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Best Software to Edit AVI free in WindowsThis post introduces the best software to edit AVI video files free in Windows (xp, win7, win8, vista, etc), including VirtualDub, AVI Trimmer, etc.
VSDV Free Video Editor is awesome video editing software to edit AVI free, along with many other video formats supported including MP4, MPG, WMA, etc. If you want an advanced video editing program and don't mind paying a little (much cheaper than software like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere) on it, you can consider VideoPad Video Editor.
As a dedicated tool to AVI video free, Avidemux is easy to follow, allowing users to edit, decode video and customize scripts.
Wax is exactly a utility for free video editing and special effects (2D and 3D) along with embedded graphics acceleration feature, but supports AVI editing in the meantime. Individual images, image folder and multiple directories can be added to the list of image files. This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely powerful, easy-to-use. PDFSearcher searches PDF and PDF within Zip archives on drives and directories,convert PDF. PDF Text Converter converts pdf to text and extracts text from pdf files,View pdf information.

Quick View Folder SizeNow you can view folder size rapidly and automatically, use Quick View Folder Size. ZipSplitter ZipSplitter Uninstaller is to simplify the task of copying large files on floppy disks. Among a big collection of video editing software in the market, you are likely to find a program specially to edit AVI video clips or metadata in your Win7, XP or other Windows OS.
Note that VirtualDub is stable on its own, but the third-party effects may impair its performances. Since it has nothing to do with advanced encoding and decoding, it runs rapidly and occupies little system resource. You can use it to edit, cut, reshape, modify your video picture and audio, add transitions, and then render multi video clips into a complete project. If you only want to trim, crop or edit an AVI clip at a basic level, stay where you are and you will find Avidemux perform all right.
It provides a smart and organized way to use the software easily, also enables users to manage video files conveniently with the built-in file manager feature.
Images can be scanned directly into the program from a scanner and converted to a pdf file.

If you want a simple tool to trim AVI segments fast, AVI Trimmer will no doubt be the best option.
Regardless of the input video, VSDV enables users to save the video as almost any video format (for iPad Air, PS3, xBox, etc.) available on the market. By taking advantages of settings and buttons inside Avidemux, you will find its powerful abilities to create professional videos. Another benefit of WAX is that it can be used as a plug-in to Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. Regardless of its plain interface, it may take you quite a while to master the full features. VSDV actually performs no worse than professional video freeware, however it is less intuitive from the user-friendly perspective and you are likely to spend a long time to get used to it. When setting the output file extension manually, you can also use Avidemux to export an AVI video to MP4 or another format.

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