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I blog to create a community of editors and those interested in editing be they professionals or movie lovers.
Vickie Sampson, Supervising Sound Editor, Director, Writer, Shadow Hills, CA, with dog Pinky.
Winner of Harley-Davidson's 2009 "Bikes, Camera, Action!" film contest for her short, Her Need for Speed, which she wrote and directed. Latest project: Wife After Death, shot on RED ONE in 4k and edited using Sony Vegas Pro software.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Director, Screenplay writer, Storyboard Artist, Independent film maker, Events program manager and Host.
And speaking of renditions, the last image is of a visual effect being rendered, translating to “Editors actually sit and wait too often for the machine to complete the edit.” True. Posts will cover editing jobs, current movies, TV shows, & YouTube videos as well as current software, the editor’s craft, editing theory & history and anything else that touches on editing.

You have to know what triggers people to buy or to do business with an individual or a company. Video is the perfect tool to create credibility, showcase your talent and distinguish yourself from the competition.

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