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Das iPad Air wiegt mit knappen 500 Gramm gerade mal noch die Halfte, ist nur 7,5 Millimeter dick und hat einen dunneren Rahmen. Ganz ahnlich klingen die Leistungswerte des neuen iPad mini dem Apple nun ein 7,9 Zoll gro?es Retina-Display spendiert. Nur 1,8 cm dunn soll das aktualisierte 13-Zoll MacBook Pro mit Retina Display sein, das nun mit Intel Core i5 Prozessoren mit 2,6 GHz arbeitet. Das 15-Zoll MacBook Pro gibt es ab 1.999 Euro gleich mit Intel Core i7 Prozessoren mit bis zu 2,3 GHz und mit Turbo Boost-Geschwindigkeiten bis zu 3,5 GHz. Apple hat heute ebenfalls bekannt gegeben, dass neben iLife jetzt auch iWork Produktivitats-Apps beim Kauf eines jeden neuen Mac enthalten sind. Die neuen MacBook Pro arbeiten mal wieder schneller und sollen mit langerer Laufzeit punkten. Das iPad mini hat nun ebenfalls ein Retina Display und arbeitet so schnell wie der gro?e Bruder. Below (click the image to enlarge) you can see some anamorphic lens recording options and live-view features. You can have a go at grading the KineMINI yourself with a selection of 4K DNG still frames direct from the camera I shot in Berlin. Comparing image quality is getting very difficult in the 4K and raw era, where 90% of the difference comes down to how you grade the image. There are hard wired aspects of the image like rolling shutter and dynamic range though, which we can quantify pretty easily. In low light conditions the KineMINI is clean up to ISO 800 but from ISO 1600 starts to get too noisy for the kind of work I do.
What this camera needs is a hardware ProRes encoder chip like Blackmagic have in their Production Camera. For the rest of us the FS7, NX1 and GH4 will roll on for hours in 4K to 128GB cards so that’s a large advantage on their side. Kinefinity continue to show innovation when it comes to the modified DSLR battery grip attached to the side of the KineMINI.
Something really unique about this camera which I love is the 4:3 2880 x 2160 mode for cinema standard 2x anamorphic lenses and the anamorphic de-squeeze done in-camera for monitoring.
The image with my Iscorama Centavision 2x lens in 2880 x 2160 de-squeezes in post to a less extremely wide aspect ratio, more in keeping with the traditional CinemaScope format.
Unfortunately the anamorphic music video shoot I had planned was based around the 1D C, so I have no examples to show you from it! You can press the middle of the joystick once to make the image full screen with just the menus at the top, then again to clear all overlays and menus altogether. The advantage of the locking EF mount is that the lens is more firmly attached to the camera with absolutely no play in the mount when you are using a follow focus. A minor note – the EF mount gets power and communicates with the camera via a separate cable and socket rather than through contacts near the sensor.
I don’t want to spend ages transcoding a proprietary format and I can’t manage such large file sizes! 4K Cinema DNG meanwhile needs a significant investment compared to other sub-$5k cameras on hardware for post production. Another issue is the competition. The AJA CION, Blackmagic Production Camera, Sony FS7, Scarlet, 1D C and much more.
Those who want to go hardcore with 4K raw at 4500 euros to really learn how to grade and are prepared to invest thousands of dollars in post production hardware, will like the KineMINI though. Thank you Trina… the only thing better than going to the mountains is going HOME afterwards. Microsoft hat ein neues Hybrid-Laptop bestehend aus abnehmbarem Tablet mit Tastatur-Einheit vorgestellt. Das Surface Book Pro ist dabei wohl nicht ohne Grund an das Laptop-Design des Konkurrenten aus Kalifornien angelegt. Als CPU kommen aktuellste Intel Core-i5 und i7-Prozessoren der Skylake-Generation zum Einsatz. Das Surface Book soll zweimal so potent wie das MacBook Pro sein, je nachdem welche Konfiguration man ins Auge fasst.

When Macs first got retina displays with the MacBookPro with Retina display, I wasn't interested. Last year, when my 17" MacBook Pro was four years old, I couldn't resist the new 15" MacBook Pro with retina display. Ever since the iPhone 4 introduced retina displays, people have been waiting for desktop retina displays from Apple.
So my tip for those who have the iMac with Retina 5K display is to switch resolution to a non-retina mode when exporting more complex timelines when you are under a tight deadline. So, on Retina Macbook Pros with displays set to More Space, if you want to save a little rendering time in Final Cut Pro X, change the resolution to Best (Retina) before exporting. Only when trying out the iMac at the Apple Store did I remember that the display could be set to 'More Space' instead of 'Best (Retina).' That is an advantage over my current 27" iMac.
The 'More Space' setting simulates a 3200x1800 point display on an imaginary 6400x3600 display that's even larger than the native pixels. Until recently if you were a video creative you might have dismissed the idea of an "Ultrabook" computer as being a bit feeble for any serious work. Well, it's quite possible that Ultrabooks will never be as fast as fully-fledged workstations and laptops that are much, much thicker, noisier and heavier, but they do appear to be getting close enough to be sensible choices for digital media workers on the move.
And one way in which they definitely don't lag behind their more massive cousins is in screen resolution. There's no word yet on price or availability but what we do know now is that this class of computer will probably get cheaper and will be a very good option for busy creative people. Just a side note - I've been using a Dell 4K monitor for a while now, and while it's a lot bigger (32") I can definitely say that it's a massive boon to creative work. The NX500 was announced at Computex this week but there's no word on pricing or availability. Auch hier arbeitet der A7-Prozessor im Inneren und auch hier sollen die Grafikleistung hoher und die Akkulaufzeit langer geworden sein. Es kann nun auch mit Intel Core i7 Prozessoren bis zu 2,8 GHz mit Turbo Boost-Geschwindigkeiten von bis zu 3,3 GHz konfiguriert werden. Resolution on the current 4K cameras is all very similar and none of them suffer from any meaningful moire & aliasing or softness problems that can ruin a shot. But it’s the archival of the raw material after a years worth of heavy shooting that would pose the biggest problem with this camera. I’d like for them to put a small LCD on there for the menus and a better control scheme.
This is a crop of the sides so no vertical resolution gain like with the GH4, but it’s still VERY welcome. I had to use the 1D C as the KineMINI’s data volumes would have made things impractical for so many takes of a live song recording.
Unfortunately the camera always reverts to the first version of live-view when you boot it up from cold, I’d like to see it remember your choice. It requires significant grading expertise to get the best colour out of it, whereas Canon LOG on the 1D C and C100 II is much easier to work with not to mention quicker.
Not all of these shoot raw of course, but frankly I found the raw codec on this camera a pain.
Das 13,5 Zoll gro?e Display lasst sich aus der Fassung nehmen und damit auch als eigenstandiges Tablet nutzen. Es wird verschiedene Konfigurationen geben mit Preisen ab 1500 US-Dollar, wobei ein Nvidia-Grafikchip offensichtlich erst ab der 1900 US-Dollar-Variante verbaut ist. Mit so viel Hardware-Power soll dann auch ein flussiger Videoschnitt mit Premiere Pro machbar sein, was wahrend der Pressekonferenz auch ganz kurz gezeigt wurde (siehe eingebundenes Video). Als Prozessoren kommen Intel Core i5 respektive i7-CPUs der neuesten Generation zum Einsatz. In Final Cut Pro 7 it was possible to have 2 up display of footage at 50% and 100% playout of HD when going full screen.
When the 27" iMac with retina was first rumoured, I wondered what the point would be for editors.
I visited an Apple Store and used my BruceX benchmark to compare movie export times with and without GPU supporting all the pixels on the retina display.

This is similar to the Retina MacBook Pro 15" GPU showing a 1920x1200 point display by drawing to an imaginary 3840x2400 screen and scaling the image down to the native 2880x1800 pixels.
A bit like the Macbook Air which is pretty much ideal for mobile writers and spreadsheet gurus, the more generic category of Ultrabooks are usually thin and light but not necessarily up to the demands of video editing and 3D animation.
We've already seen the Dell M3800 which has a so-called "Quad HD+" screen - pretty dense but not quite 4K - and now ASUS is bringing us its Zenbook NX500 which has a genuine 4K - Class screen (actually, strictly UHD at 3,840 x 2,160) with an Nvidia GTX 850 graphics board and an Intel i7 chip. Auch bei der Grafikleistung verspricht Apple eine achtfach schnellere Anzeige – und dabei dennoch eine langere Akkulaufzeit von bis zu 10 Stunden. Das 15-Zoll MacBook Pro kann mit Intel Core i7 Prozessoren bis zu 2,6 GHz (Turbo Boost 3,8 GHz) konfiguriert werden kostet dann aber 2.599 Euro. Das aktualisierte MacBook Pro mit Retina Display wird mit dem ebenfalls neuen OS X Mavericks ausgeliefert. I took the Canon 1D C and KineMINI’s ISO 800 footage into Resolve 11 and matched them in the grade with my own particular style applied to a still life test scene I shot indoors. If you compress raw to, say, CineForm raw then you lose the fine grain and useful DNG controls in Resolve. Even a touch screen LCD like on the Blackmagic URSA would be MUCH better. Anyone expecting to come onto a KineMINI production and getting to grips with the camera on day 1 is in for a hard time. I tend to power my cameras down between takes if the gap is going to be more than a few minutes, to save on batteries. EF lens aperture control is instead via a drop down menu on a sidewards press of the joystick, then a rotation of the joystick. This is far too fiddly and too slow for a run and gun shoot.
It lacks some basic features like an aperture dial for EF lenses and image stabilisation, problems which will have C300 users running a mile. Shooting real life subjects on location would be slowed down by the KineMINI compared to the A7S or FS7 but auteurs and indie filmmakers should take a serious look at it… especially anamorphic shooters due to the 4:3 mode and live de-squeeze! Anamorphic shooting options are very welcome and the camera makes numerous sensible improvements over the old model.
Als Anschlusse bekommt man zwei USB 3.0-Buchsen, einen Mini-DisplayPort-Anschluss sowie einen Kartenleser und eine Kopfhorer-Buchse.
When I added my 27" iMac, I could view 1920x1080 footage on its 2560x1440 at 100% with either the event viewer or inspector open. Knowing that the display could also set to 1920 by 1200 made it good enough for editing in Final Cut Pro X.
It may be a smaller screen but you sit so close to it that photos and movies will look extraordinary sharp. Zudem kann man das Modell noch bis 16GB Arbeitsspeicher und Flash-Speicher bis zu 1TB aufstocken.
The 90% joystick driven control scheme relies on a practically golden-brain memory of which up, down, left or right commands perform which function, often with multiple functions per direction which takes weeks of constant use to get to grips with. With a large v-lock attached rather than the battery grip, this would be less of an issue, but it increases the bulk of the camera a heck of a lot for one-man shoots.
Even at desktop viewing distances, it is hard to tell the difference between HD and 4K when video is being updated at 24 or more frames per second. I also didn't want the GPU wasting resources supporting a retina display better used for faster rendering and exporting. Die bisher veroffentlichten technischen Daten kann man sich hier anschauen.Zwar will Microsoft mit dem Surface Book in erster Linie dem MacBook Pro Konkurrenz machen, trotzdem durften dadurch mit Sicherheit auch andere Komplett-Systemhersteller wie Dell oder HP unter Druck geraten.
Schlie?lich haben diese bisher Komplett-Konfigurationen mit Windows-OS vertrieben, was der Betriebssystem-Hersteller nun auch selbst ubernimmt.
Man darf also gespannt sein, wie sich dieses Vorgehen auf den Markt auswirken wird.Daruber hinaus hat Microsoft noch das neue Surface Pro 4 Tablet angekundigt, was eine kleinere Version des Surface Book ist, aber ohne Tastatur-Einheit kommt. Die kommenden Lumia Phones mit Windows 10 soll man ubrigens ebenfalls wie einen Windows-Mini-PCs nutzen konnen, indem man sie mit Hilfe einer Docking-Station einfach an einen Monitor stopselt.

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