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Video Editor for Mac, the most effective video editor for Mac, offer you powerful and useful editing functions, for example trimming, cropping, merging, watermarking video, etc. When the recorded videos are saved to your computer, you only need Video Converter App to help you. Video Converter App lets you transfer any video files from your computer to iPad via Wi-Fi Upload or iTunes File Sharing.
You can choose to transfer the Canon recorded video files via Wi-Fi Upload or iTunes File Sharing. Since the video files filmed with Canon HD camcorders are in AVCHD format and thus the file size is very large, it is recommended using iTunes File Sharing to transfer them to the app. Wireless Transfer AppWirelessly transfer photos & videos among iOS devices as well as between computer and device. All apps in the Office for iPad suite are free to download, and all users can view existing documents without any additional fee.
Of note, a yearly Office 365 subscription is available to iPad users as an in-app purchase, indicating that Apple will receive its standard 30 percent cut of sales, absent a special arrangement between the companies.

The apps themselves mirror the style of Office 2013, the latest version of Microsoft’s productivity suite for Windows, although the interface is optimized for touch. While many argue that Microsoft has already missed the boat when it comes to mobile productivity solutions, users who rely on Office document formats will finally have an iPad option that promises complete compatibility. Then you can share the videos with your family and friends, or upload your videos to the network. You can press the button on the toolbar and record videos and audios with a video capture device.
As you can see, there are four ways to output your videos: Device, Format, YouTube and DVD. Don’t you want to move them over to your iMovie for further editing and work like a professional film editor? Join the Nerd Fitness Rebellion and learn how to use your favorite video games, books, and movies as inspiration for adventure.
Features such as autosave, syncing, and collaboration mean that heavy Office users should be able to move seamlessly between their documents on their PCs, Macs, and iPads.

The move will also likely entice enterprise users, a market Apple has refocused on in recent years. There is also a “University” edition of the program for college students, which costs a total of $79.99 for four years of membership. Indeed, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a welcome to Office for iPad following Microsoft’s announcement. Here comes the chance to get the videos filmed with Canon camcorders edited within the iMovie app on iPad. Users who subscribe to Office 365 for iPad access also receive the full desktop version of Office on OS X or Windows on up to four other devices, as well as a number of cloud and syncing features. All of the editing could be real-time previewed so as to ensure everything you do adds highlight to your videos.

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