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If you’re looking for a free antivirus software download and consider your computer as an important part of your business or personal life, you might want to reconsider and choose one of the best internet security software instead. If you use the Internet regularly and want a good antivirus software to protect your computer and online activity, you may want to consider Webroot Internet Security Essentials. This internet security software offers the same functionality as its award winning antivirus software, Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper. Here are the additional functions you’ll get with Webroot Internet Security Essentials. Suspicious emails and spam will be treated by the software to decrease interruptions to your work and save you from malicious attacks. If you don’t browse the Internet very often, then Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper will be sufficient for your needs. Don't lie to people saying that your anti virus is free when it isn't they just makes the public angry at you and they won't buy your product.

The problem I have with ALL the antivirus programs out there is there are NONE that let you have a lesser full version to use free that take out 100% of the problems in your computer.
But to keep up to date with the latest viruses, spyware, malware and worms, the software engineers need to work non-stop.
These functions include blocking spyware, adware, Trojans and keyloggers, and stopping vicious email threats. However, if using the Internet is a very important part of your work and personal life, then Webroot Internet Security Essentials will be the best internet security software for you. You wouldn't buy a car that they said you could try if they took the wheels off so don't let someone try a version of your virus program with a 100 item removal limit.
You can download this or that to try and remove 100 problems and then your left with the other 97 worst problems that are still present!
If any virus softwear company has faith in their product they can put out an older version totally free and gain a lot of good will with the new prospective customer.

If I get to try a new car from a dealer he don't give me one with the wheels off of it to test. If I like a piece of softwear for virus protection and it makes a bit difference in my computer then I will be wanting the "Cadillac version that they just brought out.
Because I am saying to myself wow if its this good on this version how much better is the premium version? Just my personal belief guys but don't LIE to the people by putting out an anouncement that you have totally free anti virus on the net and then when they get here to your site its a trial limited to 100 items it blocks.

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