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There are free software to mix music like DJ whose possibilities are enormous, but the fact is that as you improve your taste changes with time and you need some advanced features such as VST effects plug-ins, support for timecode on vinyls, higher quality sound, etc. The great virtue of Traktor (if we were to keep only one) is that it does not matter if you take little time at the scene or are already an established DJ: You can squeeze the program as you wish and take as many of its functions as your experience and quality DJ will permit. Traktor has a spectacular design, with fully configurable 4-course, a multitude of effects (VST), loops and samples and a really intuitive to work with them. In a hypothetical battle for the scepter best program for mixing, Torq would plant it quite expensive to Traktor.
Torq offers up to 4 discs to mix, 4 slots to insert effects simultaneously on each plate and support for 20 VST effects at once. In addition, Torq is compatible with all types of MIDI controllers on the market and other software and devices from M-Audio. Moreover, MixVibes Cross has a rugged design and all functionality that requires a professional DJ.
Regarding the free version allows Virtual DJ Pro Full broadcast live, supports microphone, compatibility with timecode vinyls, access to downloads of skins, effects and some interesting features such as mapping of controllers.
Serato Scratch Live is used by professional DJ as a support for its classic set of turntables mixer and vinyl. Coupled with Rane hardware or any other external device, Serato Scratch Live delivers spectacular results, with a latency (the time between you touch a button and hear the result) and unmatched sound quality amazing. You can download a trial version of Scratch Live Sarato from here, but to appreciate its benefits must have a proper DJ equipment.
U just download the Traktor PRO, but after running this application, i am not be able to listen the sound. Not surprisingly, it is present in the cabins of major clubs and on the computers of some of the best DJ on the planet. This is because Torq, the work of the prestigious M-Audio is a very complete tool that provides everything you need for the professional DJ, and noted, among other things, to provide exquisite sound quality.

It also includes a comprehensive console loops, with which you can improvise on the fly and create new remixes of songs.
Highlights: The counter ultra (and Ultrafast) BPM Tempo control and management level of the music library, perhaps the best of all the programs tested.
First, it will not cost you anything to get used to its interface, and second because it includes some really interesting features. Serato Scratch Live offers an emulation of vinyl and CDs through the system flawless timecode. This powerful DJ software combines an easy-to-use interface makes mixing your favorite music easy.
Morph TRAQ add effects to the movement of transition from one plate to another, so you can get perfect mixes with a twist. It’s really amazing the feeling that is achieved by combining MixVibes Cross with digital vinyl.
It supports mix digital music and video in various formats such as MP3, M4A, AIFF, FLAC, CDA, OGG, WAV, MPEG, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, WMV, Karaoke CDG files and so on. Complete automatic mixing and manual mixing, beat-matching with a single click, seamless beat-aware looping, advanced BPM detection, keylock (master-tempo), Compatible with iTunes playlists, record your mixes and lots of effects and many other features.
No matter whether you want to use DJ Mixer Software for a professional gig or at a private party or as virtual jukebox in restaurants, hair studios, discos, Night Clubs, and even Retail Stores - it will prove the right choice!
This DJ software includes all of the common audio editing commands and effects such as wah-wah, flanger, echo - reverb, etc.
Tightly integrated with the Windows interface, ContextConvert Pro provides immediate conversion capability from any Windows context (right-click) menu. Just drop files and folders in the Normalizer and enjoy adjusted sound without silence, but with pleasant fade-in and fade-out for smooth playback. Some of their prominent features included are iTunes integration, looping and cueing, beat detection, seamless beat mixing, comes with powerful mixing engine, automatic Beatmatch, real-time effects, synchronization facility, auto-play and many other features, as well.These Best Free DJ Software for Mac makes music mixing easy and effective.

We certainly believe that you would find the presentation on Best Free DJ Software for Mac really useful and would surely help you in selecting the right DJ Software which can fulfill your requirements.
You can mix tracks, add effects, match beats and do lots of other stuff so as to amplify your music like a professional.One of the major highlights of itDJ includes its capability to detect tracks and playlists in your iTunes music library and so you only need to add all your music into the queue.
It supports looping and cueing, comes with synthesizer, SFX Pads, beat detection facility and much more. Mixxx has been sports features so as to make your DJ mixing a pleasant and delightful experience.It supports iTunes Integration, provides seamless beat mixing, comes with a powerful mixing engine, supports wave recording, displays parallel waveform, BPM detection and supports many DJ MIDI Controllers, as well.
Its free version is available in the form of VirtualDJ Home for non-commercial use and includes nearly all the features you get to experience in its pro version. Some of its salient features include BPM Detection, internal mixer, automatic Beatmatch, extensible skin customization, looping facility, Automix mode, and various other features, as well. It comes with automatic BPM detection as well as key detection, MIDI keyboard, BPM tapper, profiles your songs, helps to create better song mixes and comes with lots of other powerful features, as well. Zulu DJ SoftwareZulu DJ Software is a professional and feature-rich free DJ Software for Mac OS.
It comes as a comprehensive DJ software solution which can be used by professionals as well as amateurs. Zulu DJ Software has an interactive and user-friendly interface together with powerful features, which facilitates easy mixing of tracks. It includes features such as automatic beat detection, provides real-time effects, auto-play mode, synchronization facility between the decks, and many other features, as well. Moreover, Zulu DJ Software supports almost all the popular audio formats so that you can play any kind of audio file.

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