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When it Comes to Photo Editing on Android, We recommend you to Download picsay photo editor app. It is quite confusing to choose a good photo editing app for android as there is no shortage of photo editors on the Android platform.
PicSay android app has been available on the Play Store for a long time and while many new apps have been developed to challenge it it’s still among the best for photo editing.
Interestingly  Picsay photo editor got a large number effects in it. We can paint on the picture or add text and stickers with many fonts and other items available and even more downloadable. You can download the PicSay photo editor apk from the link below or it would be best to download the latest version of the app from google play store by hitting the widget bellow. Face Tune is a A?1.99 photo editing app designed to help you edit your portrait photographs into 'perfection'.
Not only can you remove spots, improve skin texture and enhance eyes, but you can also fix grey hair, reshape your face and even fill in bald patches. You can also whiten teeth, remove wrinkles and elongate or shorten a face entirely before instantly sharing the retouched photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr or Tumblr, or via email.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. If you’re anything like me, you love using your phone’s camera and have every photo-editing app under the sun! It has the usual filters, colours and editing tools, but you can also add awesome things like light spots, blurs and textured effects, as well as text. I think they just give a more polished, professional, studio-shot look and feel to your phone photos.

For those of you who are not familiar with Instagram it’s a free app for your iphone, android, ipad, etc. This entry was posted in Dear Lizzy questions and answers, favorite things, instagrams on June 22, 2012 by Elizabeth Kartchner.
So, I checked and all of these apps (besides Instagram of course) are not available via Android. Thanks for posting your tips and I have this linked to my post today on photo editing for the blogger as well! Once users done with editing, the finished photo can be saved or share on any social network. Most of the tools are easy to use and you simply have to zoom and pan, then use your finger to paint on the effect.'Facetune is different,' said Zeev Farbman, Lightricks CEO. So I used one photo and experimented with a few different editing techniques on the PicsArt app, to see what I could achieve.
If anyone uses Blackberry, there is a cool app called MOLOME and also pixtrix as well as photo studio. So at a few touches of the buttons and a couple of minutes editing, you can have some really great photos as a result! I'm a twenty-something (just!) Londoner living in Manchester and love all things food, home, travel, weddings and babies. The advanced settings are really fun to play around with like I did below with the ferris wheel. Also, as I was finishing up this post I saw my friend Rhonna sharing a cool tutorial for using Rhonna Designs fonts with your apps!

The manufacturer of Picsay Photo editor experienced in developing tools for Adobe Photoshop, so you can expect outstanding results.
When you add a light texture that you like, tap on the picture and click rotate to move the filter around the picture to where you like. There are a couple little things that bug me when I am uploading and saving but overall I really like this ap. I recommend a few of my favorites for Android that can do some of the same things (although nothing quite as nice as the bokeh you get with PicFx).
You may also click the arrow to save or add more filters which is cool if someone wants to layer on different effects. Out of all of them, I would have to say my new favorites are Camera360 and Pixlr-o-matic because it has light leaks, vintage filters, and lovely bokehs that no other Android app seems to have right now. But, Vignette has my favorite black and white by adjusting the settings to Toy Camera, Black and White, and adjusting the vignette how you like it. Get a functional native code base, eye-catching beautiful artwork with excellent UX, icon artwork and documentation.

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