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Email marketing is an affordable way to keep readers engaged with your blog, make business announcements, send out event invitations, or inform customers about new products, services and special deals. Use a Striking Visual: An eye-catching image like this one by Hudson Shoes really steals the show in a powerful way. Created a CTA:  An effective call-to-action (CTA) makes it easy for your email audience to get just enough information about your product to make a move quickly and easily right from their inbox. Reach Out to Fans:  Email invitations are a clever way to boost ticket sales and promote your events directly to your intended target audience. Before choosing an email marketing design, ask yourself what your goals are for this email marketing campaign. A more serious brand may use muted colors and layout to craft a simple, straight-forward message. Multiple studies have found that design impacts how many readers respond to your call-to-action.
Mailchimp and other email systems have certain templates built in that simply require dragging and dropping your visuals and otherwise plugging in your text to put together a clean, professional email. But if you’re looking for a bit more creative control than drag-and-drop templates often allow, Canva might be the solution for you. Canva is a free platform that offers dozens of templates with various styles and customizable features for designing everything from social media posts to posters and, of course, email marketing templates.
If you want to add GIFs to your email, some platforms allow you to insert them as you would other images. Businesses ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies use email marketing as a strategic tool for their business’ growth. Flat line design concept for Email marketing , used for web banners, hero images, printed materials.
It might seem odd (or easy) to choose a non-promotional, non-retail email as this time’s email marketing design winner, but there are some very good reasons I chose the most recent Google Analytics product update email. One of the reasons for selecting this email is that quite some people sometimes forget email marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be about selling stuff and services, or about saying how great you and your employees are.

A product update email that helps people use your product with examples and tips, referring to use cases and separate blog posts is a great way to have people be more succesful with your product. Never forget that a product email with tips on how to use that same product might be your best type of email marketing ever.
Elliot Ross is Managing Director of Action Rocket, an email marketing creative agency based in London. Make email campaigns in minutes not daysTaxi for Email lets your team create, edit and publish better marketing emails.
We'll email you about once a week, and we won't do anything nasty like share your details with anyone. West End’s clean, yet striking email design shows off its new product in a way that makes even a simple light bulb look elegant, nostalgic and desired. Visually-driven industries, such as clothing retailers, may have more freedom to play with pastels, bright colors, and bold fonts in keeping with the brand.
A thoughtful, engaging design should catch your reader’s attention and ultimately lead to increased traffic and sales.
Thankfully for many small businesses and individuals, you don’t need to be an expert in graphic design, buy expensive software, or spend hours learning a complicated technique to make stunning visuals like the examples above. If you are looking to make your own custom GIF, you may need a bit more time and expertise.
Email marketing can be both cost and time-effective in engaging your target audience, increasing traffic, and growing sales. There are quite a few links in the email, but just one clear call-to-action: use our service, the Access Analytics button. They're aimed at marketers, email designers and coders, and will give you everything you need to get the best from your email work.
His experience includes creating award winning websites, mobile experiences and email marketing campaigns for British Airways, Sony Playstation and IKEA. Using these easy-to-use online tools, even marketing novices can seamlessly integrate their branding identity into their very own e-newsletter, event registration form or product promotion in a few easy steps.

The GIF shows off Modcloth’s different products and shows how their target audience (millennial women aged 15-30) can mix and match them. Several images are free to use, but if you need a more professional image, several stock photos are available for as little as $1 a piece. And for a low monthly fee, you can upgrade to Canva for Work which allows you to change the dimensions of any existing design you have saved.
With free, user-friendly tools and platforms, you can add this powerful marketing tool to your arsenal of advertising and engagement tactics. There’s only four articles in this email with an introduction: why should there be more?
From a promotional point of view, that’s all you need to increase the usage of your service from a product update email. Because it helps your clients use your product, therefor making them more succesful, therefor liking the product and your company better. This email entices the reader to further explore Modcloth’s products and possibly at a few to her closet.
You can also track how many people click your email by creating a unique link created through Bitly. Save the link to your Bitly account to view data and results. When it comes to email marketing, bear in mind that your readers may use a desktop, mobile device, or tablet and that your design should ideally adjust to all 3 options with maximum visual appeal. Canva’s free design school section is a great resource for finding awesome marketing designs and learning to build your own with the site.

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