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To start from, it is enough to say that today everybody has some sort of marketing strategy. When you do business according to real-world business rules, everything lasts longer and you have to wait for the feedback from your clients or colleagues.
Just like in real life, when you do not have a plan and your time just slips away, Internet marketing can be handled to bring you some benefit, but it can also leave you without any positive results. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. How to achieve Digital Transformation in businesses has been a hot topic through 2014 and this month we have focused our advice on this. To help get focus and review current use of digital we created this roadmap so you can summarise where you are now and where you need to be in future. Digital to account for 75% of all marketing spend in 5 years - the need to manage transformation is shown in this post by Dan Bosomworth of new research from Accenture. Improving organic reach on Facebook - we also have a related post showing the decline in reach and Facebook ad clickthrough rates.
Pigeon - a new Google algorithm - this is an alert for marketers involved in local marketing - it's a major update affecting local searches. This month we have focused on recommendations to improve sales on Ecommerce sites by CRO to coincide with the launch of our new Ecommerce design patterns guide. Website home page best practices - Jill Robb looks at techniques for improving home page effectiveness.
The fundamentals of marketing management will remain same forever though innovations may add some spices. 12 Years experience in SEO and Web Development, SEO Expert, Digital Marketing consultant, Web Developer, Author, Blogger and Simple Person. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
The world of digital marketing is imbued with innovation that changes constantly and your business should be adept in embracing these changes. In the ever-changing environment of virtual space, which does not threaten to destroy the real world, but simply exports its values and rules into it, you must have clear head and strict rules. From ordinary minnow sellers on open-air markets to large multinational companies, every single business owner has his or her own approach to the work he or she is doing. To dodge this treat, your digital strategy needs to be focused and integrated with other plans and agendas of your business. A new mobile app for GA - you can now review your analytics on smartphone using Google’s apps for iOS and Android. New extension to show where people click on your site - this is similar to the InPage analytics feature. By definition Digital marketing is the way of marketing products and services using digital media such as computers, tablets, mobiles, digital billboards and gaming consoles. The question may be arising inside you why use and target internet marketing if major part is covered by this. Search engine marketing (Search engine optimization and PPC), Social media marketing (Social media optimization and paid advertising), email marketing, RSS feeds, display marketing, streaming video and audio advertising are the great source of internet marketing.

Thousands of tools, analytics, reports and online market research has changed traditional marketing a lot.
I am an SEO consultant with more than 12 years of experience in SEO, PPC, website designing, development, wordpress development, social media marketing and online marketing. By getting outdated in your digital marketing campaign, your competitors may have already left you behind. Otherwise, you and your business are most certainly going to experience a lot of difficulties. When it comes to online marketing, the situation is even more complex, since today the whole world is competing on that market and it is actually very difficult to stand out, especially if your business has something to do to the IT sector itself. Due to that, you also need to incorporate the feedback analysis part in your strategy for online marketing.
You always have to know the age and social class you are addressing with your products and services. Lets go more deep into this term, internet marketing is the major game changer in Digital marketing  90% to 95% share of digital marketing is covered through computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles using internet marketing. I want to tell you that user behavior towards digital media is same so all the offerings related to digital platforms is kind of similar to each other. I am an adwords and google analytics qualified individual, having expertise in digital marketing consultancy. What could have been a potential market opportunity for your business may be gone because you have used these obsolete digital marketing strategies.Relying on email marketing and renting out email listWhile email marketing remains to be a common form of connecting to potential leads for a business, it has become an outdated way of marketing. Due to that, online presence without a marketing strategy is just like John Rambo without a rifle (or a headband).
So, in order to keep the pace with your colleagues and rivals from all over the globe, you need to develop a digital strategy. It can be devised in the form of a survey or simple questions without the strict survey form; whatever suits your business.
This focused approach does not mean that you cannot address more groups at the same time, but rather that you need to make an estimate what products and services are appropriate for what group, on the basis of their age, gender, education and interests. Now all companies looking forward to use this opportunity of user engagement through internet, social media and entertainment.
Renting out an email list in getting leads for your business marketing campaign poses the risk of getting spam complaints from non-consenting email users. You are going to be tramped and destroyed by rivals if you do not state out and write down your clear goals and a strategy that you are going to employ in order to make your plan(s) real and lucrative.
With the help of the instant feedback from the previous paragraph, you will be able to take your business and its online marketing to a higher and more successful level.
A better way of using email marketing campaign is to launch direct email marketing and requesting customers to obtain an email subscription about the latest news and updates about your business. However, with the growth of various forms of social media platforms, email marketing campaign seems to be an obsolete means of getting a subscription to your business.Building the image of your brand in the social media network can help you grow the number of your followers. You can instantly get subscriptions from interested social media users without the need to go through the hassles of crafting your email marketing content and spending money to obtain an email list of potential leads for your business.
By growing the number of their social media followers, they can easily grab the opportunity of encouraging social media users to subscribe to their email list without incurring an additional cost for launching a separate email marketing campaign.Keyword-based SEO strategyKeyword search engine optimization retains its ground as an important element of an effective SEO campaign, especially in ranking your website or content.

However, keyword-based SEO is not a stand-alone search engine optimization campaign to make it effective. It has been noted that many internet marketers have been using solely keywords for their SEO campaign without complementing it with other useful SEO strategies. The Google algorithms are getting smarter and it is requiring more stringent standards to make a website worthy for a high search rank other than keyword optimization. With the latest standards on search rank requirements of Google, digital marketers are forced to engage with a more tedious optimization process using contextual analysis and high quality content other than doing keyword research. While the Google search engine demands high quality content, your exceptional content will not be ranked for search without optimizing it.
As you begin promoting your products and service using high quality blogs online, it remains hidden without using the proper optimization strategy. The consumers have changing needs and while there are many who remain interested in reading contextual content, there are more who are in search for a unique engagement experience with a business or brand.
While you can still use the content marketing tactic in your digital marketing campaign, do not forget to infuse it with variations, such as presenting your content by infographics or videos.Retaining a one-size-fits-all digital marketing campaignUsing this form of a marketing solution will no longer benefit your business. With the growing numbers of diverse consumer population using the internet in searching products, brands, companies and services today, customization of your digital marketing approach is a better solution. Using behavioral targeting in marketing campaigns has become a major trend instead of the old school of using a single form of marketing campaign to pursue customer retention. Your business will likely earn better conversion rates when you can engage in a more accurate and personalized marketing campaign, that is, one that is according to the profiles of your targeted groups of consumers.Buying product reviewsThe consumers are getting savvy in detecting unnatural links, followers and fake reviews of a brand on the internet today.
The same can be said to the Google search engine owing to its innovative way of detecting fake reviews and paid links used in building one’s digital product popularity and search rank. Some legitimate product review sites are likewise getting wiser in using technology to detect paid reviews on their site. Thus, engaging in buying reviews can become a waste of money and can significantly affect your brand reputation on the process.Building your own marketing departmentBuilding a digital marketing department is now considered to be an old school in digital marketing. Not only can this strategy drain your marketing budget, you no longer need to employ more people to conduct your marketing campaigns. The digital sphere has provided marketers the opportunity to grow their sales with less effort and less number of people needed to accomplish their marketing goal. The current breed of internet marketers now finds it more rational to retain just a few people who understand your marketing goal than keeping multiple people on board where it is harder to synthesize your brand. Besides, it is best to keep people who have specialized skills in digital marketing and analog environment.Digital Warriors has marketing analytics, IT consulting, social media marketing, web design and development, search engine optimization services that can help you grow your business using the latest trend in the digital marketing strategies.
I have complied a simple set of information, templates and tools that you can use to consistently generate thousands of dollars.

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