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The digital era has brought about tremendous changes to the marketing industry, from content, to ROI, to measurability and everything in between. Through social media, email, web, apps and video, there is a vast amount of information that is now readily available through digital means. The digital era offers a more open means of feedback and communication among marketers and their targets.
As Senior Vice President of Marketing at Kaspersky Lab North America, Chris is responsible for overseeing all North American marketing activities including driving programs to improve customer engagement and experience with the brand and products. Channel Marketer Report (CMR) is a targeted e-media publication covering the latest solutions, trends and strategies to help companies optimize their marketing, both to and through their partner networks. A Digital Marketing plan gives you the direction you need to understand how to set achievable online marketing goals under specific timelines and budgets with appropriate resources.
Agent-cy understands that search market share is not only driven up by direct competitors, but also indirect keyword winners, so to speak.
It is our business to be nimble, flexible and professional in serving you in any area of Digital Marketing. Our Strategy team has been involved in Online Marketing before the practices of Social Media Marketing and Search Marketing ever became popular. Agent-cy has direct experience in finding and solving online marketing challenges for all types and sizes of companies, regardless of industry or location. Among the pioneers of Digital Marketing, Mr Pradeep Chopra has been part of the Internet Industry since 2000.
The fundamental reason for investment in Digital Media today is the ever increasing presence of a direct target audience for a vast majority of business. Personally, why did you choose to dive into a career completely unrelated to engineering, considering you graduated from IIT-Delhi? What piece of advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs who are looking to establish startups in the digital marketing space?
I graduated from IIT Delhi in 1999 and if I look at the journey each of us, including my batchmates have followed, I am pretty clear that a very high percentage of future graduates especially those who pass out from top colleges would want to start something of their own very early into their professional career. I have very fond memories of winning Eureka in 2003 for our 1st venture, Whizlabs Software. Do visit our facebook page to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of entrepreneurship! Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to visit IIT-Bombay ahead of The Entrepreneurship Summit’16 : Register here to attend!
There are several ways that this can be done, for example surveys and the ever popular social media channels, which allow you to reach a wide audience while keeping it personal. Once you are using paid online advertising, don’t go all out and blow a massive budget on all channels – where one business connects with its clients mostly on Facebook, another may do better on LinkedIn. It is incredibly frustrating for clients to visit a website on their mobile device where there is no mobile platform. Mobile sites should offer the same capabilities and features that the desktop version does, while optimising ease of use. There are scores of tools, programs and plugins available that will help you to automate business processes and marketing strategies. Notice how we’re not simply shouting “more content!” but rather qualifying it by saying that the content should be quality.
The online market is flooded with those who can produce a great deal of content that is unexciting and repetitive, and few who create read-worthy articles.
Be sure to take a look at the impressive Noob guide to online marketing from Unbounce and the companion piece the Noob guide to Link Building. No digital marketing plan in 2016 would complete without a content marketing strategy, content plan and editorial calendar so check out the Content Marketing Strategy checklist from Velocity. The following steps show how you can create a simple, but effective digital internet marketing plan to build awareness & get going online.
Put together a spreadsheet of your top competitors and research them to see how they are using digital marketing channels to reach customers. The first tool in my competitor research tool box is always Screaming Frog Spider from Dan Sharp the enigmatic founder & Director of Screaming Frog, a UK search marketing agency.
I’d also check out SEMrush marvelous for Competitor Research, site audits and a whole lot more.
Look at each digital channel  and think about how valuable or important the channel is to your organisation. Value can be defined as existing referrals, % of new visitors, No of new leads etc use your Google analytics data to see trends. Available resources – What personnel or outsourced people do you have available to create or remarket content? Also see SEOmoz – which digital channels are right for my business? and Convince and Converts How to Choose the Right Social Channels to Reach Your Customers. You can test whether your marketing campaigns are working by tracking your traffic, goals and conversions in Google Analytics and other metrics like Facebook Insights.
Take time out to review where your marketing tactics are driving results regularly and adapt your campaigns to take advantage of new opportunities. Take a holistic overview of metrics, for example in some cases directory referrals are huge traffic drivers, likewise an authority link from the Guardian, Money Saving Expert or Life Hacker can make or break a campaign. Smartinsights have shared a free to use Digital marketing strategy and planning word template. You can check out the marketing planning template on the Smartinsights site. If you join Smart Insights as a Basic member (highly recommended) you can download the PDF!
Looking for someone to help you develop your digital marketing plan or deliver digital marketing training courses? Get more traffic with exclusive online marketing tips that I only share with my private newsletter subscribers.
Una decena de consejos para pequenas empresas sobre su presencia en internet, desde su site hasta sus redes sociales.
Una PyME no solo debe estar inmersa en el mundo online para ser visible; eso es de los 90?s.

Dedica tiempo a tus redes y conversa con tu comunidad.Tu audiencia no son numeros, son personas que esperan ser escuchadas.
Tu sitio web debe estar optimizado profesionalmente para dispositivos moviles, puedes perder visitas si no lo haces.
Realiza promociones exclusivamente para tus comunidades en redes sociales, activa su participacion con estas practicas. Cuida la calidad de las fotos que subes, su tamano, los textos que anexas y los links que compartes. MBA Marketer, speaker, especialista en marketing de atraccion; estratega de contenidos y editor en jefe de este sitio enfocado al engagement marketing o el arte de crear marcas amadas y admiradas. Contenidos relacionadosComo escribir BIEN para redes sociales… y otros lugares5 caracteristicas que NO puedes dejar pasar al momento de crear tu contenido.?Podemos amar a una marca? As marketers it’s our job to evolve with the times and use new and innovative methods to ensure our campaigns are effective and the results are long-lasting. Because this information is at the fingertips of consumers, marketers are challenged to put information into smaller, easily digestible snippets, while at the same time ensuring that content is compelling and memorable. It’s always been vital for marketers to listen to what customers and partners need and want, but through email and social media, gathering that feedback is a lot more seamless and easy to act upon, almost immediately. Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab in 2012 Chris held senior marketing positions at Pulsepoint, a marketing technology company, Sony Electronics, and Accenture, a global management consulting and technology services firm. If you are planning on launching a new business online or have an existing online brand that is draining your wallet in online marketing dollars with no results, you need a solid Digital Marketing Strategy.  Agent-cy Online Marketing has been providing Digital Marketing Strategy, consulting and plans since 2006. Agent-cy, as a full-service online marketing agency, takes a holistic view of Digital Strategy because in the world of content marketing, your online brand is affected by any and all actions taking place across social media networks and in search algorithms. This is why at Agent-cy our Digital Marketing Strategy delivers not only intended brand position and goals; but also specific tangible tactics for winning in both the Social Media and Search Marketing arenas. The Agent-cy team of digital marketing and branding professionals can help in any one area where your company may be suffering online. This means giving you the right direction and parameters in budget, timeline and resources to win online before you engage in hiring or outsourcing any activities blindly. Our SEO Strategy for existing online brands includes an entire SEO Audit to identify any Google issues and general rank problems due to site content, URL and page indexing, site optimization problems and quality backlink volume. We want to make sure you are confident about hiring us to deliver your roadmap to Internet Marketing success.
He has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 13 years and is currently a Co-founder & CEO of Digital Vidya, Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company.
This growth in terms of the number of people and the amount of time spent on the Digital Media is forcing organizations to speed up their investments in Digital Marketing. Globally, there are a growing number of examples of businesses, which have grown from a garage to a billion dollars in valuation by Digital Media. Digital Vidya offers number of self-study and instructor-led, online Digital Marketing training programs in association with Vskills, a Govt. Most of the people who graduate from IIT and for that matter students from other engineering colleges too, end up taking jobs where they don’t directly work in the area of their engineering discipline.
I feel fortunate to have started my 1st venture early in my career when I didn’t have the liability of a luxurious life style. As a winner of Eureka, we also got the opportunity to participate in a Global Business Plan competition in Singapore, where we competed with the winners of other business plan competitions including from Stanford, Harvard Business School.
Entrepreneurs need to be motivated and innovation to the maximum extent must be made to bring into the forefront. Why digital marketing is so important has been covered in the blog by the author very nicely. It is important to develop an online marketing strategy that is specifically designed for B2B businesses. By reaching out to your consumers, you’ll not only be able to create a better relationship with them, but just as important is that you can understand the specific and niche services and goods they’re after.
If you want your message to reach your clients, whether through search engines or social media channels, you’ll need to shell out the cash, otherwise you may find yourself sending your brilliant message to the deep abyss of the Internet, never seeing the light of another computer screen.
This will likely be a matter of trial and error at first, but will need constant monitoring as the nature of social media is so fluid.
While several years ago this didn’t matter, mobile technology has moved into our lives in almost every sphere – think of how many people take their phones even into the bathroom with them! These will streamline output and provide valuable data and metrics on what is working and what needs work. This is not simply about adding in more words, but rather about making the content more interactive, engaging, informative and entertaining. Still beautiful clear guides on how to get authority backlinks or more importantly earn them from a diverse range of resources.
Finally check out Link Building: The Definitive Guide from Brian Dean at Backlinko the most comprehensive guide on the web. We’ve tried to cover everything in plain English without bamboozling you with the more in-depth intellectual debates about digital strategy, big data and advanced marketing jargon. Be a private detective , do a bit of mystery shopping,  impersonate your customer to find your (and your competitor’s) products or services online. Then, look at the effort required to implement your plan across each digital marketing channel. For example if you want to raise brand awareness & improve customer services social media marketing tactics will fit the bill. You can also use Clicktale or Crazyegg to see where potential customers are exiting your sites. You can use a variety of tools for this see this cool list of seo and social media tools and pick a free or paid one to get going! I was lucky enough to attend a conference where Dave shared insights into using Google Analytics to improve business results –  very useful, so make sure you check this out as well.
We deliver bespoke SEO focused marketing training to small businesses, Universities, higher education colleges, creative industries and health and well-being businesses.

Afortunadamente, con dedicacion y constancia, podrian gestionarla sin apoyos externos, salvo quizas un poco en la etapa inicial de instalacion si es que no conocen casi nada del mundo digital; sin embargo, cada dia hay mas herramientas do it yourself que podrian ahorrarles casi cualquier contratacion a cambio de un poco de tiempo. Hoy debe buscar conversiones y por tanto, abrirse oportunidades reales para generar clientes. Additionally, it’s important for customers to feel a sense of personalization from the content. Nowadays, marketing is much more accountable for ROI: it takes money to create a campaign, but was the campaign impactful?
He has written and spoken widely about connecting customer needs with technology solutions, and has presented at many conferences, including The Conference Board, Consumer Electronics Association and Forrester Research.
Your Online Brand depends on how well you have crafted your position in relation to where your target audience lives online and how they consume content. Without a solid Online Marketing Plan, you can bet that you will waste money and time online and ultimately fail. As an Agent-cy Consulting client, you are immediately given executive attention and set up for project management. At Agent-cy, we have assisted billion-dollar global businesses down to the new online start-up in driving real results from online marketing. For new online brands, our SEO experts uncover your most promising keyword position for winning in the search marketplace. Compared to traditional media, this medium offers multiple advantages including lower cost of acquisition, extensive global reach and an ability to measure the ROI (Return On Investment). In my experience, the true contribution of IIT was to enable us to think big and stand by our decisions in the toughest of situations. Considering that, I strongly recommend that the earlier you make the call to be an entrepreneur, the better it is.
Winning Eureka definitely gave us the confidence and validation to stand for our vision to build a global brand and we could do that later at Whizlabs. With the ever-changing online environment, it is becoming more and more necessary to constantly tailor these strategies to capitalise on consumer behaviour as much as possible. This will take time and effort but it is well worth it when you get down to delivering what your customers need, particularly when your competitors aren’t doing that. An online site that doesn’t cater to mobile users is, for one, unacceptable, and two, is missing out on so many potential clients. From capturing of client details, to search engine optimisation, to analytics, all of this can be automated to a large degree.
As a small business tool i now cannot do without it and customer service is always exceptional. You can use premium SEO tools like Raven Tools  and the ultimate SEO Moz tools to get to the nitty-gritty with your competitors keywords & backlinks. Heatmaps are visual representations of where people are clicking on your site so its worth evaluating this to draw out insights. I’d choose the above plus SEMrush and propriety analytics tools like Facebook insights, Pinterest Analytics and say Iconosquare for Instagram. Finally, it’s worth noting that a digital marketing plan needs integrating into your existing business marketing plan and not be seen as a separate effort.
View our full list of training courses here or contact us for a free mini digital marketing audit. Si bien aconsejar a una PyME en terrenos digitales requiere de un analisis de cada caso particular, mi buena amiga Andy Pafa y un servidor, desarrollamos estos diez tips de marketing digital para PyMEs que plasmamos en una infografia.
When they are constantly inundated with information, it can be easy for them to feel lost in a sea of brands, and before you know it, your campaign is just one more in the sea.
We are detailed in our assessment of your current online brand; or in the cases of new ventures, we provide full due diligence in uncovering the online market share opportunities and brand positions that will lead to both short and long-term online marketing success.
No matter how winning is accomplished, it is all constant efforts and never to give up mindset which is above all .
Many of these are also free or are inexpensive to purchase and implement, so a little research and investment in them will go a long way for any B2B business.
You make use of all media at your disposal – images, videos, gifs, writing – there really is no limit. If you find theirs first, try to uncover what they are doing within the digital channel to make a connection online.  Write down each connection you make in the spreadsheet. SEO keyword rankings and website content marketing made easy and the SEMrush blog is one of the go to sources for the latest SEO insights. Monitoring & reporting enables you to see how well your digital marketing is performing and gives great insight into next actions. There are many tools and metrics out there today — many of which are a direct result of the digital era — to enable marketers to measure their success and learn and grow from their campaigns. This leads to greater engagement and collaboration, thus enabling companies to consistently improve the customer experience.
We assist our strategy clients in confirming their online marketing goals in relation to their overall revenue model and long-term business forecasts. AB or split testing is essential, see Google Content Experiments and Customer Journeys for insights into customer buying journeys in your sector. How can we tell if the snippets of information we thought were compelling and memorable were, in fact, compelling and memorable?
Furthermore, as humans, we instinctively look for what is “quality” — it’s the human desire to improve. At Agent-cy, we take Internet Marketing seriously and assign only senior, experience online marketers to client projects.
Through the use of metrics and measurability, marketers can see what is working, what isn’t working and how we can make things better.

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