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Editing requires repeating actions thousands of times a day so why not make it as easy as possible for yourself? Early in 2015, I was hired by Dylan to train over 60 editors at Time Warner Cable Sports (TWCS) in Los Angeles as they transitioned from Final Cut Pro 7 to Premiere Pro. With each show using multiple camera formats (RED, 5D, C300, C100, GoPro, Alexa) and no time for transcodes, Premiere Pro was the logical progression in their post production workflow. Dylan Osborn and sports editor Brad Feig developed a comprehensive keyboard layout that includes all the 300+ Premiere Pro shortcut options available deep inside the software. Both can be imported into Premiere Pro CC and they will give you access to every keyboard shortcut in one layout.

After I finished my 3 weeks of training, I received a 11 x 17 keyboard layout laminated and signed by the editors of TWCS.
By mapping the most frequently used commands to specific keystrokes…the editor can focus on the storytelling and not waste time mousing all over the screen.
All NLEs come with built in keyboard layouts but each one is different and none of them include ALL the possible commands.
TWCS creates all the on-air and web content for the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Dodgers and LA Galaxy. Since every show is cut natively in HD and exported directly for broadcast, I was brought in to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Thankfully, my good friend and Emmy-winning editor Dylan Osborn has created two FREE custom Premiere Pro layouts that cover all the bases!
They broadcast at least 5 shows per day and their editors work around the clock to hit deadlines.

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