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I am always fascinated when checking my Google analytics statistics to see which direct sales companies are being search more online. Google Analytics is a neat tool I used to see organic (meaning, not paid) traffics to my site and which of the direct sales companies listed on my site are being found out.
After being in this industry for 3 decades and joining over a dozen or so companies, I’ve wasted some money and made some. And if there is one thing that I wish I knew then is to have an overview of which company can help me ensure I become successful. Ishopathome is Canada's online shopping network of over 100 independent direct sellers and boutique owners.
Sharing direct sales business tips for Independent Consultants who work from home as direct sales consultants. Coming up with your POA as a direct sales consultant for our topic, Planting Seeds, does take time and thought and yes, we are still working the preliminary details. Obviously there are loads of different companies that are around nowadays that all have their different way of doing things but at the end of the day it is all down to you. Your Manager or Upline does nothing different to what you are doing, but they might do it with more enthusiasm or they might be listening more to their customers needs than you are, they might even have taken many years to build up to what they have now. You can adapt these yourself but answering these few questions will give you a better understanding of your capabilities and allow you to see if you are as passionate as you think about the business. I always tell my girls don’t look at your 5 year plan, look at what you want to be doing next month, do you want to add an extra ?50 to your holiday fund, Do you want to get a new car within the next 6 months, do you want to have recruited 2 people into your business?
If you would like some FREE Advice on which Direct Sales Company would be good for you, contact me NOW.
Have you ever asked yourself, how can I make extra cash with direct sales while working my own hours and working from home? According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), 87 million people, roughly the population of Vietnam, are part of the global, direct-selling sales force.
Having the ability of a flexible schedule allows you to work around your current work and family schedule. You set your own goals for your business, working as little or as much as you need to meet those goals. Instead of investing in advertising and celebrity endorsements, companies invest in your success. Running your own business also helps you grow as a person and leads to life and leadership skills. You build confidence along the way and are better able to communicate. Okay, so you’ve made the decision to get involved in direct sales, but with so many companies out there to choose from, how do you know which company is best for you? The first thing you should do is pick a product line that you are personally passionate about. Once you’ve picked a product line, you’ll probably find many companies that offer the same types of products.

Discover what training and support systems the company has in place for their representatives. I highly recommend having an active team leader to help you get started and be there to answer questions.
An important thing to remember is that the company you join will only supply the seeds you need to get started. I recently became active withJamberry Nails and am really loving the product and community support. Jenna is a trusted community resource for helping families live a better life on a budget and specialize in finding the best online deals, using coupons efficiently and living a frugal lifestyle. Start up is $99 for a great kit with all the minerals, eye brushes, the magic mascara everyone is talking about and more! Click my name above for my site, message me with any questions- we’d love to have you join the Younique family! Direct sales means that your business is approaching potential customers, rather than them walking into your shop. If you company chooses to use a direct sales method over setting up a retail shop, or maybe even additionally to a shop, you need to know your target market. When you delve into direct sales though, this can only be more profitable than opening a shop when you have effective lead generation. First you must research exactly the types of people you would want to target in your direct sales campaign. Effective lead generation will ensure that your direct sales campaign is as effective as possible.
Once we are finished with our lead generation, you will be able to drive only to the right addresses, and phone only the right people. Traceps Lead Generation will find that needle in a haystack for you, and checks that the needles we find are easily contactable before we even give the leads over to you to follow with your direct sales. When you use our lead generation services, direct sales campaigns become much simpler, and more effective than ever before. Go over to Traceps Lead Generation  now to see just how much it can enhance your direct sales. There are many people that I have met along my 14 year career in Direct Sales and you can really see why the successful people are successful.
Are you great at talking, do you love to provide people with more of a service rather than just handing over a bag of products? If you can break it down for yourself you will be able to see what you need to do to achieve this and I am sure that your manager or upline will be able to help you achieve this. You are capable of anything and deserve everything, the one thing that you need to think about is if you are going to allow yourself to do it. Well, we get asked all the time what are the best direct sales companies to work for and we asked an expert for her help to answer the question- Karen D’Agostino from Jamberry Nails has been a vendor at a number of our events and is a great resource for direct sales vendors.

Even if you are not interested in this option now, you never know when you may change your mind in the future. Those that have been in business for a long time have gotten over most of the hurdles and are more stable.
Share your link below or in the comments so others can browse to see what the best fit would be for them. We are a naturally-based cosmetics company- 3D Mascara, mineral make up, skin care line and more! Most of my days are spent chasing my 3 wonderful kids in between hunting bargains and working on brand campaigns. Traceps Lead Generation can help you find the details of the most likely customers to target. As when you have an establishment that people can find, you still need to know your target market, but anyone could walk in and find you.
Then once you have thoroughly explored who to approach, you can email your target market criteria to Traceps Lead Generation service and we will turn those criteria into contactable sales leads. No more wasting time or money on cold calling thousands of people, in the hope that you find a few that are interested in your business.
It could be anything that I sell but being able to get that huge box in the post with all the goodies from my customers, being able to package them up and make them look pretty and giving my customers something extra that keeps them coming back for more. Its got nothing to do with the fact that they can sell to anyone and you struggle to sell an item to a best friend or family member but it is because they go out and network with people, build relationships with others and know what they want to achieve in the business and go and get it.
If you want to start a business from home in Direct Sales and Party Planning then you have to look at it as a business, you are making an investment at the beginning and just because you dont have a shop front, does not mean that you can not act like a business.
The cost usually covers your distributorship, the company website, and a back office that has the resources to help you represent the products you sell. Becoming a part of an established company gives the name recognition along with training and support already in place to make things run more smoothly for your business.
If you have narrowed it down to just a few, more research might be necessary until you find the one that best fits what you are looking for. Find out what you want and go for it, because no one else is going to go out there and get it for you. There are no interviews, no background checks! Just register, pay for your starter kit and get started right away!

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