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What is the most effective resource for sourcing passive jobseekers from under-represented backgrounds? Please send me an announcement when you publish additional diversity staffing guides and reports. Note: The document is very large and takes a few minutes to download, so please be patient. Multicultural Marketing News (MMN) is an emailed newsletter, and archived here, with news briefs and mini essays. The evolution of multicultural marketing has already begun, and today's businesses are racing to keep up with the pace of change. It's almost 30 years since the heralding of The New Majority and increased attention given to multicultural marketing. Footsteps is an eleven year old full-service, integrated communications agency that focuses on multicultural consumers with a particular specialty in the various segments that comprise the black consumer market. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The Awards are divided into 14 creative categories and six effectiveness or business impact categories.
Rewarding originality, craftsmanship and aesthetic values, in this category judges will be looking for great concepts and intelligent use of photography or illustration and layout.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a press ad, brochure or website we are looking for any marketing that demonstrates engaging, original and enticing copy.
A series of work aimed at the same target audience over at least three different pieces of work. This category is for any single print advertisement that doesn’t specifically fit under another heading.
Recognising all work that has appeared out-of-home rather than in press or digital media, such as ambient media, posters, campus events and outdoor installations. Recognises the work that goes into producing creative but usable websites that engage employees or future employees.
This category recognises marketing activity specifically designed to engage and recruit candidates via mobile technology. A well-executed employer brand can make a profound difference to an employer’s recruitment and retention. This award recognises well-planned, well-designed and well-executed initiatives that have helped companies to achieve their talent acquisition goals. This award recognises advertisements, campaigns and initiatives that have used inclusiveness and diversity strategies to successfully attract or retain talent. This award is open to all recruitment marketing initiatives created, managed and delivered by an in-house team. A winner award will be chosen from the best of the best – the judges will present this award to the category winner that they deem to have produced the most outstanding recruitment marketing activity of the past year. It also serves to introduce marketing executives to multicultural experts for potential business alliances and journalists with diverse sources. Every four years we hear the same refrain: "This is the most interesting Presidential election in history!" My usual response is "Why do you say that?" the answers generally go from, "The candidates are so different" to "The issues this time are bigger than ever." Really?
The declining cost of smart phones and other mobile devices will make them more accessible to everyone, and the result will be substantially higher usage.
I remember for the New York AMA I lead symposiums at the United Nations concerning the growing importance of African American, Asian and Hispanic consumers.
We envision large companies creating more positions for analytics, research and marketing focusing on these growing demographic segments. Companies and organizations fortify sustainability efforts by grafting disability onto marketing, and employment outreach. What differentiates Footsteps from other agencies is the combination of the best intellectual capital, the skill of integration and the relentless pursuit of cultural insights that drive communications.
We market to more than 30 ethnic groups nationwide and our team comprises of top-notch bilingual professionals from more than 16 ethnicities who collectively speak more than 25 different dialects and languages. They recognise how outstanding creativity, combined with the right medium, results in successful recruitment campaigns. Each category has its own judging criteria and attention to diversity will be considered in every category.

Only one piece of work can be entered at a time, so if you have a series of three advertisements and all are worthy, they’ll need to be supplied as three separate entries. The best entries in this category will have captured the imagination of candidates with intelligent and targeted writing. If an identical advert is planned to hit the press a number of times or repeated across different media then it doesn’t qualify.
This category considers the interaction with potential candidates, raising an employer’s brand and the impact made through a creative use of social media. Whether it is for internal purposes, to drive recruitment, promote an employer’s brand or communicate with existing staff, we’re looking for the industry’s finest video execution. The creation of an effective employer brand poses many challenges and therefore, in addition to creativity, the judges will be looking for work that impacts the whole employee lifecycle from profile raising and attraction through to on-boarding and engagement. Measurable evidence of how the strategy and execution met the brief and its objectives will be required. Entries should show clear evidence of the promotion’s performance against objectives. This is all about the effective promotion of apprenticeship schemes and the methods used to interact, evaluate and bring on board this talent. Judges will be looking for an employer that has created a well-planned, creative and effective recruitment campaigns, in print or digital. Multicultural consumers already show higher usage than the overall market in accessing the Internet through mobile devices.
Currently African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics together represent 34.7% of all Americans. Professional positions with titles like Multicultural Strategy Manager, VP of Multicultural Market Growth and Director of Hispanic Marketing (to name a few) will give them the edge over their competition.
Strategic marketing WITH disability and aging market segments (including veterans) mirrors success of other diverse markets and is coming of age.
Entries will be accepted from employers and agencies for work carried out since April 2015 with the exception of the Best Diversity and Inclusion Initiative and the Recruitment Effectiveness category. All categories recognise original concepts and flair in their execution as well as broader business benefits from effective recruitment practices.
As with the art direction category, you will need to enter individual pieces of work rather than a campaign.
To level the playing field a little, entries for this category have been split according to their budget and to enter you must have a budget of below ?50,000 investment. To level the playing field a little, entries for this category have been split according to their budget and to enter your budget must be above ?50,000 investment. To level the playing field a little, entries for this category have been split according to their budget and to enter you must have a budget of below ?10,000 investment. To level the playing field a little, entries for this category have been split according to their budget and to enter you must have a budget of above ?10,000 investment. Evidence of this thinking, strategy and execution behind the brand, and how it’s worked both inside and out of the organisation will be required. Such evidence could consist of raised awareness of inclusiveness policies, an increase in the number of employees from a diverse or under-represented background or any business performance improvements made as a result of implementing change.
Regardless of the media platforms used we are looking for an end-to-end creative initiative. Marketers must understand that optimizing digital messaging for mobile devices is key to reaching these consumers. Yet they have been the majority in America's top ten cities for years, or decades in several cases.
Their job will be analyzing then creating growth within these fast growing segments of the population. Améredia saw its most successful year-to-date of industry-wide recognitions in both the multicultural and mainstream marketing spheres. The ‘budget’ is defined by investment from April 2014 to 20 March 2015 and doesn’t include ongoing development costs. The ‘budget’ is defined by investment from April 2015 to 20 March 2016 and doesn’t include ongoing development costs. Census, businesses within this industry - and the clients they serve - will continue to focus more of their marketing dollars on establishing connections and building loyalty with Hispanic audiences.

At Prime Access, our digital communications business is climbing steadily, so it will continue to receive our greatest investment as we focus on cutting-edge uses and applications. The use of accurate multicultural data, analysis, market identification and appropriate messaging will be the key factors for their success. Participants had strong positive beliefs about value and benefits, with 87% specifically agreeing they would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities. The motion of consumers as they evolve through the importing and exporting of mindsets, cultures, environment, gender, technology and experiences. In accordance, we will see an increased demand for native language content that acknowledges important variances in sociographics, demographics, and regional terminology. More so than any election in the past, the data suggests that Hispanic and Asian Americans will have an important and ever-growing impact on the political landscape of this country. Yesterday's dominant target audience (young and middle-aged whites) are clearly aging out of their prime consumption years. Multicultural Marketing, Research, and Ethnicity is our passion here and we look forward to helping all of our clients and partners achieve the results they expect from the Global Leaders in Ethnic Data Enhancements. The outlook for 2012 is shining bright with disability power, pride and untapped potential. This motion is tracked by Footsteps in order to develop cultural linkages and identify the right media channels to carry compelling, insight-driven communications that will grow their clients' businesses.
Our most recent diversity recognition as Supplier of the Year came for our client partnership with Comcast. Multicultural marketing firms will increase collaboration with local translation firms that understand the Latino market in order to penetrate cultural barriers and, ultimately, influence consumer behavior. Here in California Hispanic's are 38%, Asians 13% and African Americans are a little over 6%.
A majority of marketers will now begin to see there is no "general market." Because technology has enabled messaging to be more targeted than ever, specific marketing communications that speak to the wants and needs of multicultural audiences are becoming more important than ever. The agency's multicultural and diverse market creative work, initiatives, growth and innovation were lauded by hallmark organizations such as the ADCOLOR Industry Coalition, the American Advertising Federation, the Association of National Advertisers, Diversity Business, the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications and the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce. Given today's marketplace and today's myriad media consumption patterns, highly targeted multicultural messaging is a best practice - rather than pursuing an approach of make-one-size-fit-all through superficial means such as casting. Rather, culturally diverse casting is used to substitute for multicultural messaging based on strategic insights. We know the importance of giving back and supported media and community initiatives all year. With Hispanic and Asian populations increasing all over the US this is an entrepreneurial marketers dream! The attention generated by the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage will fuel an increase of client interest in LGBT consumers. Believing distinct insights and strategies for each major segment and their subgroups are required is daunting and has been a barrier to true multicultural approaches.
Multicultural agencies will hold the best understanding of consumers comprising the new American marketplace as legacy agencies and holding companies still, for the foreseeable future, will not employ a critical mass of seasoned managers who understand these consumers' sensibilities and world view. Multicultural agencies will be particularly important in addressing greater client interest in targeted social marketing and direct interaction with consumers. Culture incubates the formation of values and these are the pieces of the puzzle that level the playing field.
So, connecting the dots between segments using values makes multicultural programs the mosaic we seek. You can't lump California, Texas, Florida and other states together!) How about the different voting patterns of Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Vietnamese Americans? They are very different but those differences are indications of trends that marketers can latch on to outside the political arena.

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