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Landing page forms are one of the most important parts of a landing page, but so many advertisers get them wrong. In today’s post, I’ll outline seven ways you can improve your landing page forms to make them attractive to prospects and give you the data you need to qualify your leads. Many marketers, especially B2B software companies, ask for way too much information in their landing page forms.
Now, don’t get me wrong – I realize that, for this kind of web form (that asks prospects to provide information to schedule a software demonstration), the company needs to know the visitor is serious and won’t waste their time. When designing a web form, it’s crucial to achieve the balance of requesting enough information from the user to qualify them as a valid lead or prospect, without asking them to essentially hand over their identity.
So, now we know that you should ask for information from your prospects sparingly, we need to talk about how your form actually looks on your landing page. Even if you’re only asking for a little information, your landing page form still needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Creating a compelling CTA is about more than using persuasive language (though it definitely helps). Even without the “I want to…” above them, the benefits and desired outcomes of selecting either option are clear. Both of these examples are very clickable, make the benefits clear, and leave nothing to suggestion.
Radio buttons work very well for situations in which there are only a few options, or entering the data manually would be tedious for the user.
In addition to making it as easy as possible for the user to enter quite a lot of information, the inclusion of radio buttons on this web form mean that the only data the user has to enter manually is their zip code.
You might think it’s obvious what users should do if they want to sign up for whatever you’re offering, but users rarely do what you want them to do unless you make it painfully obvious. Even if you’ve included your web form above the fold, used plenty of white space to make it attractive, and ask for the bare minimum of information, you could still risk losing them before they cross the line and convert. Of course, this is just the first step users have to complete, as shown by the 1-2-3 graphic at the bottom of the page, but as an example of how to get users to complete a web form, it works pretty well. However, while the use of a line-of-sight visual cue is very effective in this example, the web form itself is actually rather poor. Sure, you’re not going to capture many leads for a software demo or get users to part with a ton of data, but by designing for mobile, you’re at least capturing more potential leads and growing your business.
It’s no use following the previous six tips if you’re not going to rely on cold, hard data to make your final decisions. Facebook is quickly dominating the internet in pageviews and easily gobbles up time, as users treat the platform more like a destination than a stop along the way. The real value in a Facebook Landing Page is its ability to grow your fan base virally by letting fans share with their friends. A Facebook landing page, has the ability to not only grow the audience which can see your content, but can actually leverage the platform’s social nature to prompt users to share the page with their circle of influence.
After converting to a fan of the page, the user can then get the offer (which is a coupon in this case). In this example, the page prompts users to enter their name and email address to receive their coupon. Lastly, the landing page takes advantage of the user’s excitement in getting a freebie and allows them to share with their friends right away. The above example illustrates just one way to leverage a Facebook landing page to offer not only a branded and controlled user experience, but to allow users to share your page with their friends. Lucky for you, you happen to know someone that specializes in custom facebook landing page design! The point of this article isn’t to continue to point out the obvious, but to show the more costly mistakes in terms of lost revenue and lost leads. When visitors see and click an ad, they immediately have a few “expectations” of what they want see on the page that follows the click of the ad.
For example, let’s say you are selling electronics, but specifically want a Landing Page for “Bluetooth earbuds”. The Headline is not only an easy thing to test (we will cover testing in a minute), but the mistake that gets made too often is not continuing the conversation or not being the “other side” of the conversation that a visitor expects when they click. Each “group of visitors” in the funnel expects different items on a landing page, and as such, they respond better to different items on the page. Middle of Funnel – Show the visitor what others are saying about the product or service on this landing page.
So, if your landing page items and landing page messaging are not created to offer something to each of the 3 areas of this funnel, then you are missing a massive opportunity to convert leads and move them further down the funnel. If you look at your landing page analytics from any ad or campaign (PPC, SEO, Banner, Display Radio etc etc), statistically you will see that most of your traffic is First Time Visitors (usually around 70% – 80%).
After a certain period of time or certain number of conversions – you will be able to see which landing page variation performs better. So there you have it – the 5 biggest landing page mistakes I see again and again … and now you have no excuse for making them.
Do you have content (or a strategy) for each visitor depending on their level in the funnel? Are you letting the visitor abandon without a popup based on what they are looking at or when they are leaving?
Are you supporting all landing page optimization and effort with a thank you page that invites and encourages connection and communication?
Landing page, it’s really very important in order to increase sales as it is the first page where user land. The reason behind sharing this conversation is that, Thank you page is really the scope for improvement. You are making some good points and and usefull infomation for anybody working with landing pages. OR your could even more optimally run a control page with 3 individual variations and serve up 25% of each to your visitors. Of course, if the landing page wants to do a few more things along the way, that’s fine with me, but these three maxims should form the cornerstone of any well-structured, well-defined landing page. Landing pages give marketers an excellent opportunity to start a conversation with the consumer. So, without any further ado, here are 20 of the best… and the worst… landing pages, I hope you can learn something from the critique.
Google Engage is a program to train and support for agencies in the use of Google products, with a focus on Adwords. Bullet Points – the bullet points that provide more information on the product details help to structure the text, making the page easier to scan and highlighting the important details. Typography – having a grey headline, but black text, makes the sub-headline recede into the page.
Shopify provides its customers with the ability to create online shops, complete with cart and payment options.
Positive language – Rather than providing lots of copy to ready through, Shopify has created five bullet points.
Clear CTA – the CTA is clearly positioned and concise – there are only three fields to complete, lowering barrier to entry and making it more likely that the user will complete sign-up. Supporting information – their supporting information is comprehensive, but delineated from the main sign-up area, so as not to cause confusion or draw the user away from the sign-up process. Social Media sharing – getting users to share a page they like is good practice, but you have to be careful how you do it. Structure – the page contains a lot of information, and all of it is competing for the user’s attention.
Remove navigation – the navigation at the top and bottom of the page is superfluous to requirements. Merging Part 1 and Part 2 – the link to sign-up for Part 2 is included at the bottom of the page as an afterthought.
PaloAlto creates hardware firewalls and this landing page allows consumers to download the Gartner Magic Quadrant report for that industry segment. Clarity – the page is structured clearly, with good use of colour to separate the sections and indicate information hierarchy. Copy – the copy is clear about what the Gartner report says, but it focused on the company, not the user.
Imperva provides data protection services for their customers, but this landing page tries its best to stop consumers from knowing it.
Nothing hidden – the only good thing about the Imperva landing page is that everything is simple and up-front.
Supporting information – if you are offering information on a subject, you have to position yourself as an authority in that area.
Mandatory and non-mandatory information – it’s not clear what the minimum requirements are when completing the form.

Wix helps its users create Flash-based websites and Facebook pages easily through template solutions. Examples – the Wix service is based around templates, so by providing a series of examples, potential customers can see the quality of what to expect.
Expanded examples – not all customers are the same, having a constantly refreshed set of examples, or the ability for the user to choose to see examples from different industries would help them to understand what the service could offer them. Better explanation of additional features – there are ‘tons’ of features, but only six listed.
Repeated messaging – repeating the 25 songs message leaves the user in no doubt as to what they will receive.
MP3 players – although users are fairly savvy, there’s a lot of people who equate iTunes with digital music. LightCMS is a service that enables users to create online stores and manage the inventory behind them. Multiple Sign-up buttons – having buttons at the top and the bottom of the page means that the CTA is always available, whether the user reads all the supporting information or not.
The supporting links next to the second CTA – Formstack have realized that if a user has read all the way to the bottom, they’re still in the process of making a decision (otherwise they would have clicked the first link). The ability to rotate through the product features – landing pages don’t have to be long and unwieldy. Auto-rotate – although the rotator is great, it’s static, and although the copy is great, there is more. Social Media links – Unum have understood that the best place for a conversation with consumers isn’t necessarily the corporate website. Simple and structured – not everyone is going to know what multivariate testing is, so it breaks it down into three easy stages, without getting overly heavy on the copy.
Sample content preview – Making more of the content of the whitepaper, by using imagery or sample copy, would help the users to gauge the usefulness and make the page more engaging.
Contrast: The action area used the design principle of encapsulation to make it really stand out. Trust factors: The customer logos provide a strong sense of endorsement which helps establish Ion as a thought leader.
Opt-out option – it takes guts to have the ‘No thanks’ button top right, it’s one of the first things the user sees.
Branding – although it’s an American Airlines landing page, the focus is on the campaign identity, not the brand. Call to Action – although we’ve seen that landing pages aren’t all about collecting data, they do still have to be clear. Adobe Business Catalyst allows users to create and deploy web forms with a full database backend.
Clear pricing – the table of prices at the bottom makes sure that the user has all the information they need to make an informed choice. Good use of imagery to make sections distinct – Adobe has used three images to be representative of the copy in each section. I love the examples, though sometimes I find it hard to apply the learnings to certain fields. Because our two-tier email signatures do not need to encapsulate all of a person's contact information at the level of the email signature itself, the design process is really quite wide open. From a technical standpoint, we need to include one clickable link that goes to the landing page.
Our form-driven email signature creation technology will be employed to create the personalized email signatures for users, regardless of the style selected. Landing Page: The most customizable portion of the landing page consists of two elements - a background wallpaper and a left-hand column (illustrated below). Just about any message you want to send to your Unbounce landing page leads can be set up in under 3 minutes for a quick boost to conversions. We’ll show you how to do it for FREE and a share other ideas to help you boost your landing page conversions. If you use Unbounce for your content offers, send an email after your new lead downloads your content. Send an email a few days later to thank your leads and take this opportunity to ask if they need any help or offer more resources. This entry was posted in Ecommerce, Saas, Subscription and tagged boost conversions, email marketing, growth hacks, landing pages, sms marketing, text message marketing, unbounce autoresponder.
Web forms on landing pages are often subject to “Goldilocks syndrome.” Too long, and you risk deterring prospective customers from converting. For more info on how to apply these tips for social, check out this post on Facebook landing pages.
Generally, after 7 fields in a landing page form, conversion rates start to drop off steeply. I understand that you’d probably want to demo your software to someone with the authority to make a purchasing decision, but this could be easily determined by the information in the Role in Company field. Without a strong CTA, your prospects may wonder why the hell they’re handing over all this personal information in the first place. Consider the benefits of your offer to the prospect, and then focus on these benefits in your CTA.
They want to do as little as possible to accomplish their goal – so leverage their laziness and make it even easier for them to convert by including radio buttons. Why not make it even more obvious where they should enter their information by using visual directional cues to help them along? It asks for a lot of information, as it’s attempting to get users to create a dating profile directly from the landing page.
SO many marketers ignore web forms on mobile in the assumption that “people don’t complete web forms on mobile.” This might be true to an extent, but it’s not a limitation of mobile devices or the fact that people don’t want to sign up for stuff when they’re on the go, but rather a design problem. Put another way, you have to consider user behavior and how people use their mobile devices, and the objectives of your web forms. Cleverly, there’s also a clickable “call” icon at the top of the page, so if the user doesn’t even want to enter their zip, they can call an agent directly.
Do you have a citation for the statement that response rates fall off when forms have more than 7 fields? In exchange for these things, there is usually an incentive, such as a coupon or chance to win a contest. Notice that the page clearly spells out that if you become a fan, you will get a special offer in return.
This means that if your landing page is hooked to a Facebook ad to gain fans, your ROI is increased many times over without the need to spend more. Read the most dangerous mistakes you can make when it comes to your landing pages and learn how you can correct them. That’s not a secret, but if your landing page messaging speaks to only one type of visitor, you are missing a solid opportunity to convert the other types of visitors. In my opinion, HubSpot does a fantastic job of breaking down these visitors into sections of a funnel.
Lead Generation pages are a great place to add a “Talk to an expert now” with a live chat module CTA, or a Toll Free Phone Number.
It’s often a good idea to get in touch with a conversion or landing page expert when you want to test multiple variables, certain conversions, etc. From here you can test additional elements that will help you find your own “secret sauce” that your visitors respond best to.
Once a visitor has converted to a lead or a customer, let them know what to expect next – A call in an hour? He provides his clients with optimized landing page strategies for improving conversion rates. When I asked them why they said that they might lose qualified prospects who land on the new page instead of the control, and could be turned off because of something on the page. As CRO, I am always testing different elements and also searching new ways in order to improve sales. Most webshops have one product page design, how would you test a product page (as a landing page) without changing the look of the entire webshop? I think the second one which is Missing Content Strategy remains the biggest mistakes I know of because a lot of people tend to do that particular mistake, even on my friend’s at website website such a mistake occurred. I’m not going to give you 20 landing pages that work – although some do – or 20 pages that don’t work – even though some of them do indeed ‘suck.’ No, I’m going to give you a mix of the good, the bad and the in between. IBM’s landing page for its DB2 and Power System campaign suffers from a real lack of direction. Typography should be hierarchical, so that the eye can quickly pick out what elements of the page are most important. First, using white text on colours like yellow or green makes it very hard to read when the text size is smaller – this should be avoided.

If these links distract users from the process of signing up, you’re damaging the effectiveness of your page.
Simplifying the structure would help the user to understand what they should be reading and in what order. If you have more than one thing to offer your user, make it easy for them to select all the ones they want as part of a single sign-up process.
It appears the report will be immediately available when you click the button, but this is not the case. Although the simplicity of the form is helpful in some ways, there’s nothing here that tells us who Imperva are or what they do.
Some companies will not want to give away information such as revenue, so make sure you let them know it’s not a deal-breaker for getting the report. For long landing pages, where the top of the page disappears when you scroll, having multiple buttons is a must. To help them make that decision, they’ve added two additional links next to the second CTA. Formstack has placed their testimonials right next to the decision making point of the page to encourage sign-ups.
By providing these controls they can cram a lot of information into a small space and get the user interacting and exploring the page. It’s simple – there are only six pieces of information required to get across the essence of the service. There are some more great and possibly deal-clinching features hidden away, which could really do with being brought forward in some fashion, so I would test whether the three features shown are the ones in which the users show the most interest.
But I’ve got to say that this is one of the best financial services landing pages I’ve seen. In this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words, showing a user what’s on offer can be much more effective than talking about it. It’s a different font from the rest of the page and the white on apricot just doesn’t work.
First it tells you what you what the whitepaper is about, then it tells you what the benefit of optimizing your website is, and then finally it goes into detail. As a result, they really should know better; once again, landing page experts have let themselves down. Why should a consumer give you their details without knowing what they are getting return, it’s madness. By rotating different images from different sports (a baseball changing room or an American football changing room) the reaction from users may be different. Using copy in this way hammers home the message of individuality, from the repeated ‘The Individual’ phrase to the quote.
Unum gave the user two clear and differentiated choices; here there are five choices and it’s not clear if they are pages or videos. Now working in the pharmaceutical industry, he previously worked at Volume, one of the largest independent B2B digital marketing agencies in the UK.
Sometimes it’s not appropriate as it can affect the stats of the pages being tested if lots of people visit just to check it out, rather than being real potential customers. Having a well designed, clean and organized landing page is very important as it can improve (or damage) your company’s credibility. That’s it what your article makes interessting, so we can see what is good and what is bad. But if you want to boost conversions, a few clever email marketing and SMS marketing hacks can help.
Autosend will automatically send the messages to any new sign up on your Unbounce landing page.
And as we know, people actually like text messages from businesses – so why not send them?
Send leads invites to webinars, offers for personalized demos and consultations, or just an easy way for them to get in contact with your business. You can use this message to ask for feedback, thank them for downloading, and show them new content. Too short, and you may not gather the information you need to qualify visitors as worthwhile leads.
Sure, time zone differences are an issue you have to deal with during product demos, but at least make these fields drop-down menus if you have to have them.
A strong CTA, on the other hand, will reinforce their desire to get their hands on whatever you’re offering and make sure they cross the line and convert.
The more strongly you can reinforce what visitors stand to get out of your offer, the more likely they are to convert.
Similarly, the CTA button itself makes it clear what I’ll be getting by signing up, whereas the control version doesn’t offer any hint of what to expect at all. You absolutely HAVE TO design your landing page forms to be mobile-friendly, whether this is using responsive web design or designing an entirely separate mobile landing page altogether. You’re probably not going to be able to include a 10-field landing page form asking someone to sign up for a software demo on mobile – it’s just too much. WordStream tried including images of actual people on a landing page in one test, only to discover that our audience didn’t respond well (at all) to them. Even better than saying, “Talk to someone now”, let your visitor know what type of person they will be talking to. Testing is so important but I find that MOST small business owners have a phobia of testing and the whole process. Because they’ve already made the effort to click on the advert, email link or QR code to get to your landing page, so they can be considered somewhat prequalified, or inclined toward your brand or product.
IBM has tried to introduce social media links, but by having all the icons in a pale grey, they are lost on the page and unlikely to be found.
Phrases such as ‘Easy to use’, ‘Secure’ and ’20,000+ Store’ breed confidence in the user (as does the tick icon).
Some supporting information would be useful when making the decision to download the report.
By allowing the user to ‘learn more’ and ‘see examples’, they’re effectively buying a second chance to persuade the user if they’re not sure about proceeding to sign up. By keeping them simple and personal (no corporates here), they feel more genuine and friendly.
I’d test a version with some indicative pricing information to see if it made users more confident in what they were entering into. As a result they have over 13,000 likes on their Facebook page, and the demographic information they get from that data will help them to target their follow up marketing. Much better to allow the user to browse the available content, then ask them for their details at the point of transaction.
In this case there is also overlap in the styling of the tabs and buttons – styling page elements in a similar fashion leads the user to believe that they behave in the same way.
Changing the image dependent on the location of the user might also help, as different sports are popular around the world. The answer: some of them are videos, some are just the same page with a different image and copy and one of them is a different page. The overt data collection approach used by Marketo really made me think twice about them – it appeared a little arrogant (imho).
I am developing a social network platform for artists to share their creative content and build an audience. We removed them in a separate design, only to find that our conversion rates improved considerably.
I had suggested some changes for Thank you page and adding social channels are one of them, I got reaction from client that it doesn’t make sense to add social channels in Thank you page.
This is no longer a cold lead, so marketers shouldn’t let that opportunity get away from them.
By keeping them simple, they’re not distracting the user from the path they actually want them to take. In actual fact, the ‘Travel Options’ link is the actual CTA, taking the user to a booking page, but it really isn’t clear.
As such, the advice above wouldn’t necessarily apply to us and our audience, just as it might not apply to you. I’d test a version with a clearer CTA that doesn’t look as if it was part of the bottom navigation. After a week, I had email to client to remove social channels from Thank page and client replied, you are correct Jeni.

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