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With this MP4 Editor software, you can easily make your MP4 videos stylish and looking-professional. Clip: Move the slider in the timeline where you want to clip, then hit the Scissors button. Effect: click the General button to adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, and set audio volume, fade-in and fade-out effect. Hit the Add Transition button to select transition effect them drag it to the joint between two video clips.
Note:Click Play button on the right of the panel you can only play the video you currently selected.

Add video and image: drag and drop image and video to the Overlay area in the timeline, move the item to the place you need to add to the MP4 video.
Note:Instead of editing MP4 videos with video clip, video crop, video merge, video effect, video settings, MP4 Editor can also allow you edit other video files with or without converting to other video format with the built-in Video Converter.
The guide below will show you in details on how to edit MP4 files with this MP4 Video Editor. Here you can set video and audio parameters such as Bit Rate, Encoder, Resolution and so on. And since all the mod I got my interest in only has left-hand steer I’m kinda annoyed.

And this as my most fav of all so far, can you or who ever made this make a right-hard steer interior+exterior?

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