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Free Download Manager is a comprehensive download manager with support for bandwidth optimization, pause and resume, torrent files, flash video downloads, and lots more.
Free Download Manager (FDM) Portable has some important issues to keep in mind in terms of portability that differ from other portable apps.
DOWNLOAD LOCATION - FDM Portable will default to X:\Downloads as the location for any files you download by default. BROWSER INTEGRATION - Browser integration is disabled by default in the portable version as it can cause your drive to be unable to eject when a local browser is still using the extensions or plugins that FDM provides them.
FLASH VIDEO DOWNLOADING - Video downloading is disabled by default for similar reasons to browser integration. Free YouTube Download Manager is a powerful download manager with which to download from Youtube all the movies we want. Through the integrated search engine you can find all the videos that interest us without having to search by your browser. Given the nature of the program is encouraged to use it legally, going to download movies from the grid is not protected by copyright.
With FDM you needn’t start the downloading from the beginning after casual interruption.

Free Download Manager can be used to organize your downloads, set the connection, launch the programs. In addition, this software also allows you to convert videos to the formats that most interest us in such a way that they can later export of external devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. Do not worry, with iCare Data Recovery Software, you can take files back from formatted hard drive, raw file system. It allows you to download files and whole web sites from any remote server via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.
It splits files into several sections and then downloads them at the same time allowing you to increase your download speed up to 600%. You can schedule the following operations: set or hang up the Internet connection, exit from the program and shutdown the computer. So it provides you with an opportunity to browse web pages much faster if you use a low connection speed. So you can avoid adjusting these settings every time you need to create new download from the server. Free YouTube Download Manager is free and extremely functional, especially on well-designed user interface and intuitive.

It is a stripped down version that can perform basic data burning and disc copying of media (that is what we do majority of times).
The program is also placed a media player that allows you to view the videos before downloading. Additional features are available in upgrade version.Click here for download page [via], you need to enter email ID to activate download button. You will also get prompt to install ASK toolbar, uncheck that option to prevent toolbar installation on the computer. You should search software and find the download link than after send the link via mail to your friends and other.

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