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Few years ago I started a business, which was quite competitive and it was NEARLY impossible to increase sales. Exclusive Distribution -Few intermediaries(usually only one with more control ) -When a single outlet is given an exclusive franchise to sell the product in a geographic area, the arrangement is referred to as exclusive distribution. A channel that the manufacturers choose a certain amount ofmiddlemen (similar) to sell the products according to certainqualification. Advantages Disadvantages Difficult for enterprises to achieve a variety of business objectives in relaxed conditions of the marketing environment,save expenses, improve marketingefficiency, control the marketing.
A marketing strategy under which a company sellsthrough as many outlets as possible, so that theconsumers encounter the product virtually everywherethey go: supermarkets, drug stores, gas stations, andthe like.
Intensive Distribution Strategy of Pepsi Cola? PepsiCo, a world leader in convenient snacks, foods and beverages, has a plan that places their soft drinks products in many different locations for distribution. Benefits of Intensive Distribution Strategy? Benefits to Pepsi Co Pepsi Co in the first place benefits greatly from intensive distribution. Benefits of Intensive Distribution Strategy (2)? Benefits to Retailers For those who sell Pepsi products, there are also significant benefits.
Benefits of Intensive Distribution Strategy (3)? Benefits to Customers The intensive distribution strategy of Pepsi Co allows customers to both have choices and find what they want without going out of their way. You’re certain that the content you’ve created is valuable, so why are you not seeing the traffic and conversions? When we talk about community marketing, we automatically think of the ones that we’ve built ourselves.
Provide value in the form of a discussion or thread, with a link to your original content (when permissible).
I’m going to run through several approaches and platforms that you can tap into today to generate traffic for your next blog post. The popular question-and answer-platform has been talked about to death, but I have a unique spin that you may not have tried. As you follow and track topics that are relevant to your business, answer questions with your relevant, previously published content. I found someone who asked, “What are the best websites for content distribution?” Instead of just answering with a link to my original blog post, I added some advice – giving value up front. I then found the person who posted the Quora question on Twitter and sent a quick message to see if my advice was what they were looking for and if there was anything I could elaborate upon. In most cases, the questioner up-votes my response, which I believe gives the answer more weight and displays the post above those with a higher number of up-votes. The first step is to find a subreddit that fits your industry or, at the very least, the nature of your content.
I export this list to a CSV file and select whom I want to reach based on number of followers, average retweets etc. Then, I use Contentmarketer.io to load these Twitter accounts, find their email addresses, and reach out to them. Many media sites have huge audiences that are hungry for new content and are willing to republish existing content.
While there are potential pitfalls in using Medium to republish content, my strategy sits nicely in between republishing and repurposing.
If you see potential in LinkedIn Pulse, it’s worth testing different approaches and seeing which gets you the most engagement and traffic. Bigger media outlets like Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and Mashable are all examples of large publications that accept republished material. If you are concerned about the SEO impact of duplicate content, the best fix is to include a canonical link at the top of the republished article to indicate to Google which version is the original. These techniques and approaches still work incredibly well within competitive and saturated markets. Each technique will change with time, but I believe they always will be strong methods of promoting and distributing your content.
Please note: All tools included in our blog posts are suggested by authors, not the CMI editorial team. Tom Whatley is a content marketing specialist with seven years’ experience in the digital marketing space. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE!
Content media expert, and Content Nation author John Blossom, analyzes AP recent moves and where the opportunities to change the course of things of online news may actually be. To leverage the reach and viral communication and distribution power of users instead of old, expensive and proprietary news distribution systems.
You can have some exclusive content, to be sure, but exclusivity alone cannot power success. I have to chuckle a bit at the recent Poynter Online email interview with Wikimedia Foundation's Jimmy Wales, in which he discusses an internal memo gleaned from Associated Press (PDF) by Nieman Journalism Lab. The AP memo, entitled "Protect, Point, Pay - An Associated Press Plan for Reclaiming News Content Online", covers a lot of ground already familiar to those following AP's efforts to put in premium packaging for news content.

However, in addition to conjuring up long-standing concerns about Google and other major search engines as competitive forces, the memo also highlights AP's concern about the millions of topic-oriented pages in Wikipedia that are capturing traffic when people search for breaking news.
At last the light bulb begins to go off in some minds that perhaps the issue is not so much search engines but that search engines are directing people towards the most popular destinations for specific topics. The AP memo points out that Wikipedia articles are rich with links and structured content that drive people to other trusted information sources, a concept that the memo suggests could be adopted by the AP for its own content. In other words, after more than five years of Wikipedia building both its content and its brand as a "go-to" source for freshly updated topic-oriented content that dominates search engine results, it dawns on some folks in the news business that perhaps there is a business model in there somewhere.
Layer in the growth of online portals that are aggregating links to top topics content more effectively, and one wonders just what people are going to be willing to pay for those carefully designed hNews objects that AP is hoping to use to "reclaim" the news business. I have noted oftentimes that a system for managing access to paid content is long overdue, but news organizations should take a hint from the payments being extracted from iPhone apps and recognize that online markets reward functionality and community input that meets personal needs more than it does deathless prose and a good network of inside contacts.
A topic-oriented web site for news content sponsored by AP would be a good idea, but one wonders whether AP or any other news organization is up to the task of building both the content and the brand necessary to contend in search engine wars for their audience's attention. At the same time, AP's emphasis on "protective" content packaging as a means to establish fair licensing of AP content seems to miss the real revenue opportunity available to AP and other news organizations. When a publishing-enabled global audience is your most effective distribution mechanism, a strategy of "joint supplier negotiation" suggested by the AP memo is not likely to succeed. What is needed for AP and other professional news organizations to succeed in online content licensing is a system that encourages the distribution of their content through the most efficient and popular channels available at any given moment. Instead of fighting your audience, empower and encourage your audiences to be distributors of your content - and help them to profit from it as well. Highly automated content licensing with a billing mechanism akin to mobile phone usage units - and that can help individuals to profit from AP content when it is appropriate - is the key to this concept, and should be the cornerstone of AP's premium content strategy.
Yes, news organizations will continue to staff up with their own editorial resources, but the news of today - and tomorrow - needs to collect the best content from whatever source that it comes from more effectively than the competition. Over time you may develop unique assets, but the fundamental game is giving people what they want, where they want it, when they want it. I do hope for the sake of professional news producers that AP does come up with an effective content distribution strategy, and there are some hopeful outlines in the AP memo to that effect. More than 1.4 billion people around the world seem to feel otherwise about electronic content, people who both consume and contribute value to the news gathering and distribution process. It is time for the AP to recognize that their mission needs to embrace those 1.4 billion people more effectively if they are to value their brand and their content enough to consider seriously the prospect of regular payments for it. Originally written by John Blossom for Shore, and first published on November 16th, 2009 as Darn, Why Did They Think of It First?
John Blossom's career spans more than twenty years of marketing, research, product management and development in advanced information and media venues, including major financial publishers and financial services companies, as well as earlier experience in broadcast media. Lorsque le E-commerce a vu le jour a la fin des annees 1990, nombreux ont ete ceux qui ont imagine une societe aux magasins vides et abandonnes. Une premiere experience propose au e-consommateur de passer commande sur le site mais de recuperer sa commande en magasin. Les systemes de geolocalisation sur mobile invitent a decouvrir le magasin se trouvant a deux pas de la ou se situe l’internaute. Les acteurs du couponing distribuent sur des plateformes web et mobile des bons de reductions sur des produits uniquement en magasin. Toutes ces solutions Web-to-Store s’immiscent progressivement au sein des strategies digitales des marques.
So, after a bit of digging, I found out about intensive distribution and surprisingly, my sales increased by 12%.
Products such as specially automobiles, some major appliances, certain brands of furniture, and lines of clothing that enjoy a high degree of brand loyally are likely to be distributed on an exclusive basis.
Usually formed by stronger middlemen, sincethey can maintain the credibility of the manufacture of thebrand more effectively and establish a stable market andcompetitive advantage.
Pepsi-Cola products are used every day and replaced often may be found in dozens of different retail outlets in any given area. The more brands they carry of any coke, the more they are seen as having a great selection. It makes sure the Pepsi Cola products are everywhere a customer might be, so that customers can find what they want when they want them. To support their ubiquitousfeature they want to place their product in as many outlets as possible.
Sure, we execute the usual activities: Share to our social platforms, send out an email campaign, encourage our employees to share. We do things that will nurture our current audience, but when building new relationships, we often shy away.
They involve some groundwork, but in terms of getting short-term gains they’re invaluable to any content marketing strategy. We’re quick to forget about the thousands of communities already out there with engaged and active users with whom you can build influence and drive toward your own content.
Make the first 50 characters of your bio count because that’s what Quora displays in your posts.
In this case, it helps cut through the noise of other posters, which is especially important for more popular questions.
You can tap into all the people in your market who are actively interested in your content.

To first build a relationship, I usually send an initial email asking if they would be interested in my new article. Thought leaders from several industries, including VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk and Basecamp CEO Jason Fried, are getting involved. Instead of just reposting an entire article, I write about the original post’s topics in broad strategic terms.
You can use your proprietary content as the basis for a new post on Pulse or republish your original content article in full. Once you’ve found a publication that is a good fit for your content, you need to craft a great pitch to entice the outlet to republish your content.
If you’re operating in a more niche market, you’re even more likely to propel your content past your competitors. He's the creator of 7 Day Content Marketingand shares actionable content marketing strategies and techniques for entrepreneurs on his blog. Reddit has always seemed a strange one to me; what is your opinion on the quality of the traffic it generates?
It’s important that you are publishing niche quality content which is interesting for the readers there though.
I’m just trying it out at the moment, but I hear on every corner how great of a channel it is for content distribution!
The answer to that wondering seems to come in part from a recent study on consumer attitudes towards premium news content by the Boston Group highlighted in The New York Times. With such a scheme in place, AP's members can focus on beating the competition at their own game by becoming the most effective agnostic aggregators of news content in any given market. This can be seen clearly in how information providers in the financial industry are required to aggregate content from as many different sources as possible to help information-hungry decision makers.
If you yell at your markets for wanting to play a different game, do not be surprised by the blank stares that you get before they go to pay attention to people who listen more effectively. But the largest thing that needs to change in the AP strategy is their attitude, which still treats the web as an object of fear and scorn.
Pour pres de 77,2 % des internautes, Internet est devenu un outil de recherche indispensable avant de se deplacer en magasin. Le web devient une vitrine deportee du magasin, et le magasin un point relais du site e-commerce. Les internautes sont, par exemple, invites a renseigner leur adresse mail pour recevoir dans leur boite mail le catalogue interactif des produits se trouvant dans le magasin a cote de chez eux.
Then, compare from the lower strike price to the higher strike price what the readings on the Implied Volatility for Calls and Puts are.
It can easily become the recipient of product loyalty if a customer knows that no matter where they go they will be able to find what they want; one product in the brand of Pepsi.
There are dozens of brands of soft drink available and most of them can be found at the local grocery store. Not only that, but they’ll have far-reaching effects toward building strategic relationships and your SEO goals too. Make time to contribute to the discussion every day for a week or so, then post your content. Each subreddit has its own rules – some, for example, require you to post the entire article into the post. Feel free to include additional tools in the comments (from your company or ones that you have used).
This seems to line up with long-time assertions by Journalism Online's Gordon Crovitz, who claims that premium news sites can expect to be able to charge for about ten percent of their online content. L’emergence du web-to-store s’explique ainsi logiquement par le fait que, meme si les internautes consultent internet pour rechercher des informations, un grand nombre d’entre eux effectuent leurs achats en magasins.
Cette strategie, dite du click & collect, valorise alors la decouverte du reseau physique et debloque le frein du cout de livraison. Ces prochaines annees verront emerger de nouveaux acteurs innovants et experts des solutions Web-to-Store. Pepsi Max) in so many locations that a customer will come across the product frequently, making it easy for them to remember and buy the product. With such intensive distribution, customers are seldom forced to go without the product (meaning they buy more) and are seldom forced to choose another brand (meaning the Pepsi company doesn’t lose business) even from the main competitor, Coca-Cola Co or from other local companies. This increases customer satisfaction and allows the retailer to establish a positive reputation with producers and consumers alike.
It’s a complete content marketing solution with a new Promote feature that allows you to leverage smart, organic content distribution to maximize your reach. Il revient donc aux marques de pouvoir profiter de cette consultation reguliere en controlant l’accompagnement du e-consommateur en magasin et en mettant en place des strategies Web-to-Store. John Blossom is also the author of Content Nation a great book about "Surviving and Thriving as Social Media Changes Our Work, Our Lives, and Our Future".

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