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Brajeshwar believes in simplicity, pushes the envelop and envisions the betterment of usable and practical solutions. Screenshot from AdobeAdobe Photoshop ExpressA convenient destination where you can store, edit and share photos. Adobe today announced Adobe Photoshop Express public beta, a free Rich Internet Application available to anyone who wants to store, sort and show off digital photos with eye-catching effects. As the newest addition to the Photoshop family line, Photoshop Express has taken much of Adobe’s best image editing technology and made it simple and accessible to a new online audience.
Upload your photos, edit them and play around by preserving the original image and share it with anybody. Other one-touch approach like Pop Color enables you to select an object in an image, mutes the background color of the photo and allows the user to swap the object’s color so it jumps off the page. This is just the beginning, Adobe is looking for user feedbacks to make it into a better, easier-to-use online application.
For long, Adobe Photoshop CS5 has been the king of easy & in-depth image editing, and . When I opened Pixlr’s free image editor online for the first time, I got to the help menu & saw about, to check had I really opened Pixlr, or is it Photoshop!
It allows you to edit settings like contrast & color balance, you may add text or stickers, add borders, make a poster out of your picture, or do loads of other things. The mainstream 16 options are very basic and don’t provide for extensive editing, but are very useful.
Aviary also provides extensions for Chrome & Firefox that allow you to edit any picture while browsing, with just a right click on the image.

Adobe’s PDF file format has been one of the most popular document formats over the years and continues to be so even now. Previously, Adobe Acrobat was the only tool which could create, edit and modify PDF files and it’s a paid tool. I must warn you beforehand that refrain from uploading a confidential document; since it is a web service and security is not guaranteed with the online transfer (upload and download).
In case you prefer an offline (desktop) version to edit PDF files, then check out PDF XChange Lite which is really good for advance editing of PDF files and is also available for free! Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources.
Photoshop Express allows users to store up to 2GB of images online for free, make edits to their photos, and share them online, including downloading and uploading photos from popular social networking sites like Facebook, Picasa and Photobucket to start with. Adobe Photoshop Express features standard edits — remove blemishes and red-eye, convert to black and white, crop and resize, etc. Sketch effects help photos look like drawings and the Distort feature allows you to distort facial features or objects within the images for a comical or artistic effect.
Moreover, it is part of the Adobe Photoshop Family and lot can be expected in the near future. But some new photo editing tools have started emerging that allow you to customize your photos online, no need to download heavy Adobe softwares and pay for them, these online tools are very easy to use, allow sufficient editing options and yeah, are totally free. You can add text, frames, stickers, apply a variety of effects with in-depth control & what not. What I really liked were seasonal settings that allow you to add Halloween pumpkins or Christmas presents to you photo as per the season.

Pixlr editor’s interface is very much like Adobe Photoshop, as you can clearly see in the screenshot below. It’s got a navigator, allows you to create layers, see history, has a toolbox with similar tools like the Magic Wand in PS. It also sports¬†4 image effects that are pretty good, but lack user-control, they’re more of a one-touch image effects.
I could effortlessly touch-up my flower image shown above to bring in more colors & the stickers provide a good makeover with that hat & mustache, no? The main reason for them to become so popular, specially on the web, is because one cannot edit pdf documents easily. But now, we have several alternatives which can do pretty much the same job as the commercial desktop versions at no additional cost!
This web tool is absolutely free and you don’t need to download or install anything in order to make it work. All you need to do is open your web browser, upload the PDF file you want to edit, perform the required actions, and then download the results.

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