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My main computer is currently a 13-inch MacBook Pro from early 2011, and the battery isn’t great.
But with the 2013 edition of the 13-inch MacBook Air, concern over battery life is now just laughable.
Contrary to the rumors that were floating around all spring, we’re not getting a Retina MacBook Air this summer.
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Ristourne de 50€ ce lundi 2 mai chez Amazon qui propose le clavier Azerty Logitech Ultrathin pour iPad Mini a 29,99€ au lieu de 79,99€, livraison incluse. Whenever I walk into my workspace for the day, I usually head straight for the seat closest to a power outlet. Compared to the Ivy Bridge-wielding 2012 Air, CPU speeds are just mildly better, but Apple promises a 40 percent bump in graphics processing.

The Air supports 802.11ac networking, a draft standard for the next generation of wireless connectivity. While my review unit came with the standard 4GB of memory, I recommend spending the extra $100 to bump it up to the maximum of 8GB, since there’s no way to retroactively add memory later on.
The 2013 model shares the same lithe, featherlight chassis as its predecessors, which is fine because honestly if it was any thinner, it would be a safety hazard. Competing portables have already made the jump to ultra-hi-res displays — the Toshiba KIRABook and Asus Zenbook Prime ultrabooks are leading the march toward high-density displays (2560 x 1440 and 1920 x 1080, respectively). It’s a great option for almost anybody who needs a portable computer, especially students and professionals who travel or carry their machines on their commute. Le magasin americain Computer Choppers pense a vous avec ce MacBook Air tout plaque or 24 carats et de jolis petits saphirs multicolores pour dessiner la pomme. Rue du commerce propose le tres convaincant Sony Xperia Z5 a seulement 439€, frais de port inclus.

It theoretically covers download speeds up to 1.3 Gigabits per second, and promises a more stable wireless connection that can support faster downloads, almost instantaneous peer-to-peer sharing, and silky-smooth media streaming. Where the mid-2012 model got a very respectable 7 hours of battery life, the 2013 model is spec’d at a full 12 hours. The only cosmetic difference between this Air and the last-gen model are two pinholes on the left side for its new dual microphones (two mics are better for built-in noise-canceling when you’re FaceTiming or recording video). The latter is great for hooking up a monitor and expanding the 13.3-inch screen into something really impressive.

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