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Your craving to flaunt new hairstyles is a never-ending one, so here's something to meet your need. Step 1: Separate a Section of HairComb your hair thoroughly so that they become smoother and easier to manage. Step 2: Start a PonyAgain, comb your hair entirely, including the separately held section and hold them together as you do while making a pony. Step 3: Twist Pony Around Left FingersHold the base of the pony and twist the pony so that it covers your left hand fingers.

Step 4: Start Forming the BunNow remove your left hand from the center of the twisted pony keeping it tight and fix it at the top using bobby pins on all its sides so that it forms a bun. With two strips of recycled fabric you can learn this easy way to make a bracelet, you just have to choose 2 colors of your preference and follow the steps we are going to share with you.
To make this bracelet you will need 2 strips of fabric 2 ? longer than your wrist’s original measure.
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The advantage is that you don’t need to know how to crochet or make any macrame knots, so let’s start.

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