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Technology’s increasing sophistication – coupled with the rising amount of time people spend on the Internet and social media networks – continues to drive robust efforts in the field of digital marketing.
The question has been drawing the attention of thought-leaders and entrepreneurs across industries. Digital marketer Jeff Dachis, who co-founded the company Razorfish, told Forbes in January 2013 that marketing efforts should focus more on brand building instead of just driving commerce.
With rising ownership of smartphones and tablet computers, mobile is set to play a huge role in the future of digital marketing. In essence, AR involves the addition of digital information into an individual’s physical environment.
Another mobile-driven development that is positioned to benefit digital marketing campaigns is the introduction of responsive web design (RWD). Responsive web design automatically adapts to a device’s screen size, orientation and platform, removing the need to create separate sites for traditional web and mobile sites. With major players such as Walmart and Facebook investing more heavily in mobile commerce and advertising, the future of digital marketing seems bright. As a result, technology must have a role in gathering and assessing customer input in key business decisions. The emergence of social, mobile and digital networks has played a major part in democratizing the relationship between organizations and their customers, the study reports. Businesses are stepping up activities to digitize beyond just marketing, including supply chain, analytics tools and workforce skills required for collaboration. Despite this focus, less than half of Midmarket organizations have a fully integrated physical and digital strategy. On a personal level, my own experience certainly validates the trends IBM has identified and explained.
As this study states, the intent to make these organizational changes is ubiquitous, but I think measurable success will be far more rare because it will take extraordinary, tenacious, and patient leadership to forge entrenched company cultures into something radically more open, more collaborative, and more responsive. This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet. And our real skill is bringing all of the communities of the digital world together to give you an all round service that consistently delivers the results that you want.
An April 2013 report from management consulting firm McKinsey & Company concluded that the constant availability of technology and information has led digital marketing to the brink of a challenging period.

As Dachis told the magazine, social sites are brimming with various measures, such as the tweet, re-tweet, thumbs up, like, tip and check-in. Globally, spending on mobile advertising should top $23 billion by 2016, eMarketer has reported. For example, augmented reality (AR) is attracting increasing interest with Google’s development of its wearable technology, Google Glass.
Of particular note to marketers, this information could include hotel locations, prices of items in nearby stores and an assortment of other commerce-related details targeted at specific users based on factors such as their location, shopping history and online preferences.
Simply stated, RWD allows businesses and organizations to design one website that works smoothly across all platforms, from smartphones to personal computers. Because IBM is a client, I was privileged to get a preview of this research to share with the readers of {grow}. The study paints a picture of executives determined to drive change in every facet of the organization through digital initiatives.
The majority of CIOs surveyed say they aim to digitize their front offices within the next few years to sync with customers more effectively. I interact with hundreds of executives every year who are putting tremendous resources toward enabling a digital enterprise … but with mixed results. We’re here to share our digital knowledge, relationships and join the dots between you and the people who will make your business a success. We think it’s our job to be the experts. Their challenge is to understand how social media fits into the mix, and its return on investment. But making it a reality requires not just technological change, but dramatic organizational change. And it’s important to us that everyone at batenborch is interested in the ever-changing digital world.
To achieve full value, social media, as well as social business, needs to inspire entirely new ways of working, learning, and orchestrating processes across the organization and beyond.
They analyze data to understand people holistically – what’s happening at the moment, what their core values are. It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. Get subscribed to our RSS feed to be informed first to learn about new blog posts published.

We don’t just train, we inspire, energise and fire up those emotive juices that help people think of and create new ways of doing things.
Not just training on the how to develop strategy that integrates the marketing mix, drives digital marketing, SEO, social media or shows you how to apply social media to HR , but also the training that will generate ideas.Would you like a case study? Not just functional training, but inspired, informed, idea generation to augment the functional skills being learned. Peter really is an expert in his field, the training was given in a concise and structured way.
He has given us the knowledge and tools to allow us to develop our own social media strategy, whilst also providing us with enough of an understanding to be able to advise and assist our clients to a level that is required.
Cheryl Parsons Training & Payroll Consultant Peter came to our offices in Culmhead to provide a half day training course on Social Media Advertising and Recruiting, Peter provides a comfortable and supportive training environment to develop your online social media skills and knowledge. He can help you analyze what is happening in your business, prioritizing your operational areas in order to ensure you achieve the business goals - whether they be expansion into new markets, exit strategy or simply taking advantage of new marketing channels e.g. Tim Polkinghorne Group Chairman Pete is one of the most passionate professional speakers you can wish to meet,He delivers a great workshop that totally engages the members and everyone learns some new material..
Well Done Pete - Keep up the good work Pedro Ros CEO Peter introduced to me to the use of Social Media for business. David Hare Consultant & Coach Peter is brilliant at identifying client goals and then finding the best tools to achieve them. Unlike many other consultants he is not afraid to challenge his client's thinking until the objectives are crystal clear. Carl Adams Marketing Manager Peter is highly knowledgeable in digital marketing strategy and execution. His expertise in social media marketing is at the highest level and he has been a true asset in helping CIBER develop a SMM strategy. Arnab Dutt MD Peter is fun to work with and full of great ideas that help formulate business tactics and strategies. I have found him to be an excellent sounding board and provider of thoughtful and imaginative solutions.

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