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Among the pioneers of Digital Marketing, Mr Pradeep Chopra has been part of the Internet Industry since 2000. The fundamental reason for investment in Digital Media today is the ever increasing presence of a direct target audience for a vast majority of business. Personally, why did you choose to dive into a career completely unrelated to engineering, considering you graduated from IIT-Delhi? What piece of advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs who are looking to establish startups in the digital marketing space? I graduated from IIT Delhi in 1999 and if I look at the journey each of us, including my batchmates have followed, I am pretty clear that a very high percentage of future graduates especially those who pass out from top colleges would want to start something of their own very early into their professional career. I have very fond memories of winning Eureka in 2003 for our 1st venture, Whizlabs Software.
Do visit our facebook page to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of entrepreneurship! Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to visit IIT-Bombay ahead of The Entrepreneurship Summit’16 : Register here to attend!
Direct mail can be anything a postcard, brochure, personal or form letter even something called lumpy mail. We are experts in the creation of direct mail-based promotions for business-to-business and business-to-consumer product and service firms.

To receive a free analysis about Direct Mail Marketing, please call 973-889-9393, or just contact us online. Although based in New Jersey, we provide direct mail services to businessses throughout the country. He has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 13 years and is currently a Co-founder & CEO of Digital Vidya, Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company. This growth in terms of the number of people and the amount of time spent on the Digital Media is forcing organizations to speed up their investments in Digital Marketing. Globally, there are a growing number of examples of businesses, which have grown from a garage to a billion dollars in valuation by Digital Media. Digital Vidya offers number of self-study and instructor-led, online Digital Marketing training programs in association with Vskills, a Govt. Most of the people who graduate from IIT and for that matter students from other engineering colleges too, end up taking jobs where they don’t directly work in the area of their engineering discipline.
I feel fortunate to have started my 1st venture early in my career when I didn’t have the liability of a luxurious life style.
As a winner of Eureka, we also got the opportunity to participate in a Global Business Plan competition in Singapore, where we competed with the winners of other business plan competitions including from Stanford, Harvard Business School. Entrepreneurs need to be motivated and innovation to the maximum extent must be made to bring into the forefront.

Why digital marketing is so important has been covered in the blog by the author very nicely. So, get out account files from the last 5-years and consolidate it into a database, clean-up the list and add new records of prospects with like profiles. Compared to traditional media, this medium offers multiple advantages including lower cost of acquisition, extensive global reach and an ability to measure the ROI (Return On Investment).
In my experience, the true contribution of IIT was to enable us to think big and stand by our decisions in the toughest of situations. Considering that, I strongly recommend that the earlier you make the call to be an entrepreneur, the better it is. Winning Eureka definitely gave us the confidence and validation to stand for our vision to build a global brand and we could do that later at Whizlabs. No matter how winning is accomplished, it is all constant efforts and never to give up mindset which is above all .

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