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This entry was posted in iPhoneography, Nature, Outdoor Fun, photography and tagged iphoneography, photo editing apps, photography on May 10, 2012 by Hiking Mama.
Hiking Mama: Nature lover, outdoor adventurer and mom to 3 boys--2 adopted from across the globe, one who has autism, RAD and FAS. About this blog…The content of this blog, including all photographs and text, are the property of the blog administrator and may not be copied or used without permission. One of our favorite last-minute suggestions for sentimental Father’s Day gifts (and any gift really) has been to make a short, shareable video that you can create easily. Also, keep them in mind for a dad or grandfather who might not be actually sharing Father’s Day with you in person.
The Animoto Video Maker app has been a favorite of all of ours for years, especially with their easy-as-anything app. If you want more bells and whistles, check out the Animoto website too. Just be sure to upgrade to a Personal or Professional membership so that he can actually download the video to his own device. For a sweet Father’s Day message, ask each of the kids what they love about their dad, and write it on the text cards. Just this week, Vimeo has announced major changes to their video editing app, Cameo (also shown at top). This free iOS app is made just for families who want to put together the world’s easiest keepsake video. Kate Etue divides her time between the book industry, checking out the newest tech trends for kids, and indulging in craft foods in a cool suburb of Nashville. NextKids Music Download of the Week: Home When I Hold You by Alastair Moock, a song every parent should hear. Adobe GroupPix: A brilliant, simple way to gather, store, and share photos from a party, vacation or, um, Mother’s Day brunch? Tint Photo Editor is a photo retouching tool that specializes in one single effect, but does it really well. Despite a somewhat confusing interface, Fotomix is a good app for beginners with which you can easily create photo compositions – that is, combine two images into one. You can cut out people from one image and paste them against a totally different background. Obviously, the development of technology and the widespread use of smartphones are changing drastically the way we take photos. We have chosen the most well-known and widespread, creative and elegant apps: Instagram, VSCO and Diana. Instagram, with 200 million users, is the social photo app the most used in the world and there is no need to introduce it.
Wand: below you’ll see the images of the three filters and effects for photo editing in a fast way. You just have to click on the feature you want to modify your photo and increase or decrease the effect with the slider below.

A little less social but 100% recommended for editing, VSCO has a lot to offer to all photography fans.
Once you’ve chosen a filter to use, always from the lower menu and using the symbol with the wrench, you can change some features such as the lighting and the contrast or the image temperature (an image which is closer to blue is cold and if yellow or red colours are predominant the photo is hot). Once you are happy with your image, you can save it in your smartphone or share it on the social media channels. The app’s strongest point is the quality of the filters offered, able to transform a photo in only one click.
Finally, here it is an app that we cannot define as editing in strict word, but very useful to modify your images in an original way.
You can take two photos or upload them from your own gallery and automatically the app will merge two photos into one.
Please contact me by email if you have any questions or would like permission to use a photograph, I'm more than happy to share. While video editing used to reserved for professionals with zillions of dollars worth of equipment, now there are a growing number of of great video editing apps that make it so simple to create your own professional-looking home movies. Mix video and pictures straight from your phone, layer on a filter to give it a cool look, and even add sound before you share it with your friends and family. You select the clips you want to include and the overlay theme you prefer, and Magisto edits them together for you.
You can edit together up to 400 photos (though fewer is better in shorter videos, obviously) into a professional animated slide show, complete with text cards, and a music bed from your device or their own library. You just plug in your photos and text, choose a style, and the magic of the app creates something wonderful for you. But don’t forget, you can create videos with this app any time, and you can pull from your camera roll as well as from your photo streams on Facebook and Instagram to create something really fun. Currently it’s only available for iTunes though, so Android users need a different option. Probably not your everyday film editing app of choice, but this is really fun for the kind of recipient who appreciates the kitsch. You don’t need to be a Photoshop guru or known all GIMP menus by heart; there are dozens of easy photo editing tools – available for free or in trial versions – that help you apply eye-catching effects to your images without requiring any experience in photo editing. In addition to that, the program supports working in batches – adding the same effect to multiple images at the same time.
It highlights one color in your image while keeping the rest in black and white, thus achieving an impressive result. Give your pop art creativity free reins and create images a la Andy Warhol with Pop Art Studio in a few easy steps. The program features two conversion modes: automatic, which transforms the image with just one mouse click, and manual, which allows you to manually generate the drawing.
Use Glamour Filter and apply an eye-catching glamorous filter to your images by adding a blur effect and enhancing brightness. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
It has become so famous because of the square format (inspired by the polaroid) and thanks to many filters you can use on the images.

Now we can scale the filter intensity by clicking above and, by clicking on the image, you can compare the original photo and the photo with filter. Simple and with a clean design you can take photos directly from the app or upload them to the VSCO library where, once the images are uploaded, you can modify and organize them.
From the menu below you can choose among various filters and you can regulate the intensity. The name of this app, Diana, takes the inspiration from the well-known lomo cameras and allows you to create double exposures in a few seconds.
You can also change the order of the images by pressing one of them and drag it from right to left. On the other hand, if you keep pressing the button, a complete list with the filters available will show up. The function “shake” is also enjoyable: by shaking the mobile phone (or by clicking on the dice icon) both images will be combined randomly… You must try it! It even senses when you have important audio in your clips, and turns down the background music accordingly. But if you do have an iOS advice, it’s a great way to make anything from a short to a feature-length tribute to Dad, or just mashup some favorite dad moments from the past year. Essentially it’s the app version of a memory journal, with various topics and prompts that allow you to film the kids (or adult kids) describing topics like Advice for Your Parents, or My Grandfather. With this collection of apps to edit and retouch images, the only limit is your imagination!
We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Now, on the on the other hand, we want to pay attention to the image backstage and test some of them among the many app we have available for photo editing!
In the latest version, Instagram has introduced a full range of photo editing features very easy-to-use that allows us to enhance the editing of our pictures. Try out also our free products (plus shipping) free flyers, free business cards, free postcards. Follow the prompts and capture your children giving those irreplaceable, spontaneous answers, then the app puts them all together. The apps we are proposing aren’t only for photo professionals but for all the fans of taking a picture and share!
Our free products can only be ordered once per customer (no guest login), and their rear side is printed with the Easyprint logo.
Sticky notes, photo wall pictures, photo posters and products made from uncoated paper, chromo board or refinements have a delivery period of more than 8 days.

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