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Digital signage is a broad term that describes the integration of a variety of technologies into a single solution for the purpose of portraying visual information, messages, advertising, and more. Digital signage is being used in everything from corporate communications to retail outlets to college campus messaging. Easy to use Free Digital Signage software that works on any Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8) PC connected to a TV or Monitor.
Even if we try to check the files for viruses, we cannot guarantee that they are safe and clean.
Digital signs use electronic display panels such as Plasma, LCD and LED combined with other electronic devices to replace static signs. Once the customers are inside the store, direct them to the big items with indoor electronic displays. Let them watch something entertaining while they wait their turn at the cash register or wait for a table. Because with digital signage you can get timely information to your employees Educate your employees about new products and services on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.
Because with indoor digital signage, you can get your suppliers to share the cost Suppliers are always looking for ways to promote their products.
With networking, change your advertising messages quickly on displays throughout the city or the country.
Experience the reliability and performance of the popular Seneca® HDN, now in a solid state, fanless design.
The Seneca Fanless HDN is the only fanless Intel NUC design with standard internal power and a serial port. Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Core, and Core Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. Specifications are subject to change, contact your account representative for current configuration. Why You Cannot Afford to Not Consider DisplayPort in Your Digital Signage Deployment: In Digital Signage, an important characteristic when determining the type of media player needed is the types of video connection required to stream the content to the displays.
MEPC, a prominent name in the UK commercial property for more than 60 years uses POVng- our premise-based digital signage software- to promote its properties and create an impressive presentation room for their new office at Chineham Business Park in Basingstoke. Requiring  an effective way of promoting their business and reinforce their high profile, the company resorted to digital signage which allows it to displaying images of their estates & buildings to potential customers. The demonstration of our digital signage software allowed MEPC to see the potential of the system and the way it would enhance the look of its premises. By using POVng, MEPC is now able to run an eye- catching company presentation continuously on a 42’’ LCD screen installed in a prominent area of the reception.

In its state of the art marketing suite, our digital signage software powers three 26’’LCD screens and a 42’’ LCD one which showcase more personalised presentations of the company’s different building styles.
The collaboration between Dynamax and AuDeo resulted in providing the MEPC team with comprehensive user familiarisation training for their new digital signage system as well as on-going customer support.
MEPC owns and manages eight Business Estates in prime regional locations throughout the UK, providing high-quality space for more than 1,000 organisations. POVng (Point of View- new generation) is our on-premise content management software,  powering thousands of screens and reaches over 30 million consumers every week. They are very simple to use but this brochure helps those who are concerned with how "technical" they are! This unique and powerful communications medium provides unparalleled opportunities to capture your audience’s attention—no matter where you place it. Whether in the lobby of a business or in a university theatre, it enables you to blend graphics, full-motion video and Web pages from multiple sources to deliver messages with maximum impact.
Retail stores and providers of services to the public are the most obvious potential users, but the technology may be used to communicate with customers and employees in any organization, with travellers in transportation terminals, with students at the university, with visitors to a museum, with anyone, anywhere! Attractive offers bring in the passing trade because they see that what you are offering is what they want, even before they enter your business. Or inform them by giving them live updates from the stock market or the ball game while they eat or wait their turn for the next bank teller. Or keep them updated on reject rates or sales, or just tell them how their department is doing. They will pay for the opportunity to advertise directly to customers already predisposed to spend money. Featuring the 5th generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor and the 5th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor with Intel HD graphics 5500, the Fanless HDN supports 4K content and up to three independent displays. Engineered in a 100% solid state design with no moving parts, the Fanless HDN protects against dust, dirt, and other particles without compromising performance. Depending on the number of displays that are desired it is essential to consider what video outputs are necessary. We give due credit to our partner- AuDeo Systems– for the planning and installation work involved by this project . Being assisted throughout the entire implementation of the project, the company was offered the best solution for its particular needs and requirements. Established in 1998, AuDeo has grown to be one of the UK’s foremost providers of this exciting technology.
Their Chineham Business Park is a 95 acre mixed-use business park home to over 50 organisations from local enterprises to international headquarters, employing over 3,500 people. Characterised by robust management and stability, it’ s being used by large media owners such as Clear Channel UK and Bravo Ireland as well as by organisations of all sizes throughout Europe and South America.

The duration of each message is just long enough for it to be read and understood by an average reader. With digital signage you can do more campaigns than you would with static signs and increase your profits. Get them to buy items complementary to their primary purchase as well as other items that they may need. Providing interesting fare to people in a queue, reduces perceived waiting time and reduces lost sales.
Make sure that they can find what they are looking for so they don't leave your establishment empty-handed in favour of your competitor. With the internet and compressed file formats, you can send any message, anywhere, cheaply and easily. The Fanless HDN is the ideal solution for digital menu boards, intelligent kiosks, outdoor digital signage, or any application requiring performance in harsh environments.
Inteset's Secure Lockdown v2 - Multi App Edition is ideal for kiosks, trade shows, library and school labs, hotels, Internet cafes, game labs, museums, and hospitals. A digital sign may operate alone or as part of a network consisting of a number of signs at a single location, or at different locations.
Give them the information to get them to buy more in your business rather than from your competitors.
Anyone in business can tell you that the presentation can make or break a deal.  A presentation is only as good as its delivery.
It's easier to sell to customers inside your business than to attract new ones from outside. If you work across time zones, you can even schedule the messages differently for each zone.
We’ll assist you in delivering presentations that are more than effective – they’re jaw dropping, we know how to give your presentations an edge. The Display Screen sizes itself automatically and adjusts to the correct orientation.Auto Screen SizingThe software will auto-detect the screen size and size the Display screen accordingly. This ensures that the entire screen is utilized for maximized display and appropriate proportion display. It can also play 1080p HD video like TS, MTS, HD MPG, HD MPEG, HD MP4 and general videos like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V and so on.Secure Lockdown Internet Explorer Ed. Inteset's inexpensive Secure Lockdown-Internet Explorer Ed is ideal for kiosk setups, digital signage, trade shows, libraries, schools, hotels, Internet cafes, etc.

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