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I was able to unlock the Realtek HD Audio driver, and make both Dolby Digital Live and DTS Interactive available. You should install The official Realtek R2.71, and then replace the file (best practice is to rename the old file first), and then restart your system. Last time i tried some drivers that said they could, they could but had no positional sound though optic. Then I used Driver Sweeper to run an Analyse on Realtek Sound and left only RtkAPO64.dll checked before hitting the Clean button. I also tried the file rename trick before copying the unlocked file over and get the same results. As for what AsRock said, one of my main concerns was whether I'd get satisfactory or even any kind of working results while using Optical out.

I almost wish I'd not read this thread now, although it def may cause me to look at another brand of MB next time. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
My board came with the Dolby stuff and you have to hear it to see how much better it actually makes games sound.
I first got the desktop and mouse cursor freezing on screen after the taskbar disappeared and it wouldn't reboot without a hard reset. I've read some Gigabytes are, but I would be cautious attempting this and not try it unless you know it works for your MB. You may get compatibility with some MBs and sound paths, but I would not trust this to work unconditionally, esp with something as protected as Dolby and DTS licensing.

Then when the desktop came up the mouse cursor was still frozen even WITH the taskbar and audio is disabled.
I suppose I could get a Coax cable and try coaxial out, but I doubt I'd get any different results.
This I found just by clicking Analyse under Realtek Sound in Driver Sweeper, which showed the proper file and it's location.

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