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Just wanting suggestions on what video editing software to pick up to start making my own videos when recording with the Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition.
I'm basically going to be mainly filming me doing downhill mountain biking, and also some other sports. Wanting to take it up as a side hobby, but only video I've ever created before was on youtube using window's movie maker I think.
For those not knowing about the camera, there will be several types of quality of video ranging from 720p for 120mhz slow motion footage, ranging up to 4k res to just blow my own trumpet for how the videos will look at that high resolution.
Friendship is like peeing on yourself, everyone can see it, but only you get to feel the warmth it brings.
PC Spec: i7 4790, GTX 980, 16GB RAM, 250gb SSD, 2TB WD Blue HDD, XFX 650w PSU, Steelseries Apex Keyboard, Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse.
Short version is that Vegas Pro comes with: more plugins, unlimited video tracks (Movie Studio 12 limited to 20), 4k video support, project management tools, scripting tools, and native support for importing from professional level cameras and recorders. For people doing videos from games or home DV cameras the consumer version has everything you need. Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned. With Adobe's new pricing scheme you can rent it for $20 a month or the entire Creative Suite for $50 a month.
Edius 6.5 made by Grass Valley - Professional video editing software with arguably the best transcoding algorithm available. I know no one has a 4k monitor but OP wanted to do 4k encoding so I gave him a program that supported it. Sony vegas would be my personal choice, not a fan of adobe and have heard that some people who have licences for after effects still use cracked versions because they could bypass some of the stupid rubbish adobe has put on there, that clearly works well considering the crack was out nearly straight after release.
MAGIX, a leader in multimedia software, leverages Dolby technology within their premium products to the market.
Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator maintains audio fidelity while preserving valuable disc space to allow for sharper picture quality or longer recording time. MAGIX continues to work closely with Dolby technology to deliver professional tools to its customers and ensure the highest fidelity experience. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Come visto in un precedente articolo sull’audio esistono molti ottimi tool open source per realizzare soluzioni professionali. Oggi voglio fare una carrellata sulla parte di Video editing ed indicarvi alcuni tra i migliori software open source disponibili per Linux per fare video editing. OpenShot Video Editor e un software libero di montaggio video non lineare per il sistema operativo Linux.
E sviluppato in linguaggio Python, utilizza il toolkit GTK+ e il framework MLT, lo stesso utilizzato dal programma analogo Kdenlive.
Con Kino e possibile importare prime file AVI e DV, cosi come catturare filmati da videocamere digitali utilizzando le librerie raw1394 dv1394, ed esportare a videocamere con le librerie video1394 ed ieee1394. Cinelerra e stato rilasciato il 1 Agosto 2002, e si e basato in parte su un prodotto in precedenza noto come Broadcast 2000. Cinelerra include il supporto per audio e video ad alta fedelta : elabora audio usando 64 bit di precisione, e puo funzionare sia in spazi di colore RGBA che YUVA, utilizzando la virgola mobile e rappresentazioni di interi a 16 bit, rispettivamente.

LiVES mescola performance in tempo reale di video e di editing non lineare in una applicazione di qualita professionale.
Kdenlive e un intuitivo e potente video editor multi-traccia, che comprende le tecnologie video piu recenti. Kdenlive si basa su diversi progetti open sourcei, come ad esempio FFmpeg, MLT video framework e gli effetti Frei0r .. Con l’avvento di Ubuntu 10.04 questo software e entrato di default tra i programmi video presenti nel sistema. Supporta moltissimi formati e potete trovare nella home una lista completa di tutte le sue caratteristiche. Videolan Movie Creator e un software libero di editing video multi-piattaforma, alimentato dal famoso VideoLan Client (VLC). Video editing is the process and technique of working with video images to create a finished piece of video work.
If you have been brought up as a child in an environment where you watched television or films then you already know some of the language of video. Stories normally start by establishing where and when events are happening and who is involved. While these beginning, middle and end sections are more obviously present in a feature film or longer documentary, they are usually present in all stories no matter how short they are. There are also insights on how to structure your story, be it a documentary or a feature film. Insight Share,  have some fantastic exercises exploring the process of storytelling as a participatory process lead by the group rather than being dictated by a teacher. To tell a story using video footage and video editing software we need to recreate the way that humans experience reality, but by using artificial techniques. Visual Storytelling has techniques which allow video makers to recreate the process of assembling a story.
If you need to show more than one aspect of a scene, you can film the scene several times from different angles and cut between those angles during the editing process. In this guide we do not have the time to cover these issues fully but there are many great resources online about the story telling elements and techniques of video making. In any event Vegas and the spin offs are very solid, along with Adobe After Effects, Virtual dub is a free option etc. It is a youtube video editing software could meet all your requirements like add subtitles, musics, effects etc.
MAGIX has incorporated this award winning technology into its own award winning software in Movie Edit Pro -Video Editing Software and its professional video editing software - Video Pro X. Dolby Digital 5.1 is crucial for the truly amazing audio creation in MAGIX video editing software tools. E’ risoluzione e frame rate indipendente, nel senso che puo supportare video di qualsiasi velocita e dimensioni. Ti consente di iniziare a modificare e fare video da subito, senza doversi preoccupare di formati, dimensioni della struttura, o framerate. Usare Kdenlive e investire in un progetto guidato dalla comunita, che mira a stabilire relazioni tra persone al fine di costruire il migliore strumento per il video. Basato sul framework GStreamer, PiTiVi e davvero molto facile da imparare ed apprendere grazie alla sua interfaccia attentamente progettata per soddisfare sia il nuovo arrivato sia il professionista.

Puo girare su Windows, Mac OS X e Linux e fornisce molte funzioni che si trovano negli editor di filmati professionali.
People marveled at simple scenes of workers in a factory with no cuts in the filming or music playing. You will be amazed at the number of storytelling and visual storytelling techniques that you know intuitively. Because our eyes and ears are so sensitive we can pick up many details of the scene in front of us and our mind can concentrate on the details it feels are most relevant. This is done mainly through the use of different kinds of video shots, the choice of what is contained in them, and the order they are in. Just the sound of a helicopter creates the illusion that there really is a helicopter just out of shot. The audience are trying to interpret your film as they watch and create meanings from the images and sounds as you play them. At its best this kind of storytelling can use shared language and convention to effectively communicate a message.
The over-used conventions of documentaries, adverts, entertainment shows and news reports have all been imitated for comic effect. Users are able to create professional surround effects with Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator surround creator, so MAGIX included it in a number of their key products for people to create real surround sound with channel control and live mixing. E prodotto da Heroine Virtual, ed e software libero distribuito sotto la GNU General Public License. Once interest is sparked, there is usually some kind of conflict, confrontation or drama which the storyteller (presenter or editor) will somehow try to resolve by the end of the story.
The same is true to a certain extent with spoken information, while we may receive information out of order, our brains work quickly to arrange them into a story that makes sense for us. Long clips and slow traditions between cuts allow time for the audience to relax into the scenes. If, for example, you put together a politiciana€™s speech without sound, followed by images of war, then the politician is assumed to be talking about war. These works can be very useful resources when learning or teaching the language of television and film.
Cinelerra include anche un motore di compositing video, permettendo all’utente di effettuare le normali operazioni di composizione come il keying e mattes.
Potete persino registrare le vostre prestazioni in tempo reale, e quindi modificarle ulteriormente o salvarle immediatamente.
Is there a voice-over of a news reporter or narrator being used to accompany the video footage? Asking yourself questions like these and making notes to de-construct video reports will really help you when you start to construct these reports yourself with video editing software.

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