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When it comes to collecting unqualified contacts from a variety of digital channels and turning them into actual sales, two platforms, only two platforms were named leaders by Gartner.
Marketo and Oracle Eloqua topped the latest rankings in the research firm's 2014 Magic Quadrant report on CRM lead management platforms. Here's the complete list of platforms reviewed, as well as their placement within the Magic Quadrant.
Marketo emerged as a leader in the report for another year, receiving praise for its ease of use and depth of functionality. Oracle's B2B marketing automation platform Eloqua once again topped Gartner's list, getting recognition for its broad lead management functionality. It's interesting to see Pardot, and not ExactTarget make it onto the list, especially since ExactTarget is the flagship platform around which Salesforce's Marketing Cloud is built. However, all those partners are precisely who will be giving Salesforce the most competition.
Warwick Business School's Mark Skilton says the unusual resolution of the case puts both corporations and consumers on high privacy alert. Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of Haymarket Media's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Gartner only looks at vendors with at least $20 million in lead management revenue in the past year.
Gartner defines lead management as software that allows sales and marketing teams to take in unqualified contacts and opportunities from a variety of sources: such as web registration pages and campaigns, direct mail campaigns, email marketing, multichannel campaigns, database marketing and third-party leased lists, social for CRM and social media and tradeshows.
Gartner authors Chris Fletcher and Jason Daigler said users of CRM lead management software are getting better at choosing their software.
Acquisitions like Adobe-Neolane, IBM-Silverpop, Microsoft-Marketing Pilot, Oracle-Eloqua and Salesforce-Pardot have been significant in this space, the authors noted. Marketo’s one of the few pure-play lead management vendors left and competes with larger vendors that have acquired technology like theirs. Chandar Pattabhiram, group vice president of product and corporate marketing at San Mateo, Calif.-based Marketo, told CMSWire Marketo is seeing "excellent expansion" across EMEA, APAC and Japan regions. Oracle has a broad range of product functionality and a strong marketing cloud, Gartner authors said, and has strong cross-channel marketing. Integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud apps can be problematic, and costs for its feature-rich lead management product can run higher than others. And traditional marketing organizations like HubSpot are investing in CRM systems internally.
Thirteen hours of presentations, 20 hours of interviews, and 34 speakers share one common theme: The right marketing technology can help marketers stimulate customer engagement and drive ROI. Top emailers are phasing out messages that customers would consider spam, says Return Path, though there's still room for improvement. When JCPenney's management said the company would revamp its entire merchandising and marketing focus in January, it spent a large portion of its meeting with investors showing off reams of consumer data that supported the decision.
The retailer's CMO, Michael Francis, said diving into databases was the starting point of shaping the company's strategy to drastically cut back markdowns and concentrate its marketing on a monthly schedule.
Retailers are increasingly taking deep dives into consumer data to create a shopping experience that's relevant to shoppers, especially in the online space. Whether it is a supermarket linking loyalty program data with display ads to deliver digital circulars with relevant offers, or a dealership that offers personalized websites to car buyers that follow them along the ownership cycle, retailers are leveraging data to custom tailor every stage of online shopping. FordDirect, the joint digital marketing venture between the automaker and its dealers, has achieved 35% increases in service retention and 10% hikes in repeat vehicle sales through its Targeted Marketing program. Marketers should not underestimate what's at stake here: Among its predictions for the next three years, analyst firm Gartner forecasts that 80% of multichannel efforts implemented through 2015 will fail because retailers will stick to strategies centered on products or retail channels, rather than focus on the customer.
Our Marketing&Tech Innovation Summit partner delves into data acquisition, insights, and ownership. Our Marketing&Tech Innovation Summit partner offers insight into the many ways marketers can optimize customer data. The analytics behemoth launched several solutions at its Global Forum that aim to leverage its heritage while supporting a modern approach to marketing. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. UPDATE: The 2015 edition of my marketing technology landscape is now available, charting 1,876 different companies and open source projects. One of the things that I was less than happy about with the previous version was its lack of underlying structure.
The breakthrough occurred in discussions around my post in October on the emerging third-party era of marketing automation. An exchange in the comments with David Raab also led me to his insightful thinking about customer data platforms (CDPs).
Internet services such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter that underlie today’s marketing environment. Infrastructure such as databases, big data management, cloud computing, and software development tools.
Marketing Backbone Platforms such as CRM, marketing automation, WCM, and e-commerce engines. Marketing Middleware such as DMPs, CDPs, tag management, cloud connectors, user management, and API services. But before we explore these classes further, let’s talk about categorization for a moment. To start, let’s agree that any attempt at categorizing a field this large will be imperfect.
The situation is further complicated by the fact that categories can always be divided into subcategories, the labels and definition of categories vary depending on who you ask, many products cross multiple categories, and vendors are constantly acquiring and pivoting their way into different categories. Out of those infinite possibilities, this is merely one: my humble opinion, at this moment in time, about which categories might be most useful to a marketer surveying this landscape.
For the most part, I avoided duplicating companies across categories, with very few exceptions.
However, while categories are useful to illustrate clusters of related marketing technologies, many innovative products out there are being designed outside the boundaries of these categories.
Combined, these platforms and marketing middleware make it increasingly manageable to orchestrate diverse marketing software products into a cohesive stack. This nascent category contains products that were once considered unrelated to each other — polls and surveys, social contests and sweepstakes, and app-like web and mobile experiences such as wizards, configurators, calculators, etc. The perfect storm of cheap cloud computing, open source software, rich web development frameworks, a global talent pool, and the accessibility of customers through content marketing makes it easier than ever for new ventures to enter this space with imaginative new ideas and sheer entrepreneurial gumption.
Even if the ratio is off by a factor of 2X or 3X, there’s still no denying that the vast majority of marketing technology innovation is happening outside the context of advertising. This is indicative of — and directly enabling — the seismic shift of marketing away from advertising to experience-driven marketing.
The evolution of many demand-side platforms (DSPs) to data management platforms (DMPs) is another sign of the times. To be sure, there are many amazing advertising technology vendors out there, and new ones will continue to arise. More generally, the growth and innovation with these products speaks to the increasing traction that agile and lean management philosophies are gaining across more and more organizations.
Because while all the incredible marketing technologies illustrated in this landscape are dramatically changing what’s technically possible for businesses to achieve, the bottlenecks that still hold teams back are more likely to be the remnants of management approaches from the last century. The continued rise of agile methods and culture, however, is helping to reinvent marketing management for this century — so the human parts of our marketing, which will always be the most important parts, can harness the full potential that all this technology has to offer us. The growth of the marketing PaaS and Middleware categories demonstrates the maturation of the entire marketing technology industry as martec programs are formalized into a unified technology stack. Especially in the marketing automation scene, everyone claims their technology covers everything but in reality or sometimes you simply encounter a glorified email marketing tool with a couple of add ons. However, the upside that you point out is that, overall, this will drive innovation up and drive costs down. And it’s worth remembering that all these tools are ultimately just a means to an end.

Scott: would you consider Marketing Apps as a category that covers what was formerly known as point solutions?
Scott – I applaud you for taking the endless hours to demonstrate just how vast the technology marketing enterprise landscape has become in such a short period of time. The previous version of this graphic was frequently used to frighten people — “boo!
Scott, this is incredibly well done–I cannot imagine the time and energy it took to assemble! Keep up the amazing work at HubSpot — making all us Boston marketing technology types look good. Scott, awesome job and I am excited that you had this break through about middleware and the need for a centralized customer data platform.
Scott, first of all, let me wish you a Happy New Year 2014 and then let me thank you for this great gift.
Looking at it, and thinking as a marketing technologist I had a digital dream: What if instead of a picture, you could provide this Excellent and Incredible work in an HTML 5 landing page, with a clickable map, and a crowd sourcing app on top of it letting all people working for companies add new companies, and more valuable select and share the tools they use in each stack and how well the integrate in their marketing usage of them?
Stellar update Scott – very very helpful for highlighting how the landscape is changing depressingly fast! Scott, great job in framing the emerging marketing stack, and for putting so many companies into meaningful segments. Great infographic Scott – the categories you used to define this highly competitive landscape really helps to clarify and segment the various parts of the larger marketing techology puzzle.
I agree that there’s tremendous opportunity for products that help with influencer and advocate marketing. I have a small question: Did you consider dividing the marketing automation category into B2B and B2C?
Vanaf vandaag kunnen bezoekers van het PQR Experience Center aan den lijve ondervinden hoe de RES IT Store werkt. RES Software technologie heeft zijn sporen verdiend als het gaat om grote implementaties (deployments) binnen organisaties door middel van het gebruik van technologie die IT en workflows automatiseert.
Bob Janssen, CTO en Founder RES Software: “Onder het motto ‘Zien is geloven’ is de RES IT Store 2014 direct vanaf de lancering te ervaren in het PQR Experience Center. In het PQR Experience Center is de RES IT Store als een van de vele demotoepassingen aanwezig. RES Software, de toonaangevende producent van digitale werkplektechnologie, is in het recente Gartner rapport "Cool Vendors in Infrastructure Services, 2015" benoemd tot 'cool vendor'.
Multichannel campaign management (MCCM) processes enable companies to define, orchestrate and communicate offers, both inbound and outbound, to customer segments across multichannel environments, such as websites, mobile, social, direct mail, call centers and email.
Basic campaign management functions include segmentation, campaign execution and campaign workflows. Advanced execution functions include loyalty management, content management, event triggering, and real-time decisioning and offer management in inbound and outbound environments. Completa con tu email tanto para suscribirte a nuestra newsletter, como para agregar o quitar otras suscripciones. However, it lost points due to the low rating customers gave on its ability to integrate with outside applications.
IBM was recognized for its suitability for large enterprise customers and its strength in dealing with complex lead management processes. It also received marks for the additional offerings of several other highly rated applications acquired and brought into Oracle's Marketing Cloud. Along with Pardot's short time to productivity and simple automation implementation, Salesforce was also recognized for having a large number of platform partners listed in its AppExchange. Additionally, Pardot is also still not out of the integration phase with many of Salesforce's other offerings.
IBM acquired Silverpop in April 2014, only a couple of months before Gartner published its 2014 report. More than 80 percent of Marketo’s revenue comes from US, which could be an issue, Gartner authors reported. Licensing models include a mix of technology stacks, and recent name changes for products have created confusion. HubSpot, known for its inbound marketing and marketing automation tools, announced its free CRM and Sidekick tool in September. Some entities still use Salesforce CRM, which integrates with HubSpot's marketing platform. They claimed last year their platform boosts marketing automation with its technology that generates better-qualified new leads and deeper insights into existing leads and customers.
We focus on intelligent information management, digital customer experience management and the emergence of social business tools and practices. Not every revamp is a total brick-and-click overhaul like JCPenney's, but multichannel retailers are looking at everything from social media feeds to Quick Response (QR) code scans to old-school email click throughs to shape their digital presence.
The system ties into the dealer's database to provide personalized, targeted communications to shoppers, and customers in the database get a personalized website that tracks their service history and provides them with special offers.
He says the shoe e-tailer has thrived by using data to drive segmentation and content for email and direct mail and to shape email contact strategy.
It represents a whopping 947 different companies that provide software for marketers, organized into 43 categories across 6 major classes. It is just a sample, albeit a large one, of the many different kinds of software available to marketers today. Terry Kawaja of LUMA Partners had added a terrific marketing technology LUMAscape — his original display advertising LUMAscape was my inspiration for my first landscape. First, the number of people who kept using earlier versions of my graphic and expressing their appreciation for it — while also nudging me to, um, kindly update it — meant a lot to me. It struck me that these CDPs, along with some other technologies such as tag management and cloud connector services such as Zapier, were coalescing as marketing middleware — software to help all the other software in marketing work better together.
So if a vendor’s products spanned multiple categories — which many of them do — I usually just picked one, whichever one I thought was best.
To do it justice, I’ll do a series of in-depth, follow-up articles over the next few months.
Instead of each product needing to explicitly integrate with each other product out there — an impossible n2 integration points — middleware can serve as a common highway system for data between them. Each business will be better able to tailor a marketing technology portfolio that best serves their mission. But I believe they share a common DNA of letting marketers build interactive experiences to better acquire and nurture customers — without expensive, custom programming. One prediction is that some of the first generation marketing automation players will likely acquire several of these second generation players — to achieve further reach and hedge their bets on product design choices. Content marketing, social media marketing, interactive experiences, and the analytical capabilities to optimize those efforts with continuous experimentation are where the largest flood of innovation is occurring.
But the momentum of the burgeoning marketing technology field clearly has a different center of gravity.
The clear visualization of the six categories provides a meaningful hierarchy to help in educating others about the marketing technology structure, unlike anything I have seen thus far. The solidification of such a vibrant set of platform and middleware vendors in this space is definitely the most exciting revelation I took from this project. Yes, I agree the space in its totality is overwhelming — and as I disclaimed up front, this graphic is actually far from comprehensive. What matters is a great product, a great marketing strategy, and great marketing execution.
I think what Black Ink is doing at the intersection between marketing and finance is very exciting.
I found your blog to be the single most valuable resource in shaping my thinking of the architecture for this landscape.
Thank you for including HubSpot in the integrated marketing category, we are honored to be a part of the list. It was a little bit of time to assemble this, but everybody needs a hobby, and I don’t golf.

I just wrote a blog to help to better define this category (but a lot more work on this is still needed and I welcome all discussion on the topic). Although it does provide connective tissues between multiple other different marketing technologies, it’s using that connectivity as a means to an end to deliver higher-level business value.
On a more simplistic level, would you consider sharing a working database of categories and companies featured? I agree with William – following this is hard… to keep it current must be a labout of love! It just helps to understand the competitive landscape faced as we continue to invest in companies.
We really pride ourselves in creating social marketing tools that will help brands get to market faster and smarter. My apologies that I missed PromoJam in this version of the landscape, but thank you for sharing it with us.
I am a big fan of Lumascape presentations but I do like how yours includes a comprehensive view of the marketing ecosystem. Will definitely consider those as their own categories in future versions of this landscape.
I wrestled quite a bit with these categories, trying to decide what the best level of resolution should be. A whole infographic could be developed just around the marketing automation ecosystem that could do much more justice to the structure within it. RES Software heeft zijn visie op IT-as-a-Service, waarin zelfbediening en automatisering de kernwaarden zijn, concreet gemaakt in de IT Store. Of het nu gaat om een applicatie, een dienst of toegang tot data, de IT Store fungeert als een zelfbedieningsportaal waar applicaties en data direct kunnen worden gedownload en gebruikt, op basis van de restricties die IT-afdelingen tot op gebruikersniveau inregelen. De IT Store is gebouwd op de bestaande, in de praktijk bewezen RES technologie voor desktopbeheer, automatisering en service delivery en maakt zo zelfbediening voor iedere IT-dienst mogelijk.
Oplossingen die alleen focussen op de gebruikersinterface van een app store of desktopbeheer,  beschikken niet over deze mogelijkheid en zijn afhankelijk van handmatige IT-processen.
In dit unieke Experience Center is de hele RES Suite 2014 prominent aanwezig en zijn diverse scenario’s beschikbaar die aansluiten bij de visie van PQR op ‘Tomorrow’s Workspace’. Diverse scenario’s laten gebruikers ervaren hoe eenvoudig het is om applicaties of diensten aan te vragen, waarbij - na goedkeuring - de dienst automatisch geleverd wordt. Digital marketing extends the marketing process through channels such as the Web, email, video, mobile and social applications, point-of-sale terminals, interactive TV, digital signage, and kiosks. The report says the biggest challenge for Marketo will be from multi-channel marketing suites that offer all-in-one functionality, such as Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce. This essentially make it very easy to integrate into a customers existing suite of digital marketing tools. The CRM was the result of "customer-driven demands," HubSpot officials told CMSWire in May. Its newest solution, an automated platform for social media marketing released last year, marries social media, marketing automation, demand gen and CRM.
There are many more companies — indeed, entire categories — that were not included, merely due to the constraints of time and space. I was expressing the magnitude of the marketing technology space, but I wasn’t bringing much order to the chaos.
The main exceptions are the giants who have acquired across the whole space, such as Adobe, IBM, and Oracle. These two classes of products are bringing some much needed structure to the marketing technology stack.
You may get these pieces from one vendor or several, but they will serve as the foundation for your marketing technology stack. For instance, there are 66 vendors in just the social media marketing category alone (and many more that I couldn’t squeeze in).
DMPs are increasingly able to leverage audience data across a much broader range of marketing initiatives. Finally, I’m excited by the wonderful set of agile management tools that are available today.
Great for choice but also in some cases overwhelmingly confusing at the stage of doing vendor review. But given the mushrooming scale of this landscape, you’re right, a crowdsourced approach makes a lot of sense.
I predict that new categories of marketing (especially around the area of influencer marketing and advocate marketing) will emerge more prominently in the near future and maybe they will make it on your future list! Platinum Partner PQR laat gebruikers door middel van een aantal scenario’s ervaren hoe de IT Store werkt.
Of het nu gaat om Windows, Mac of tablets en mobiele devices, de IT store kan door de krachtige platformintegratie ieder verzoek inwilligen.
Juist door het automatiseren van het leveren van IT services, helpt RES Software de dienstverlening van IT-afdelingen naar een hoger niveau te tillen, tegen zo min mogelijk kosten maar wel met het juiste niveau van beveiliging en compliance.
Andere voorbeelden zijn het geautomatiseerd aanmaken van gebruikersaccounts en overige standaard helpdesktaken. Currently IBM uses both on-premise software deployment as well as the SaaS implementation, which can muddle its functionality. However, Gartner's report cautioned against rushing into purchases, especially since Oracle is still working on the integeration of its marketing solutions. And by the time you read this, it will inevitably be out of date due to new launches, re-launches, expansions, exits, and mergers. I was content to retire from the rearranging-little-logos business and leave it safely in their hands. What makes them platforms, rather than just products, is that they’re increasingly open — interoperable with other, more specialized marketing software.
These products let marketers produce interactive experiences, rather than static content, to engage their audience.
Many of these are new ventures or expansions of vendors from other categories (especially email marketing). Granted, this landscape is not comprehensive, and there are many advertising technology companies that are missing from it. Our solution easily organizes all of our customer’s disparate client data to publish to Marketing Execution Systems at 10X the speed of traditional IT integration methods.
In the meantime, Happy New Year–wishing you and the other marketers included on this list a very happy and healthy 2014! I confess, it is very humbling to realize all the amazing companies that I inadvertently overlooked. De verregaande integratie tussen de RES Software producten Workspace Manager, Automation Manager en IT Store wordt hiermee optimaal gedemonstreerd. It did however, purchase marketing automation platform Silverpop earlier this year, which also gave it a boost in the rankings. No guarantees, but when I go to do another version of this landscape in the future, I’ll check here first. We are the glue that makes the 900+ other companies in your graphic more effective at what they do! Second, many products would fit in both subdivisions, which seemed like it would make those subdivisions less useful.
I hope you and your readers will stop by and say hello to learn more about us and the value that we are delivering to some of the largest companies in the world.

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