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THIS DESCRIBES THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF AND PAYMENT FOR DIRECTV® SERVICE AND IS SUBJECT TO ARBITRATION (SECTION 9) AND DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES (SECTION 8). If your bill for DIRECTV Service comes from a party other than DIRECTV, please use the contact information provided on your bill for any questions about your DIRECTV Service. DIRECTV DVR Service is a separately sold service, at our rates in effect at the time, available to customers with  DVR-enabled Receiving Equipment. So reading his recent essay, "The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans," was a gut punch: First, I learned about a role model of mine whose talent, in my opinion, should preclude him from financial woes.
The violent death of a cooing infant suggests the extremes to which the show will go to question the nature of childhood. A professor of cognitive science argues that the world is nothing like the one we experience through our senses. Every week for the sixth season of Game of Thrones, Christopher Orr, Spencer Kornhaber, and Lenika Cruz will be discussing new episodes of the HBO drama. Partly that’s because the average person will probably not die in an automobile accident. In The Party Decides, an influential book about how presidential nominees are selected, political scientists John Zaller, Hans Noel, David Karol, and Marty Cohen argue that despite reforms designed to wrest control of the process from insiders at smoke-filled nominating conventions, political parties still exert tremendous influence on who makes it to general elections. As they look ahead to the general election, some commentators envision a campaign in which Donald Trump attacks viciously and Hillary Clinton makes a virtue of her refusal to stoop to his level. Merit Crystal Cove Hotel Description:The beautiful Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino is a luxurious five star hotel boasting a fabulous location, offering a wide range of facilities and amenities, and enabling visitors to enjoy everything from unique charm and surrounding beauty to great service and excellent entertainment. The beautiful Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino is a luxurious five star hotel boasting a fabulous location, offering a wide range of facilities and amenities, and enabling visitors to enjoy everything from unique charm and surrounding beauty to great service and excellent entertainment. Hotel all inclusive hotel in Kyrenia, conveniently located hotel boasts over three hundred wonderful and comfortable room, which includes junior suites and royal king suites. Modern five star 307 Rooms, 650 Beds capacity, including 24 Junior Suites and 2 Royal King Suites all sea view with a balcony. Amongst the facilities, amenities, and benefits that you will find available in the rooms at this hotel are: Central Air Conditioning, Private Bath, Shower, Hair Dryer, Satellite TV, Pay TV, direct Dial Telephone, Safety Box, Mini Bar, Fire Alarm systems and Spinkles, Cable TV and Business Accessories in suites. The Merit Crystal Cove offers an array of facilities and services, some of which are included in the price and some of which require additional fees. For bill inquires, call hours are 8am - 8pm (your local time) Sun - Fri and 8am - 12:30am ET on Sat. Many factors affect the availability, cost and quality of programming and may influence the decision to raise prices and the amount of any increase. For optimal performance of your Receiving Equipment, including ordering with your remote control or receiving certain Services, your equipment must be directly connected to the same land-based telephone line or internet connection. We provide Service to Receiving Equipment installed in mobile units such as campers, boats and other recreational vehicles.
Certain programming, including sports events, may be blacked out in your local reception area.
We consider you to be responsible for, and the recipient of programming on, any Receiving Equipment you own. It is your responsibility to impose any viewing restrictions on other family members or guests as you think appropriate.
You must notify us immediately of any change in your name, mailing address, residence address or telephone number. You will pay in advance, at our rates in effect at the time for all Service ordered by you or anyone who uses your Receiving Equipment or Authorized Device, with or without your permission, until the Service is canceled. You will pay all state and local taxes or other governmental fees and charges, if any, which are assessed including any such taxes, fees or charges assessed against discounted fees or service credits. This late fee is not an interest charge, finance charge, time price differential or other such charge or payment of a similar nature. You acknowledge that this fee is not an interest charge, finance charge, time price differential or other such charge or payment of a similar nature and it is reasonably related to the actual expense we incur due to unsatisfied payment. Statements will show: (1) payments, credits, purchases and any other charges to your account, (2) the amount you owe us and (3) the payment due date.
If you think your statement is incorrect or if you need more information about it, contact us immediately.
In order to establish an account with us, you authorize us to inquire into your creditworthiness (subject to Section 6), by checking with credit reporting agencies. If you fail to pay amounts you owe us, you may be subject to collections by DIRECTV or your account may be referred to a third party collection agency. You may authorize spouses, partners, family or other household members or designated persons to act on your behalf in managing your account, including changing or adding equipment and programming, in two ways: (i) by providing such person access to your confidential account password, or (ii) updating your account information to add authorized user(s).
If we make any such changes, we will send you a copy of your new Customer Agreement containing its effective date.
The term of this Agreement is indefinite and Service will continue until canceled as provided herein. You may be charged a deactivation fee as described in Section 2 and issued a credit as described below.
When your account is closed, we will review your account and refund any excess monetary payments. The use and disclosure of this Personal Data is governed by our Privacy Policy and, to the extent not inconsistent with the Privacy Policy, by this Agreement.
Before using the Receiving Equipment or activating the DIRECTV DVR Service, please read the terms and conditions for use of the Software.
You may not copy, modify or transfer the Software, or any copy thereof, in whole or in part.

The Software is licensed, not sold, to you for use only under the terms of this license agreement, DIRECTV is NOT transferring title or any ownership rights in the Software to you and DIRECTV and its suppliers reserve all rights not expressly granted to you. Some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, consequential or special damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you. We are not responsible for any interruptions of Service that occur due to acts of God, power failure or any other cause beyond our reasonable control. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN, WE MAKE NO WARRANTY REGARDING ANY SERVICE OR YOUR RECEIVING EQUIPMENT, WHICH IS PROVIDED AS IS. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR LOSSES RELATING TO THE RECEIVING EQUIPMENT OR ANY SERVICE, WHETHER BASED ON NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE. You agree that this Agreement does not provide for, and the Service does not include, any warranty services or other services that we might provide separately, including, without limitation, any fee based or other programs. Accordingly, neither of us may start a formal proceeding (except for Claims described in Section 9(d) below) for at least 60 days after one of us notifies the other of a Claim in writing. The demand must include a description of the Claim and the amount of damages sought to be recovered. Mail (which may include inclusion in your billing statement), or sent via internet to the e-mail address you provided us or sent via satellite to your receiver or delivered when a voice message is left at the telephone number on your account.
This Agreement and any lease, activation, programming, or other service commitment  agreement that you entered into in connection with obtaining Service or Receiving Equipment constitute our entire agreement.
Because no screeners are being made available to critics in advance this year, we'll be posting our thoughts in installments.
Merit Hotel all inclusive hotel in Kyrenia, conveniently located hotel boasts over three hundred wonderful and comfortable room, which includes junior suites and royal king suites. IF YOU INSTEAD DECIDE TO RECEIVE OUR SERVICE, IT WILL MEAN THAT YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND THEY WILL BE LEGALLY BINDING. We do not provide, and you may not receive or use, Service at an address or location outside of the United States. These include, among others, programming and other costs, consumer demand, market and shareholder expectations, and changing business conditions. However, this Receiving Equipment is not eligible for the additional TV authorization discount described in Section 1(f).
The programming may not be viewed in areas open to the public or in commercial establishments. Blackout restrictions are decided by the sports leagues and the other entities that own the local broadcast rights. You are liable for charges incurred in the use of your Receiving Equipment or Authorized Device by others until you notify us of a transfer. If the Service is part of an offer through which you receive credits offsetting all or part of the Service price, such credits are also paid in advance. You acknowledge that this fee is reasonably related to the actual expense we incur due to late payment and may be subject to limitations as set forth by the law in your state. If you are delinquent in any payment to us, you also authorize us to report any late payment or nonpayment to credit reporting agencies. To the extent permitted by law, you will pay us any costs and fees we reasonably incur to collect amounts you owe us. Permission is also granted for us to send non-marketing service or account related text messages to such cellular phone. You always have the right to cancel your Service, in whole or in part, at any time, and you may do so if you do not accept any such changed terms or conditions.
Unless you notify us that you wish to cancel it, we will automatically renew Service that you subscribe to on a periodic basis, including any monthly or annual subscriptions and seasonal sports subscriptions, as long as we continue to carry the Service. In addition, we may cancel your Service if you elect not to accept any changed terms described to you, as provided in Section 4.
By giving us your credit or debit card account information at any time, you authorize us to apply this method of payment, in accordance with applicable law, to satisfy any and all amounts due upon cancellation. You understand that DIRECTV does not guarantee the access to or recording of any particular program, or the length of time any particular recorded program may remain available for your viewing. You may not reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or translate the Software, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code of the Software, except to the extent allowed under any applicable law. Except as stated above, this license agreement does not grant to you any intellectual property rights in the Software. You may terminate these terms by returning the Receiving Equipment to DIRECTV or your supplier.
These license provisions are made expressly for the benefit of TiVo and are enforceable by TiVo in addition to DIRECTV.
However, because we value our customers, for an interruption of a significant length of time that is within our reasonable control, upon your request we will provide what we reasonably determine to be a fair and equitable adjustment to your account to make up for such Service interruption.
ALL SUCH WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED. Some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
You will send your notice to the address on the first page of this Agreement, and we will send our notice to your billing address.
Otherwise, the arbitrator’s decision is final and binding on all parties and may be enforced in any federal or state court that has jurisdiction.
Your notices to us will be deemed given when we receive them at the address or telephone number on the first page of this Agreement.
Some programming may be purchased in minimum blocks of one month or multiples of one month.

Accordingly, we must reserve the unrestricted right to change, rearrange, add or delete our programming packages, the selections in those packages, our prices, and any other Service we offer, at any time. If you tell us that the original Access Card was lost, damaged, defective or stolen, we will replace it, as long as there is no evidence of unauthorized tampering with or modification of the Access Card and your account is in good standing. You may not rebroadcast, transmit or perform the programming, charge admission for its viewing or transmit or distribute running accounts of it. In any case, we will not charge you for unauthorized use occurring after we receive your notice.
Due to the subjective nature of creditworthiness, we reserve the right to require prepayment for any Service via cashier’s check, money order or credit card, notwithstanding your credit rating, past history or practice.
You will still be responsible for payment of all outstanding balances accrued through that effective date. You also acknowledge and agree that you are required to maintain current credit or debit card information with us and agree to notify us whenever there is a change in such information, such as a change in the card number or the expiration date and additionally, that DIRECTV may obtain such updated information through payment card networks, card issuers or other third party sources. These terms will terminate automatically without notice if you fail to comply with these terms or any other agreement between you and DIRECTV.
YOU BEAR THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE RECEIVING EQUIPMENT AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENTIRE COST OF ANY NECESSARY REPAIR. You must continue making all required payments to us in accordance with your billing statement, unless notified otherwise.
If any provision is declared by a competent authority to be invalid, that provision will be deleted or modified to the extent necessary, and the rest of the Agreement will remain enforceable. The answer: 47 percent of respondents said that either they would cover the expense by borrowing or selling something, or they would not be able to come up with the $400 at all. We will endeavor to notify you of any change that is within our reasonable control and its effective date. If we detect that any equipment is not regularly connected to a land-based telephone line or internet connection, we may investigate and, if it is determined that the equipment is not at the location identified on your account, we may disconnect the equipment or charge you the full programming subscription price for the equipment. If you circumvent or attempt to circumvent any of these blackouts, you may be subject to legal action. For leased Receiving Equipment, nonreturn fees as specified in the Equipment Lease Agreement will apply. If you elect not to cancel your Service after receiving a new Customer Agreement, your continued receipt of Service constitutes acceptance of the changed terms and conditions. In addition to any deactivation or change of service fees provided in Section 2, if you cancel Service or change your Service package, you may be subject to an early cancellation fee if you agreed to a programming agreement with DIRECTV and have failed to maintain the required programming package for the required period of time. Accordingly, you and we agree that the JAMS Class Action Procedures do not apply to our arbitration. The terms of this Agreement that expressly or by their nature survive termination shall continue thereafter until fully performed. To use your remote control to order, your equipment must be continuously connected to a land-based telephone line or internet connection. Tampering with or other unauthorized modification of the Access Card is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal or civil action. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 9, we or any programming provider may prosecute violations of the foregoing against you and other responsible parties in any court of competent jurisdiction, under the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission and other applicable laws. If you notify us that you do not accept such terms and conditions, then we may cancel your Service as provided in Section 5, as we cannot offer Service to different customers on different terms, among other reasons.
For Services sold only in blocks of one month or multiples of one month, if you cancel such Service, we will credit you only for full months not used.
You agree that DIRECTV will have no liability to you, or anyone else who uses your DIRECTV DVR Service, with regard to any Third Party Content. A court may sever any portion of Section 9 that it finds to be unenforceable, except for the prohibition on class, representative and private attorney general arbitration.
Your order may be transmitted via the telephone line, and during the short transmission period, you may not be able to use the line for other purposes. You always have the right to cancel your Service, in whole or in part, if you do not accept the change (see Section 5). Tampering with or inserting any device into your equipment other than an authorized unmodified Access Card is prohibited. For example, if you subscribe for a year of such Service from January through December but cancel on March 10, we will credit you for the subscription fees for April through December. DIRECTV may, at its discretion, from time to time change, add or remove features of the DIRECTV DVR Service, or change the service fee for DIRECTV DVR Service. Repeated cancellation of previously ordered Pay Per View Services may result in cancellation of your account, restrictions on your ability to order Pay Per View Services, or imposition of additional fees for Pay Per View Services. If you cancel your Service, a deactivation fee (described in Sections 2 & 5(b)) or other charges may apply.
We may, in our discretion, accept partial payments, which will be applied to the oldest outstanding statement. If you do not return the Access Card to DIRECTV when you cancel your Service, you may be charged a fee as described in Section 2. If you do not pay your statements on time, we may reduce your Service to a minimum service level, at our rates in effect at the time, restrict the availability or renewability of your Service options, require immediate payment for Services ordered, or deactivate your Service. Requesting Access Cards on behalf of other persons or for purposes other than lawful viewing of DIRECTV Service is prohibited.

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