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After you set up your business profile on a social media platform decide how often and what you will post on each platform.
If all you do is talk about your business and throw out links to your product, you aren’t going to get much if any following.
Google plus is really new and pretty wide open with a high percent of men than women with a more techy following than the rest of the social media playgrounds.
I have a social media strategy template to help you get started managing your social media strategy. Also, if you step away for a week or a month to heal and rest your contacts will still be there.
Thanks for the inspirational post Elizabeth – I need a better plan of action in place for my social media strategy so I look forward to using the tool you've offered here! This is a good reminder and an easy outline to follow to develop my social media strategies for 2013.
Planning to do: set up a group of five persons who are known, enthusiastic and motivated to set up and work out a strategy, so we can get more interaction online throughout existing and new channels.
Easy project management tool set with timeline software, calendar software and gantt chart software. Numerous factors determine and affect the environment of an organization, which should be identified, understood and analyzed by the company so it can achieve optimum performance. If you want to know what is PEST analysis and how it can be used to gain an insight into the environment of your organization, you need to understand what these factors represent and how they are interdependent. Social factors include different cultural and demographic aspects of society that form the macro-environment of the organization. Developing an understanding of what is PEST analysis becomes even more important when an organization is about to launch a new business or a new product as all these factors play an important role in determining the feasibility and profitability of the new venture.

Therefore, developing an understanding of what is PEST analysis is useful for organizations for analyzing and understanding the ground realities of the environment they have to operate in. PESTEL or PESTLE analysis, part of the generic PEST analysis, is a tool for business analysis of political, economic, social, and technological factors. You made a resolution to use social media to grow your business but did you write down how to do it? Facebook has a very visual audience so do it with a graphic and some of your best content to be shared on Facebook.
If your goal is to increase blog traffic to your business website then looking at your Google Analytics is a good way to see where traffic is coming from. Twitter has a younger audience, Facebook has more middle-aged, Pinterest has 85% females users base, and LinkedIn has higher level income subscribers. Just sign up and I’ll send you a copy to help get started on setting real goals for leveraging social media. There are a wealth of sites that offer free pictures that can make such a difference to a page.
Once these environmental factors are identified and analyzed, organizations are in a better position to plan an effective strategy to meet their objectives and minimize any errors that might be causing a performance-expectation gap.
The legal and regulatory factors included are labor laws, tax policies, consumer protection laws, employment laws, environmental regulations, and tariff & trade restrictions.
Social factors include career attributes, age distribution, population and its growth rate, health consciousness and safety awareness. A study of these factors is important to understand what is PEST, and can help organizations understand the dynamics of existing and emerging potential markets and future customer needs.
Realizing what is PEST and knowing how to take this analysis into consideration, the organization can be in a better position to analyze the challenges, environment, factors, opportunities, restrictions and incentives it faces. Put content out there that people can interact with like a question to be answered, helpful advice about your industry, or even something funny.

You will see which platform is sending the most traffic and what customers do on your site when they get there.
I read a lot in my spare time trying to find out everything I can to make my site better and discover what it is that people actually want. Often, the foreign policy of a country play an important role in determining the trade regulations, which can either result in trade restrictions or trade incentives. The exchange rates affect the organization by affecting the cost of imported and exported goods.
The technological factors an organization faces include technological changes, R&D activity, obsolescence rate, automation and of course, innovation. In case an organization fails to take into account any one of these factors, it may fail to plan and operate properly. I am not afraid to try something new or to stop doing something because it isn't working. The industry-specific regulations imposed by the government also significantly impact the company and are also a part of this category in the PEST analysis.
Furthermore, the interest rates prevailing in the economy influence the cost of capital available to the organization and hence play an important role in the expansion and growth of the organization. If an organization does not look out for technological changes, it can lag behind its competitors.

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