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Si estas pensando en hacer una campana de email marketing para promocionar tus productos o servicios, para enviar Newsletter, invitaciones, noticias, encuestas….?presta atencion!
Desarrollar una base de datos de clientes bien segmentada es fundamental para garantizar la eficacia de nuestra campana de email markteing.
El correcto diseno de una campana de email marketing es fundamental para obtener los resultados deseados.
Diseno  y contenido claro y conciso, que permita a los usuarios identificar el objetivo del mensaje de un simple vistazo. Analizar los resultados de tus campanas de email marketing nos dara la respuesta a todas nuestras preguntas y te permitira conocer rapida y facilmente las estadisticas de tu campana ( tasa de suscriptores, tasa de apertura, de no apertura, % de suscriptores activos e inactivos, Dispositivos de donde abrieron el correo, clics realizados en enlaces, metricas de conversion a raiz de la campana de email marketing…) A raiz de los resultados obtenidos, estudia a tu target, el motivo de baja de tus usuarios, la reaccion obtenida…toma decisiones en base a ellos y por supuesto ?aprende de los errores para conseguir mas conversiones la proxima vez! Webcafeina es proveedor homologado para el desarrollo de servicios de las ayudas y subvenciones concedidas por los organismos extremenos Extremadura Avante y Camaras de comercio.
The MEDIA Agency can help with all facets of e-mail marketing including developing a complete strategy, building creative, assisting with execution, and providing complete reporting and analysis. A well planned e-mail marketing strategy helps businesses to reach large audiences, and retain the leads generated through other means of marketing and enhance customer relationship in a very cost effective manner. Increase Brand loyalty -It can be used to customer fan base to your brand to enhance customer loyalty. Best ROI - Return-on-investment through email marketing is considered to be highest among all the digital marketing medias. There are more than 4 billion e-mail users worldwide and nearly 91% of consumers check their e-mails everyday.
Advertising - Though advertising is very expensive, it helps in building very good e-mail data base. Public Speaking - Being a guest speaker at seminars, public events and on a regular basis, you can grow your email list by asking audience members to sign up or gather customer data.
Blogging - Ita€™s the only low-cost, effective way to grow the e-mail lists if you dona€™t have a massive advertising budget and youa€™re not well connected. Referrals a€“ By offering special incentives to existing customers to make them sign up their acquaintances and friends. Digitera Technologies can help develop an effective e-mail campaign that helps you to retain and convert customer leads, enhance your brand value and provide measurable results. The fact is that email marketing is still ranking second behind SEO in ROI (Return on Investment) for digital marketing tactics… NOT Social Media. But change is once again imminent and we are on the cusp of moving forward into the future with the following innovations in email. The latest tech talk among email marketers is something that has been only dreams until now; video in email. Can you imagine surfing the Sears website for lawn tools without having to click a link, wait for your browser to open up and then wait for the page to load?  Of course you can; this is how links are currently handled within email messages.

Gmail does offer the option of incorporating Google Forms within its emails that allows for more interactions without leaving the inbox. All of this does opens doors for many marketing options, and also leads me into the next big technology arising, Real-time content optimization. The current process of delivering the most optimized content (outside of dynamic content) is through testing; send out a small sample, and see how the audience reacts.
But, what if you could send to your entire database, and have the emails change copy, images, and subject line during the launch based on what is happening during the send? Change is coming to inboxes that are more reactive to your place and time, and change email priority like a search engine.
Si has escuchado que el Email Marketing habia muerto con la llegada de las redes sociales ?estan equivocados! Te contamos en 4 pasos, como hacer campanas de email marketing de forma efectiva ?preparado para impactar a tus clientes?
Estas bases de datos (BBDD) deben cumplir con la ley , con las normas antispam, las leyes de proteccion de datos y de comunicados electronico.
La gran mayoria de los consumidores utilizan sus smartphones para abrir los correos electronicos, por eso debemos adaptar y optimizar el diseno  de las campanas de email- marketing, a todo tipo de dispositivos. Posicionamiento web SEO, diseno web usabilidad, campanas SEM en Adwords, Publicidad en redes sociales, gestion de redes sociales, analitica web, comercio electronico.
A 2007 study by Marketing Sherpa reported that in-house lists e-mail was rated the best performing method of online advertising.
If you already have a program in place, we offer an e-mail tune-up, which is a comprehensive analysis of your existing e-mail campaigns using precise recommendations to help you improve your conversion rates. E-mail marketing can be done using existing customer database or specially harvested lists from other types of marketing channels. A few years back I wrote a blog post about the future or email and the exciting new technologies out there that were on the horizon for email marketing. Some report 20% lifts in metrics using it.  However, email marketing is still bound to the rules of the ISP’s and email clients. This is much like the animated gifs of old, but with higher frame rates and better color pallets.
Gmail does it withYouTube, and HTML5 is making great strides in allowing adoption of embedded video. In the past, Gmail had started offering up limited use of its “Enhanced Email” service, which is a technology that embeds a module that can serve up real-time information and products within the email.  A similar technology, an offer carousel, would offer multiple opportunities to deliver content within a small coveted area within the email.
This system works, and it is used to gain the best results by the most seasoned email marketers. Technology is out there that sends test emails out periodically throughout the launch, and optimizes the rest of the emails based on actions taken.  This process could automatically optimize an email in real-time instead of taking days to send, test, modify, re-send an optimized email.

Emails that are not just pushing a static message, but ones that revolve around your interactions across the web. There are many other technologies on the horizon being driven by marketing automation, ESPs, and email clients that are also helping to advance email inboxes into the future, and integrate with other digital channels. Until then, we as marketers must keep pushing the limits and be open to adopting new technologies that will make email as successful as it ever has been. El email marketing sigue siendo una de las herramientas mas usadas tanto personal como profesionalmente para una comunicacion personalizada y directa. En este sentido tenemos que tener en cuenta el marketing legal ( LOPD y LSSI) y lo mas importante: enviar campanas solo a aquellos usuarios que aceptaron voluntariamente formar parte de tu base de datos . Como puedes ver, las unicas migas que hemos dejado son las que te indican ?en donde estoy en la web?. If you have an in-house e-mail list, e-mail marketing should be an important part of your overall strategy.
The conversion rate from e-mail marketing is considered to be best compared to other marketing mediums. Our digital marketing experts can help you form strategy, design e-mails and advice you from time to time to steer the campaign to make most out of it. Then came the day of image blocking and email marketers everywhere were forced to look for other methods to maintain or improve open and click rates while images were hidden.
It looks like it might play in your email, but really just a link to a landing page with the video. This is widely supported across most platforms (minus Outlook 2007).  Think of it as a “preview” of the video you really want to see. It will be integrated with other digital channels where marketers and end users find advantageous. For the past few years, most marketers have settled into their own mixture of text and images within their emails.
It can also be used as just an eye catching graphic in the email.  Unfortunately, these Video gifs have no sound. Embedded videos have sound, giving the user the true video experience right in their Inbox.  The only negative is that embedded video has yet to become widely adopted across platforms. Despite some of these setbacks, I believe email IS slowly creeping forward in technology advancement.

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