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Most financial institutions market this product to their clients but fail to highlight the various charges associated with it. Also, the cost of transacting and making simple transfers might be slightly higher than that offered by teller services.
Also, when disposing smart phones and personal computers, one should ensure that they erase all their personal records and Internet usage files. One of the common disadvantages of online banking is the fact that at the end of the day you will still need to visit the teller machine in order to get hard cash. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. As far as distance learning is concerned, it frees you of the obligations demanded by a regular course. Advantages and Disadvantages to Online Shopping Carts - Access Payment Systems - Electronic Payments Made Easy! As you prepare your website for customers, you have to decide whether to have an online shopping cart. Before you make you decide on which shopping cart youa€™ll use, or even if a shopping cart is the right choice for you, it is important to understand the types of software systems available, and the advantages and disadvantages to each.
The CGI Shopping Cart is supported by all browsers, making it appear to be a good choice for almost any business. The JavaScript Shopping Cart is easy to set-up customize, fast, and uses less bandwidth and resources. You have to know that the internet Banking refers to the banking services provided by the banks over the internet , Some of these services include paying of bills , the funds transfer , viewing account statement . It is very important to know that the banks also deliver their latest products and services over the internet , Internet banking is performed through a computer system or similar devices that can connect to the banking site via the internet .
You have to know that  you can also use the internet banking on your mobile phones using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection .
You have to know that the banks that offer the internet banking are open for the business transactions anywhere a client might be as long as there is Internet connection , Apart from the periods of website maintenance , The  services are available 24 hours a day and 365 days round the year .
You should know that if the internet connection is unavailable , The customer services are provided round the clock via the telephone , where the actual time account balances and the information are availed , This hastens the banking processes hence increasing their efficiency and effectiveness . It is very important to know that the online banking allows the automatic funding of accounts from the long established bank accounts via the electronic funds transfers  , And the client can monitor his spending via a virtual wallet through the certain banks and the applications and enable the payments . You have to know that the speed of transaction is faster relative to use of ATM’s or the customary banking , The online banking allows for easier updating and maintaining of direct accounts ,  The time for changing mailing address is greatly reduced , ordering of additional checks is availed and provision of actual time interest rates . You have to know that the accounts can be automatically funded from a traditional bank account via the electronic transfer , Most direct banks offer unlimited transfers at no cost , including those destined for outside financial institutions , They will also accept the direct deposits and withdrawals that you authorize such as the payroll deposits and the automatic bill payment . It is very important to know that the online accounts are easy to set up and require no more information than a traditional bank account , Many offer option of inputting your data online or downloading the forms and mailing them in .
You have to know that if you run into a problem , you have the option of calling or emailing the bank directly , One advantage of using online checks is that the payee’s information is retained , which eliminates having to reenter the  information on the subsequent checks to the same payee . It is very important to know that the online banking is also environmentally friendly , The electronic transmissions require no paper , So , They reduce the vehicle traffic and they are virtually pollution free , And they also eliminate the need for the buildings and the office equipment . You have to know that it is available all the time , You can perform your tasks from anywhere and at any time , even in night when the bank is closed or on holidays , The only thing you need to have is an active internet connection .
It is very important to know that it is fast and efficient ,The funds get transferred from one account to the other very fast , And you can also manage several accounts easily through the internet banking .
You have to know that you can control your transactions and the account balance all the time ,  This facility also keeps your account safe , You can  monitor  your account at anytime , you can  know about any fraudulent activity or threat to your account before it can pose your account to severe damage .
It is very important to know that the complex encryption software is used to protect the account information , There are no perfect systems , So , The accounts are prone to the hacking attacks , the phishing , the malware and the illegal activities .
You have to know that the online banking is generally secure but it isn’t always secure , The identity theft is running rampant , and the banks are by no means immune . You have to know that the customer service can be below the quality that you’re used to , Some people take comfort in being able to talk to another human being face-to-face if they experience a problem , Although most major banks employ a dedicated customer service department specifically for online users , going through the dreaded telephone menu can still be quite irritating to many . It is very important to know that not all the online transactions are immediate , The online banking is subject to the same business day parameters as the traditional banking , So , printing out and keeping the receipts is still very important , even when banking online . It is very important to know that  identity theft is a significant concern  but some online banks take this risk more seriously than others , Before opening an online account , thoroughly investigate the bank’s security policies and protections to ensure they meet your expectations . You have to know that the security is the biggest concern surrounding internet banks , with the consumers worrying that the hackers will get into their account and spend their money . The fee it charges usually depends on the payment options that are utilized, the currencies in question, the amount of money in the transaction and the country involved. A working knowledge of the features and services provided by PayPal is a must to appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of this system of financial transactions.
With more than 232 million accounts registered, PayPal permits the customers to send, hold and receive funds in 24 currencies worldwide in 190 markets. In 2009, PayPal launched a Students’ Account for teens stating its aim to provide tools to teens for educating them on spending money wisely. PayPal makes it possible even for individuals to begin commerce and businesses with worldwide reach, playing as a third party for secure and easy transactions. It provides all its merchants with the flaws in their webstores so that they are better protected against malicious shoppers who attempt to shop for free from their stores.
Customers are still hesitant when it comes to payment over the internet because they are not able to ‘see’ their cash moving and being accepted. Most of the internet payment services sustain themselves through monthly or regular payments by the customers.
To state it in simple terms, when you make use of PayPal, every user on the internet becomes a potential customer.
Depending on what you would like to use an account for, you can choose between a personal account, a student account or a business account. As stated earlier, PayPal gives you the option of paying and accepting payment in 23 currency types. Due to security threat and issues of terrorist attacks, the US government has strict rules that restrict the number of transactions through PayPal.

Adding to the pain of a locked account and extra strict policy is the problem with a very difficult service.
Though it is partly offset by brand name and image, the fact of moving out of the main website to complete the financial transaction may not be good for well established websites. PayPal is highly vulnerable to fraud and if you happen to be an unfortunate victim, you really are in for bad news.
Though PayPal provides 23 currency types for payment, it excludes some important currencies. This week we learned about distance education and it's advantages and disadvantages as well as virtual schooling and it's advantages and disadvantages.
I think distance education is a growing field of education that it is going to keep growing through the years, and that in the near future most of our classes are going to be online or like this one, in which we only meet once a week and the rest is all done through the internet. Online education means a person who cannot attend the institution at regular basis can get education online living at home or any working place. The biggest problem is that government is not playing role in the development of quality online education.
First of all, there might be some initial cost and monthly fee for maintaining your online profile.
This is due to the fact that banks hold a lot of personal information when opening an account. Irrespective of the encryption, the possibility of hackers and insiders accessing your account cannot be ignored. However, this cart can be difficult to set-up and can run quite slow at times, wasting system resources and bandwidth.
However, like Cookie carts, these carts need cookie-supported browsers, as well as JavaScript-supported browsers. If you have a large number of products that will be spread out over many pages, then a shopping cart is probably a must.
With the ease of availability of cyber cafes in the cities , And  it has become quite popular .
And when your information is compromised , It can take months or even years to correct the damage , And it can  cost you thousands of dollars . Based in the United States of America, it is a global e-commerce business which allows for money transfers and payments to be made through the internet.
Though the company is subject to many of the rules and regulations which govern financial institutions in USA, it has not been classified as a bank.
Parents can set up this account and transfer money into it, giving their teens a debit card. The price options for the vendors are fully customizable, the ‘add cart’ and ‘view cart’ options and buttons are available and they can also be made by the user. Integrating a payment gateway to be able to conduct business online is an expensive proposal and does not make financial sense to small businesses. These demerits do merit attention as some of them are real serious problems for some kinds of businesses.
There are no numbers easily available on the website and even when you find the numbers, there seems to be nobody at the other end of the line. Even though some amount of styling and customization is available, the payment gateway will never resemble the original site. Setting up and using these scripts, even if it is only copy and paste, is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. It could be a good option for any buyer but a seller ought to be sure of the requirements and needs. Distance education is a field of education in which a person receives education without having to be in a physical classroom. Moreover, I think distance education is going to give a lot of people the opportunity to learn more and to gain more knowledge on whatever subject they are interested in, because this gives people the freedom to study whatever they want from where ever they are at. Students are facilitated with online video lectures so that they may not feel difficulties about their studies. You have not to attend the classes on regular basis therefore you can gain educational data in huge quantity that helps you in exams and throughout the practical life. Online education is expensive students belong to even average families cannot bear the expense of education. At the same time, online banking is very luring and may tempt someone to very uneconomical spending ventures.
As a result, if you use a machine that stores user input, you are likely to expose yourself to identify theft. For banks, they want to pride themselves for having superior customer service as a marketing weapon. With these interactions, it even becomes very possible to know current trends in the financial services industry. Therefore, with online banking, you are still not guaranteed of doing away with visits to your branch. Much like a person uses a cart in real-world shopping, your customers can use one to shop from your site, placing multiple items in it before checking out. If you have a smaller number of products that can be placed on one page, you may not need a shopping cart. Basically, it serves as an acquirer (an institution to process debit and credit card payments for services and products) and processes payments for online vendors, auction sites and for many other commercial users for a small usage fee.
Every bank engages in what is called as fractional-reserve banking wherein they maintain only a fraction of the deposits made by customers. These customization options require nothing more than a simple copy and paste of existing codes. Also, PayPal ensures that the webstore and vendor never get the credit card and bank account details of the customer. In this way, you are protected against the risk of having to pay service fees though you are not having sales.

The provision of an alternate method of payment makes it flexible and attractive for the buyers.
What is the use of going online to earn more money if the payment gateway itself becomes such a costly affair? For amounts up to $ 100,000, PayPal charges only a nominal 3.9 percent along with a small fee which varies according to the country.
The account has been neatly organized into payments received, payments made, history and recent activity tabs which are very useful.
Personal account holders have no transaction fees while making or receiving payments from other accounts but they have limits and restrictions on the amount of money being moved. It takes quite a long time for PayPal to do its investigation and give a clean chit to the account. The account gets frozen and PayPal policies give it complete control over your funds for as long as the arbitration goes on. PayPal then makes token deposits which you have to wait for 5 days to arrive in your account.
Due to this, many times the funds are refunded to the customer even after the items have been shipped!
Using it for very small businesses could end up in making them pay much more than reap benefits. Some ways you can get do distance education is through the internet (commonly known as online classes), via regular mail, radio or TV, and mobile learning.
In my field of telecommunications I think this relative new type of education, is going to be very useful and necessary because since we are at a time in which everything is converging, I feel we are going to constantly be taking courses, classes or workshops to keep ourselves to date with the latest things, and I feel that one of the best ways to do this would be through distance education because it would allow us to take a course without having to travel to a classroom and take a course that may be only available in selected cities. Moreover you can get information regarding your subject, lecture and assignment from you instructor online and internet has so much educational data which also helps the students. Government should take interest such kinds of institutions that are providing online education and should make easy for people by increasing the expense. Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved on empty banking halls when everybody is busy on their tablets.
Customers that disable cookies in their browser will be unable to use this particular cart. If you decide that you need a shopping cart, choose the one that best fits your particular needs. PayPal does not need much investment in terms of time, energy and money and it can facilitate easy financial transactions.
A personal account for instance has no transaction fees when it comes to transferring money between PayPal users.
The ability to accept and pay through credit cards and debit cards is also a great feature. You could select time periods of interest and download complete spreadsheet files which give you details of all transactions.
Even when one manages to get representatives on the line, they are not of much help as they state that the problems are totally out of their control.
At the same time, large businesses that build and sell brands would not prefer PayPal due to lack of complete customization and absence of brand-building features. Some of the advantages of Distance education is that you can work at your own pace, you have more flexibility, you can be doing something else at the same time, and you could have access to more classes that may not be available locally.
Online education system is increasing rapidly throughout the world and this online system has also been introduced in Pakistan recently.
Online education system enhances the confident of students and students of any age can get the facility of online education. Because online education system is developing slowly in Pakistan therefore institutions are lacking from quality and expert instructors that can give complete guidelines to students about their studies.
PayPal, on the other hand, has all its deposits in commercial interest-bearing checking accounts and does not disburse any of it. There are also reports of bank accounts being automatically debited without the knowledge of the account holder and there is no way to rectify the same. If you do not have the facility for internet banking then the problem only gets compounded. But even thought, this type of education have many advantages it also have some disadvantages, with one of the most important being the the high cost of some platforms use for this type of classes, and the lack of motivation and personal experience the instructor can give to the student, in this classroom you are more independent and their is less teacher-student interaction.
Virtual University is the first ever Pakistani University which provides the facility of online education and the degrees of this university has demand not only in Pakistan but also in abroad. Although Virtual University playing decent role to developing the online education system in Pakistan.
At times, one might be failed by poor Internet connectivity or failures on the banking side if not well implemented. However, PayPal in Europe, has been regulated just like a bank by the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) and it offers service through the European Union.
If you are planning to get online education then you should go to the Website of Virtual University.
Virtual University provides education on internet and also on TV due this others students also get advantages. There are many institutions are now been opened in Pakistan which are giving online education. Virtual University provides student ID and students can access the data relating to their studies easily moreover students can share their views online on Virtual University’s website.

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