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US Data Corporation is a leading source of effective, double opt-in email marketing solutions worldwide. We maintain over 270 million opt-in email addresses worldwide with over 300 selects to make sure you can precisely target your ideal target market. So as marketers are collecting all this data, markets must evaluate each source of information to be sure the data they are adding to their marketing database is actually going to add value. Sure, you have collected a consumer’s name, address, purchase history, and maybe some key demographics such as age and income.
Data providers aggregate these data sets in different ways and some are better than others. For B2B marketers, any number of data selects can be appended to enhance your lead generation efforts. On average, every 30 minutes 120 business addresses change, 75 phone numbers change, 20 CEOs leave their jobs, and 30 new businesses are formed. Because data is constantly changing and appending data ensures that your database has the most up-to-date information available. Many third-party vendors offer email addresses as part of their business or consumer databases. Additionally, if you’ve collected customer email addresses without additional important contact information, a vendor can help by providing reverse email append services. Phone Appending – These may be compiled consumer and business telephone numbers or telco-sourced directory assistance, residential and business telephone numbers, including newly connected numbers.
Phone Verification – Verification of your existing residential and business telephone numbers. Reverse Phone Match– Reverse phone append services provide name and address data for telephone numbers.
By now, you have probably heard one the statistic or another about the massive amount of data that is available today. To learn how to append your online prospect data in real-time, download this free Real-Time Marketing Data Solutions Guide. Big Data for Marketers LinkedIn group is a new community of marketing professionals passionate about big data. Email verification services can help ensure you’re only sending emails to addresses that are valid and still in use.
It’s good to clean up your file and market only to those subscribers who are active and engaged.
In the first two parts of our explorative email marketing field guide, we went over deliverability, design, content and messaging. The often lesser known or even thought of tip to reviewing email marketing data is what happens after you’ve played defense.
There’s a very high chance you have no idea where your email url views or even your email subscribers came from. Running reverse metrics to tighten up the next round of data that comes in will take a while. By the end of the first quarter, you should have a full review of your metrics and performance to arrive at a thorough understanding of user behavior and data patterns. A successful email campaign review will come out of the first quarter with a marketing strategy that envelopes all other key departments like creative, content, social media, client relations and sales.
Not only do we handle San Antonio Email marketing campaigns, but we also work with companies in different states. The popularity of smartphones is growing, so it is vital that you focus on mobile email optimization.
To make sure you get the best possible delivery and engagement rates, it is a good idea to keep your email lists clean and organized. When you combine email and social media marketing, they can broaden your audience reach, spread brand awareness, gain traffic, and help you connect with different types of people. We are responsible for powering the email marketing for hundreds of companies and we have received enthusiastic accolades for our quality service and impressive response rates.

We know what works and want to share with you our secrets that have helped so many succeed in the past. It does not provide consumer or credit information for purposes of employment screening, housing, insurance eligibility, or credit decisions. After all, data promises us new customers, higher ROI, cross-channel success, and ultimately, more revenue.
You have a basic understanding of who your customers are, but when you append data from a third-party, this somewhat “basic understanding” evolves into a full picture of who your customers really are, what will drive them to purchase, and what will keep them loyal. Be sure to look for a provider that uses multiple sources of data including public records, phone directories, U.S. Unfortunately, many of these email addresses are collected without going through any type of validation process. Beyond just cold calling, telemarketing can be used to turn opportunities into business through appointment setting, seminar booking, follow-ups, market research, customer reactivation, collections, lead generation, and more.
This is a place for marketers to discuss best practices, emerging trends, and challenges companies are facing with big data. Without proper maintenance, your list will become stagnant and stale, resulting in poor performing email campaigns. This not only helps you maintain a positive reputation with email service providers, but it also saves you money as you avoid paying for invalid email addresses. Develop an ongoing strategy to attract new subscribers, whether it’s through regular contests, creating helpful resources or content assets, storytelling or offers and VIP experiences. For more than 40 years, Acxiom has been a leader in harnessing the powerful potential of data to strengthen connections between people, businesses and their partners. In the last, we’ll talk about a lesser known strategy that elevates your email game to a whole new level. What did they see or how did they engage your brand in way that got them to look at the campaign or sign-up? Whether you’re using tracking tools or split campaigns, create versions that are released strategically in specific channels to see which ones perform the best. Instead, just like a science experience, you choose one variable to change each time and keep the rest constant as your conduct your experiment.
The second piece of info is seeing which channel had the highest visibility overall – was it your email list, a social media channel or something else? With this info, you can get out of the email marketing rut you were in and learn how best to move forward and plan content through the rest of the year. As you roll forward to bring these departments into the loop for how to navigate campaigns, make sure you’re hyper-focused on what needs to be done and how departments will collaborate between themselves in order to ensure the highest level of success. With complete services including custom email template design, coding, set up, programming, one touch unsubscribe, forward to a friend, hyper links, social media integration, list management, tracking and reporting, we can help you use email marketing to build your business.
Many marketers have already jumped on making their business websites mobile responsive, but it can’t stop there. Try segmenting your lists into sub-categories so you can use them to create better-targeted content based on your subscribers’ preferences or engagement. With texting and instant messaging cemented as a new form of communication, emojis have become familiar in our everyday conversations. US Data Corporation's unparalleled tracking, reporting, filters, triggers and our dependable infrastructure combine together to make an email marketing provider you can rely on. At US Data Corporation, we act as an extension of your marketing department and take our role very seriously. But more often than not, the question marketers forget to ask is, “Am I collecting the RIGHT data?” If it doesn’t provide any actionable insights into your marketing goals and initiatives, data is, well just data.
Because of legal restrictions and CAN-SPAM laws, look for a vendor that utilizes a rigorous validation process.
Of course, if you don’t have an accurate database on file, you may be leaving opportunities on the table.
Set up your email system to receive these address-change notifications or give the consumer a place to change their information.

It takes it out of the hands of artistry and into the realm of science – which executives will be thrilled about. To get to the bottom of this valuable piece of data, the core of successful metric analysis, you start by looking at the source. Doing this with design, content and messaging across three different email launches, will yield two key pieces of data.
It seems like only yesterday that we were all reading the writing blogs about marketing predictions for the upcoming year. In 2016, marketers will need to take the next step into responsive design by making all of their emails mobile responsive. You can build a list of your most engaged subscribers by looking at everyone who opened or clicked your most recent emails. Your emails can potentially go viral after being shared through social media, resulting in increased click, open, and conversion rates.
Emojis in emails resonate just as well with the audience and establish a sense of ease and recognition with a brand and it’s message. With email marketing being one of the strongest marketing channels for ROI and customer service, email marketing is a force to be reckoned with. We offer more than simply a digital marketing solution or a key to an unmatched technology. This data should only be compiled from third-party opt-in data and should include a process to identify addresses known to be associated with spam traps, invalid emails and domains, role accounts, complainers, know hard bounces, and more. In fact, a full 90% of the data in the world has been generated in the last two years alone.  But even with all this data being created by the second – available for the taking, you may still not have the right data. When you receive them, process them by continually updating your database to keep it healthy and up to date. Identify what an “engaged” subscriber looks to you, and then determine a removal formula for subscribers who routinely don’t meet the criteria.
Email marketing is not only a great way to build your brand and spread the word about your products and services, but running them will also help you increase sales and bring in more business if done properly.  If you’ve been running email marketing campaigns and haven’t seen the results you’re looking for, try focusing on improving the points listed above.
More notably, we offer the expertise, experience and service required to ensure your email marketing campaign's success.
If you aren’t continually updating your database with these changes, over time you will lose a significant percentage of your files. These could be subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked in six months or have not purchased in over a year. Targeted based on customer analytics and personalized to grab attention, email marketing can extend messaging to clients in the way they prefer. For more information about email marketing, please call US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3232.
Create a stream of two or three messages targeted specifically at this group before returning them to your larger email list and normal messaging pace.
Emails combined with social media integration (think the power of Facebook and Twitter links) offer businesses increased brand exposure and consumer connection options. Sending 5000 emails could potentially lead to 50,000 people seeing your message via our social media integration. So, to help you ease into the new year on the right email marketing foot, here are 4 fantastic tips for better email marketing in 2016.
Making sure your emails are easy to view on a mobile device will significantly increase the number of people who choose to open and read it.

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