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Er zijn nog geen reviews geschreven voor dit product.Schrijf zelf een reviewHeeft u een vraag over dit product? Voor het opnemen van kwaliteits-audio tijdens jam sessies, natuurgeluiden, interviews of optredens is het niet nodig om apparatuur van vele honderden euro's aan te schaffen. De Olympus VN-PC of WS audiorecorders zijn van zichzelf al behoorlijk aantrekkelijk, maar vanaf december 2015 tot 31 januari 2016 zijn ze nog aantrekkelijker! Olympus komt met een opvallend nieuw product, een waar hebbeding voor veeleisende gebruikers van voice-recorders. Leider mA?ssen die Produkte, die Sie vergleichen wollen, zum gleichen Produkt-Typ gehA┬Âren. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. There are a number of ways to get around this glitch and the options depend on what you have already and what operating system you use. So let me try and cover all options for those who do not have the latest DSS Player Pro transcription module. The AS-4000 transcription kit comprised a foot pedal, headset and DSS Player Pro version 4 transcription module software.
As you will likely already know, the functionality of the DSS Player Version 7 Plus on the Mac lacks some of the functionality of the DSS Player Pro v5 software for Windows. The AS-2300 transcription kit comprised a foot pedal, headset and DSS Player Standard version 4 transcription module software.
The AS-2400 transcription kit consists of a RS28 USB foot control, headset and DSS Player Standard transcription module. Can you tell me where I can upgrade for free from Player Pro Version 4 to Player Pro Version 5 so I can convert DS2 to DSS files as I still have R26 footpedal. If you have the DSS Player Pro v4 transcription module installed on a Windows PC the free upgrade to v5 is only available using a DSS Player Pro v5 Dictation Module disk. As to the sound quality issue, my issue was playing it at a slower rate than at 100% speed. You are going to be out of luck using a digital recording and having that transcribed automatically on a Mac.
As for recording your meetings any Olympus note taker from the WS-450S up would be a great option.
Hi Dave – i have the olympus dss 5000 dictaphone and foot pedals with the software that comes with it. Yes the Olympus Voice website closed down at the beginning of 2010 when Olympus Imaging took over the distribution of voice products.
Wihtout playing them and recording the voice output with the Dictaphone – how can I load them so I can use the Transcription software and foot pedal to transcribe them? I work for different clients and only 1 of them has just bought an new DS-2400 digital voice recorder. Your cheapest option is to upgrade to DSS Player version 7 for Mac – this is available on the DSS Player Pro v5 Dictation Module (AS-5001) disk. Unfortunatly the DS-2400 records only in .ds2 and as it comes with DSS Player Standard you can not can the default record mode (classic mode) unlike on the DS-3400 and DS-5000. I am looking at buying a digital transcription kit that is compatible with my iphone Dictamus app. Philips will likely have similar software although I am not aware as we no longer sell Philips equipment.
I was originally using an RS26 foot pedal with Olympus Player Pro Release 4 Transcription Module on my old laptop Windows XP.
I had the free Express Scribe, and I purchased the upgrade (Pro) because I thought I would be able to play the DS2 files, but it is still not working.
Essentially Express Scribe Pro should be working with your .ds2 files so check for any updates first then grab NCH if still no good. We needed another two records and ended up buying the DS-3400 as we were told the DS-2300 was not longer available and the DS-3400 was the similar model. I have to have two versions of the software on my computer – one for the DS2300 and another for the DS3400. Just drag and drop the audio file from your email (or a saved location) into the transcription module. Yes you would need to upgrade to DSS Player Pro v5 or ODMS v6 (transcription modules) to be able to pick up the index marks. I purchased and downloaded the NCH Express Scribe Pro version in hopes that the playback would be good quality, but it has lots of background noise. I am not familiar with the model D-40 but with all Olympus dictaphones you will get the dictation module software, as you have noted this only allows playback and is designed for the person recording to hear their audio and select which files to send for transcription.
None of the Olympus foot pedals will work with Scribe, nor will they work with the dictation module software (supplied with the recorder). So you will have to struggle on with Scribe or bite the bullet and buy the Olympus transcription kit, either AS-2400 or AS-7000. Olympus heeft twee nieuwe handheld recorders aangekondigd: de LS-P1, en zijn grotere broer, de LS-P2.
Ze zijn handzaam, erg licht van gewicht en bevatten vele handige functies om opnemen zo eenvoudig mogelijk te maken.

Het gaat hier om de Olympus Voice-Trek DS-901 voice recorder; met name interessant voor mensen die regelmatig een smartphone of tablet-PC gebruiken. U hoeft slechts antwoord te geven op één vraag om mee te dingen naar een Olympus Stylus-camera! DafA?r muss nur eine Kopie von DSS Player Lite oder ein Link zur Download-Seite von Olympus der E-Mail beigefA?gt werden. Allowing recording, playback, organising and editing all voice files.This Apple Macintosh software also allows secretaries or transcriptionists to transcribe dictations with footswitch. I will try to cover all possible solutions, if I miss one please let me know and I will update this post. One key feature missing is the ability to set Classic Mode on your Pro Series recorder through the Mac software, this can only be done using the Windows dictation module. Using the DSS Player Standard version 5 software which comes with the DS-2400 the DSS Player Standard version 4 transcription module can be updated, free of charge, to DSS Player Standard version 5 transcription module. This is set in the dictation module software itself and the setting uploaded to the recorder. The AS-5000 kit comes with all you would need, Olympus RS-28 foot pedal, transcription headset and DSS Player Pro version 5 transcription module. With each of the Pro Series recorders comes a single use licence for DSS Player Pro v5 dictation module for Windows and DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac.
If you work for someone who has purchased a DS-3400 or DS-5000 recorder, the dictation module software is supplied with these recorders. The best option for transcriptionists we have found, if you do not have the latest transcription software from Olympus is to buy the Olympus DSS Pro Dictation module which allows file conversion.
Speech recognition does exists and only a week or so ago a new product was released called MacSpeech Scribe which will take audio from a recorder and transcribe it, single speaker only.
Also worth a look is the LiveScribe Smartpen which will not only record your meeting audio but will also record your handwritten notes and link those notes to the audio. Invest in an Olympus transcription kit (AS-2400 or AS-5000) as they are both Mac compatible and will play .ds2 files, this is the pricey option. Buy yourself the dictation module software (AS-5001) which is a bit cheaper, around AU$150 which will allow you to convert .ds2 files.
Chances are the person sending you the .ds2 file is a Windows user, if that is the case their dictation module CD will have 1x windows install licence key and 1x Mac install licence key.
If the app records in WAV format then yes you could use either the AS-2400 or AS-5000 transcription kits. I am not getting my files directly from the client but through a central office at my transcription service.
To use the RS-28 you will need the software driver which is only available with the DSS Player Pro v5 Transcription Module software which is not free. The download folders are actual folders on your computer so you can simply change their location to be a Dropbox shared folder. The DS-2300 was replaced by the DS-2400, you were probably advised to go with the DS-3400 as it is not possible to go classic mode with the DS-2400 software – as you are used to the older style formats classic mode makes sense for you.
Here is a link to my YouTube video showing how to set classic mode on an Olympus DS-5000 dictaphone.
I would check the Olympus website first and make sure you have the latest patches for your DSS Player v7 Plus software (there are some new patches for Lion compatiblility) and also re-seat the foot pedal (pull it out and re-plug). However, I am not 100% on the compatibility of Philips DSS audio files with the Olympus software.
Before I send them for transcription, I would like to listen to the intro, as only a select few will be transcribed.
I am using an Olympus D-40 recorder and when I play it back with the included Version 7 DSS software it plays clear. The low cut filter option on the recorder can be processed by the Olympus software and help improve the audio quality of the recording. Opnames direct op de voicerecorder terugspelen of verwijderen zijn slechts twee van de talrijke mogelijkheden die Olympus u met deze recorders biedt. Ist DSS Player Lite einmal installiert, ist der Empfang einer "Voice-Mail" genauso unkompliziert wie der einer normalen E-Mail. What I will say right from the outset is that these solutions are work arounds for typists who choose not to stay up-to-date with the latest software.
Therefore you will either need a Windows machine to install the DSS Player Pro v5 dictation module to change the default recording mode on your dictaphone or if you run Windows on your Mac using virtualisation software (VMWare Fusion, Parrallels, VirtualBox) you can set it using your Windows virtual machine. If you are an independent or outsourced transcription business this is a cost effective solution as the AS-5001 (DSS Player Pro dictation module) is only RRP $160.00 incl. If you are an independent or outsourced transcription business this is a cost effective solution as the AS-5001 only RRP $160.00 incl. It can also play audio from the Pro Series recorders (DS-3400, DS-5000, DS-5000iD) however some of the audio functionality is lost when playing through the Standard transcription module.
Otherwise you will need to purchase the DSS Player Pro v5 Transcription module seperatly, this is called an AS-5002 and costs $285.00 incl. I downloaded the software to my computer for the transcription portion and the recorder is used by the dictator. There is no software that will transcribe multiple voices for you, you either need to transcribe it yourself or send it to a specialist transcription company like The Transcription People.

Ask them if you can borrow their CD and use their Mac licence key, this will give you option 2 above for $0. I would look at Max, this is an excellent free audio converter for Mac or some of the great offerings from NCH SwiftSound.
I notice that there are some older versions around which are cheaper however I am not sure what the difference would be?
For a very cheap solution you could use the free version of Express Scribe from NCH Software and use keys on the keyboard to control your audio playback rather than pay for another foot pedal. You will also need the DSS Player Pro R5 transcription module, so the kit would have been a better option for you. However saying that I do remember some differences between older .dss files recorded on Philips and Olympus recorders. Fantastic as we use WAV to burn to CD for the other party and keep the DSS format for our files. It is exactly the same for the DS-3400, note the broadcast step – the recorder needs to be connected and on during this step.
If you are still having problems email me direct and I can give you the Olympus AU support number and they can go through some options with you. All Olympus dictaphones that record in .ds2 audio format come with both Windows and Mac software for audio file playback. This would explain why you hear an audio quality difference between Scribe and DSS Player, Scribe will not process the low cut filter. By purchasing an Olympus AS-5000 transcription kit (or just the DSS Player Pro transcription module software AS-5002 if you already own an RS-28 Olympus foot pedal) all these issues will go away. However, you must have an RS-28 transcription foot pedal, the older RS-26 transcription foot pedal will not function with DSS Player Pro version 5 transcription module. However, you must have an RS-28 transcription foot pedal, the older RS-26 transcription foot pedal will not function with DSS Player Standard version 5 transcription module. All the features available in the dictation module are passed to the transcription module like prioritisation and audio notes. When I saw your instructions in the above blog, those were the steps I already use to convert DS2 to dss. If you could email these to me it will help, I can then respond to you directly and let you have the Olympus voice support phone number for Australia. As a transcriptionist you should always have the latest transcription software, it is a necessary expense to enable you to provide your service. I would recommend you go with the AS-2400 over the AS-5000 as you will not use the functionality in the AS-5000 kit.
The R4 software does not have the RS28 drivers, going to Windows 7 you need to upgrade the pedal and the software. I would check that you have the latest version of Express Scribe Pro (I have seen a couple of updates lately) and if you are are still having issues get onto NCH for comment. If you are only receiving files from Philips dictaphones maybe better off with the Philips kit. The software for Mac and Windows is on the same disk and you will have a licence key for each. The latest DSS Player Pro transcription module is fully compatible with the DSS Pro (.ds2) audio files.
The upgrade will generate a new licence key specifically for the DSS Player Pro version 5 transcription module.
The upgrade will generate a new licence key specifically for the DSS Player Standard version 5 transcription module. By using the DSS Player Pro version 5 dictation module you can continue to use Express Scribe.
The RS26 pedal does work with this software using the latest patches from Olympus which can be found here. I slow the speed down to about 60% or 70% to transcribe but it is hard to catch all the words, esp. Do not be tempted to ask to borrow the software CD that comes with the recorder, the licence is a single user licence and would have been used and registered when the person using the recorder would have installed their software. However as you are receiving audio from a Philips recorder you might be better off grabbing the Philips transcription software just to be totally safe. I am searching online for the equivalent for Mac, but unable to locate one- Anywhere I can download a Ds2 player for mac that actually works. I suggest write it on a post-it note and keep it with the DSS Player Pro version 4 software CD and licence key. I suggest write it on a post-it note and keep it with the DSS Player Standard version 4 software CD and licence key. I read above that there is a way, besides installing Parallels on the Mac to be able to run windows.

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