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After your Wedding Photographer has finished taking the last photo on your big day his job is only half done.
Throughout the day your Nottingham Wedding photographer will shoot multiple shots of the same moment. Once all the files are downloaded onto your Wedding Photographer’s computer, they will go through every single frame to pick out the best photos. Your Nottingham Wedding Photographer offers this service with every wedding photography package on offer here at Time Photographic. Whether you have taken the official photos for the wedding or you were just a guest and got some great shots of the bride, groom and your friends you will want to edit them and make them look as good as possible before showing other people. By the end of this process you should hopefully find that your photos are looking a lot better than when you started. Sarah Hewitt is an experience writer who writes about anything and everything that interests her, this can range from travel to business, sport and electronics. This in turn means we have a selection to choose from and allows us to pick the best photo from that selection.

Once these are selected we run every image through our photo editing software which, if needed, boosts and enchances the quality of the finished image. Once all the chosen photographs are retouched we then transfer them onto a copyright free DVD for you to keep forever.
Editing afterwards is essential you can make an average photo look fantastic or a bad photo look average, if you follow these steps then people will be very impressed on Facebook, Twitter or wherever else you decide to display them. Your more amateur photographer however will struggle with this and when reviewing their photos will realise that the camera wasn’t perfectly level and it’s on an angle or they got far too much sky in the photo so it looks imbalanced.
It is perhaps more important as it is harder to rectify afterwards if the exposure was wrong and the people are very dark with an overly bright background.
If you go the filters menu you will see hundreds of pre-designed options for you to choose from to edit the photo at the end and give it the look you are after. As an added extra your Nottingham Wedding Photographer will include variations of most of the photos. If you go in to Photoshop and use the ‘Transform’ tool in the menu, you are able to rotate the photo in any way, shape or form to ensure it is level.

There are some tools to help you with this but if the exposure was very wrong then the chances are you will lose some of the photo quality when you correct it, it often causes quite a bit of ‘noise’.
If you are a bit more advanced and confident with the use of Photoshop then you could custom build filters for yourself to get a more specific look for each photo.
All of our work is shot in colour so first off you receive the first edited image in colour then a variation in Black & White and Sepia if the image suits that alternative finish. If you dont want a paticular finish eg: Sepia, then this will be discussed at your pre wedding meeting.

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