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Bounce and unsubscribe rates are worth monitoring, but having your email newsletters marked as spam is even worse.
Not only do you need to be aware of spam laws in your own country, but also those of your readers. While some countries have laws that require email marketing to include an unsubscribe option, it’s a good practice to observe anyway. Checking your emails for spam triggers before sending them out can save you from depressing spam-report rates. You can also use a service like Is Not Spam to check your emails against popular spam filters. These tips can help you to ensure your readers know they are getting quality email marketing, not spam.
Attendly is a world class event registration system for mass participation and endurance events. When you're sending an email to somebody who doesn't know you well (or at all), there's a big risk it will end up in a spam folder. I recently asked Tom Pines, president of the email marketing firm RealMagnet, how to prevent spam filters from capturing email messages. Want to tweak with audio loudness and apply other normalization effects over your music collection? According to developer, it allows user to split and normalize digitized analog tapes and vinyl. To begin, launch the application and drop as many audio files as you want over the main interface. To split the recorded sessions into small chunks, enable Split in option, and enter the number of resultant chunks with minutes. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
In this week’s blog, we are talking about spam emails and how to avoid having your emails stand out in a crowded inbox, this is the first of our four part email marketing best practice series.
Spam is an email marketer’s worst enemy, and this makes it a lot harder for us to succeed with your email marketing efforts. Your subscribers signed up to your email list for a reason; they want to hear from you, and receive relevant marketing content that will benefit them. If you wait too long before you introduce yourself to new subscribers, they may forget all about you and assume that you are sending them spam.
With the amount of emails we receive, it’s common for recipients to scan their messages before deciding if they will open and read them.
Differentiating yourself from spammers is a never-ending mission, one that lasts throughout the duration of your relationship with your subscribers. There are many positive steps you can take, but they can all be for naught if you break the trust you build with your subscribers by by going beyond what you promised, like contacting them more frequently than you said, if you initially told them to expect to hear from you twice a month, sending sales offers weekly is a bad idea, you can however, give subscribers the option to hear from you more regularly.
Stay tuned for Email Marketing best practices Part 2, next week, where we will be talking about what it takes to make a good landing page for your email. If in the meantime you feel like your email campaigns aren’t performing as well as you think they should, then drop us a message and we would be happy to help. If you have an email address, you'll most likely be unfortunately familiar with the number of promotional emails you receive by the bucket-load every day.

Rory's idea is to, rather than unsubscribe from the mailing list (which never seems to work anyway), simply go into your account and change your details.
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Not only is that subscriber choosing not to read or act upon your email, they are telling the spam filter not to let your emails through anymore. Laws can differ greatly from country to country, so use your demographic reports to see where most of your readers are coming from and check out the local requirements.
A clear unsubscribe option will prevent frustrated subscribers from using the spam button to clean up their inbox.
For people who get your newsletter by mistake (if someone else signs them up accidentally – or on purpose), a double opt-in process will require them to confirm their sign up before you can email them.
This is as much about making your brand look reliable and professional as it is about avoiding spam filters. If you set up a couple of test email accounts with popular email providers like Gmail and Yahoo, you can check these yourself.
LASTAR is a batch audio processor which can boost and set loudness of audio tracks to required level while applying normalization across all of your music or recorded files. You could perform dynamic reduction through it to listen to music or recordings in a noisy environment, big auditoriums, cars, etc. It will automatically detect the kind (genre) of music files in order to set the best processing parameters. Once you’ve done setting up configurations, click Launch Processing to begin performing defined actions over all the inserted audio files. After the processing is finished, do verify the sound quality in your favorite audio player.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The average inbox receives 84 emails per day, how many of them do you imagine are seen as spam emails? The amount of emails we receive makes us cautious to emails we don’t recognise, this can cause us problems when we are trying to engage new subscribers. You must  send them the kind of emails they want, if you fail to deliver, they will see you like any other spammer and you could get ignored, deleted or reported. This can be avoided by delivering a welcome message as soon as they sign up to your mailing list, you should include the benefits of the emails you will send them and give an idea of the frequency you will be contacting them. Give them a visible call to action that asks them to add your email to their address book is all it takes. Including your brand in your subject lines is a very effective way to increase your open rates, studies have shown including your company name can make you stand out in the inbox and encourage the recipient to open your email. Many websites require users to verify their change of account details, by clicking on a link or entering a special code sent to them via their new email address. The more times these flags are raised, the more trouble you’ll have getting your content out and building up your subscriber list.
Avoid using all caps or words commonly used in spam emails (anything to do with medication or money, for example), as these are sure to trigger spam filters.

Since the quality of audio tracks can’t be compromised at any stage of processing, it is programmed to perform all the above actions over audio files without losing the sound quality.
Underneath, the pull-down menu, there are 3 Output levels which you can change to customize the quality parameters, including, Quiet, Compression, and Noise Level. This can be very effective and should be put in the welcome email, if the subscriber truly wants to hear from you, they will happily add you to their whitelist. Along with setting loudness and gaining normalization, it can be used to eradicate noise among all specified music tracks to achieve better sound quality. Noise elimination comes handy for processing those audio files which were recorded through very sensitive microphones.
Of course, they do say, “Don’t worry too much about specific rules within SpamAssassin. It is capable of doing analysis of inserted audio files to set the most appropriate sound quality parameters for processing. And there are some not-so innocent things that can contribute to more messages ending up in your subscriber’s spam folder. Don’t opt-in your email contacts, LinkedIn contacts, etc.Only people who sign up for your mailing list should be on it.
Don’t import your email contacts, LinkedIn contacts’ emails, or other list of people who have not explicitly asked to be on your mailing list.
Otherwise you are opening the door to having your emails marked as spam and having people note that they did not subscribe when they unsubscribe.If you would like your email contacts and LinkedIn contacts to subscribe, find a way to ask them. Add a link to your newsletter sign up page in your email signatures when sending regular correspondence. Avoid automatic opt-ins.One of the reasons many people mark newsletters and other email marketing messages as spam is when they feel they were subscribed against their wishes. This often happens when someone is making a purchase for the first time and the shopping cart automatically checks the Subscribe to Newsletter or similar box.It may hinder the speedy growth of your mailing list, but be sure to let people choose whether they want to subscribe on their own. Deliver what you promise.If your opt-in says that you will only receive occasional, relevant emails from your business, then deliver just that.
Make unsubscribing easy.You don’t have to worry about whether more people will unsubscribe just because your unsubscribe link is easily noticeable. Clean up your HTML.If you are sending HTML newsletter, make sure the coding is as clean as possible. For example, don’t design your HTML newsletter in Microsoft Word and paste it into your template. Lower your link to text ratio.Too many links in the body of your message can set off a spam alert. As you increase the amount of links you include in a message, you should increase the amount of informational text as well to balance them out.What other advice would you add on lowering your spam score and avoiding the spam filter?

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