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Create a landing page or coming soon page in as little as 5 minutes without any programming or design skills. The Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin allows you quick and easily set up a coming soon or launch page for your website. This plugin allows you to easy publish landing pages, generated from KickoffLabs, to your WordPress site. Take your site down from public view with a click of a button hiding the site when you need to change a few things or run an upgrade, making it only accessible by login and password. The Ultimate Maintenance Mode plugin displays a screenshot of your website with an overlayed window and the reason your site is down.

Under by indot is a simple plugin to make your scheduled launch or scheduled maintenance task easier! Demo BuyNemo is a Landing Pack with 9 ready templates, 6 color variations and 5 typography variations.
WordPress one of the popular CMS on the internet has many resources to make eye catching and convertible landing pages in a matter of clicks.
In a easy way you can set up the plugin by choosing the text color or the background image among other things.
The helpful community of developers is continuously at work to maintain a repository of widgets to enable functions, that would otherwise be impossible, without at least a smidgen of coding.

Please if you have any specific widget for landing pages in your mind share with us i will include it in the next update.

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