase in demand for Digital Marketing skills, especially in the last 5 years. The median (not average!) salary for jobs requiring digital marketing skills has increased slightly over the years though it currently hovers around just under ?40k. The above diagram, histogram to be precise, shows the distribution and frequency of salaries for IT jobs citing Digital Marketing.
For me personally, money isn’t a good enough motivation or reason for choosing a career.
And then I use Digital Marketing as an example for a great, fulfilling career that is also fun .
Hopefully the above graphics show that it really is worth it – it’s not just well paid but there are also more jobs than people, and the industry is crying out for people skilled in Digital Marketing! If you’re interested in a career in in this area, check my blog post on How to become a Digital Marketer.
Build your expertise by enrolling the challenging programme of study and research in Digital Marketing!
Digital Marketing Courses (DMC) offers professional training programmes in online marketing field that helps you become an expert in just 45 days!

Few reports claim that Facebook’s organic reach is reduced in order to force business pay larger amount for better exposure, which is the reason why Facebook’ stock price keeps growing up!!
Google has started a research with a completely new design for search results, which ultimately allow any brand, celebrity, or organization, have a committed Twitter-like feed built right into the corporation’s search engine. Do you have a local business (such as restaurant, pet shop, or a retail store) that does not make money as you expected? Digital Marketing Courses is an education arm of Zuan Technology, a leading SEO, Web designing and Web Development Company in Chennai having its remarkable existence for nearly half a decade. Brand management is ‘the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line, or brand’ according to the official definition. Shell has landed the top spot in a survey of the UK’s most digitally connected corporate brands in the FTSE 100.
Everything in marketing is changing at the moment, and no one is really sure which way it’s going, the only thing that we can be certain of is that it’s an exciting time. Online marketing jobs cover several aspects of marketing carried out over the internet, including Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Online PR, Affiliate Marketing and more.
To raise as much money as possible, today our staff will be taking part in a 12-hour runathon. Whether it’s the Pope’s Twitter posts or your neighbour’s dog’s Facebook page, nearly everyone uses digital marketing to big themselves up – and businesses are no exception! Digital marketing is basically the promotion of products or brands, via one or more forms of electronic media. There are different career areas within digital marketing, including social media marketing, which is concerned with attracting high numbers of internet followers on social media through a distinct online presence. A typical day in a digital marketing job includes activities such as designing website banners, conducting keyword research, reporting on web statistics, keeping up with current digital trends and new social media platforms being set up to rival Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest etc., as well as contributing to company and industry blogs and managing e-communications.
You can access a digital marketing career through both the graduate and non-graduate route but unless you have lots of practical, hands-on experience in this line of work, the non-graduate route is a trickier option.
Moving On is devoted to helping young people make the right choices for their future – education, qualifications and careers. Their membership is made up of digital agencies and production companies throughout the world, on five continents in 24 countries. The remaining 47% were creative service leaders from traditional agencies (23%), digital agencies (64%) and production companies (13%). I’m happy that blogging and copywriting took the 1st slot of the digital jobs of the future because I really love those.
It was only 2 or 3 articles a day and with the WordPress CMS we have on the site it was a pretty easy job to get the content online after it was approved. For that we pretty much used google keyword research then ordered several dozen books off of Amazon for the writers.

It looks like the site, ITJobsWatch, is primarily tracking IT related employment but it also seems to crawl more general, broader web jobs (i.e.
The digital marketing training offered by our institute in Chennai will guide you to plan, manage and execute internet marketing campaigns that generates leads and sales to your business.
For marketing professionals, Shell’s digital marketing strategy can be used as a benchmark for good practice in the industry, say experts.
We have a treadmill in the office that has been on since 6am and will not stop until 6pm this evening - a member of staff has to be on it at all times!
As more and more companies and organisations engage with consumers by using digital marketing platforms such as the internet and social media, the role of digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to a business’s success.
There is also search engine optimisation (SEO) which deals with finding strategies to increase the number of visitors to a website, enabling it to become higher-ranked in search engine results, pay per click (PPC) campaigns, mobile marketing and affiliate marketing. If you opt for the graduate route, all degree subjects will allow you to entry onto a digital marketing training scheme but there are some particularly useful subjects to think about studying, such as digital marketing and social media, marketing, business, journalism and creative design. A digital marketing apprenticeship trains you to become a specialist in all electronic and digital marketing techniques and develops your communication and research skills.
All the writers were outsourced and only go paid for the article if it was worth publishing.
You will learn how to use the digital tools and techniques effectively for a successful campaign.
This article will help you with all the ideas to gain new clients online for your local business! Other high-scoring brands include Kingfisher, SABMiller, Aviva, and Unilever so observing how they use the various channels for digital marketing will be helpful to marketers. It is an ever-growing method of promotion and it’s why companies use digital marketing techniques to advertise and promote their products to as large an audience as possible.
Due to the competitive nature of the digital marketing industry, studying one of these related subjects could increase your chances of gaining a place on a digital marketing training scheme.
You’ll work alongside people experienced in digital marketing staff, gain job-specific skills, earn a wage and get holiday pay and you’ll also study part time towards a related qualification. It’s also important to dazzle marketing managers with the right blend of personality and achievement, so here are some tips on how to put together a standout marketing CV.
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