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Meet Filterra - the one & only GO-TO photo editor every time you need to perfect your pics!
Photo Edit is a completely free photo editor that comes with a simple interface and options like crop, resize, add filters to edit your images. It can be termed as a replacement for Paint with some additional features.
An interesting feature in this photo editor is that it allows you to add filters to images. I especially liked the Sharpen filter as it really clears out the image and makes it look very clean.
Another interesting feature in this software is that you can add color effects to the pictures and documents you create. Explore ultimate collection of custom made filters, effects & tools to unleash your creativity and get 100% rocking COOL photos with killer photo editing app for iPhone and iPad! It is very easy to download this app as it is very lightweight and does not take much time and space.

The software allows you to manually choose the size when you are creating a new document and obviously pictures can also be resized. A filter option is given on top that includes a few interesting filters that can be used to make pictures look more attractive. Although it is not a very exclusive feature, it still deserves a special mention as color effects play a vital role in the final outcome. It may not contain some very exclusive features, but it is still a very good app to give a try.
Play and tweak it just the way you want with immense photo enhancement options and a bunch of great free photo editor extras: # Comparable Photo EffectsInstantly compare selected filters or effects while editing the photo. Apart from editing pictures, one can also use this app for creating new document using different tools shown on the interface.
The tools given on the left side of the interface help you in creating a new document or editing pictures.

There are other lightweight free photo editors as well that you can check out on our website.
A link is provided in the end, if you wish to download this software after going through the article.
Create photo editor collections of your favorite filters and effects right away with 1-tap access. Filterra is as plain as day, so you just run it and immediately get your snap looking just right.

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