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By Marrisa On July 4, 2012 · 12 Comments YouTube videos can be streamed over the Internet, but how can we watch the YouTube videos without Internet connection? This is a free Windows-based desktop software from iFunia which allows users to free download videos from video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Blip, Break and Bing. We can learn from its name that this is a free desktop software for Mac users (OS X 10.5 or above). This is another free online tool which allows you to download videos from YouTube website, just enter URL of video page to the box and hit “DOWNLOAD”.
Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for? If you haven't downloaded the YouTube video yet, This part would tell you how to do that and then convert them to WMV with several simple clicks.

Step 1:Run the program and drag the downloaded YouTube video files directly onto the interface.
The only way to watch YouTube videos offline is to download and save them to local hardisk. It lets download videos from YouTube, MySpace, Dailymotion and other sites, so you can watch them whenever you want. The service doesn’t provide “only download” option, therefore the conversion to some video format is indispensable.
But please notice that, to download YouTube videos with this site, you need to “download Java” to your computer. Or plan to do some YouTube to WMV Mac conversions for playing these YouTube videos on Blackberry bold series?

When you are on a page containing links to images or movies, you can download some or all of them at once.
The download process is quick and easy: just drag and drop the YouTube video URLs to its interface, the added YouTube videos will be downloaded automatically. You can also setup the extension to automatically convert the downloaded movies to your preferred video format: AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, MP3, MOV, 3PG and popular portable gadgets.
The other drawback is 100 MB limit for source files, still there are Pro pricing plans for the advanced users.

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