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Email marketing is extremely profitable for all kind of businesses and it is proven to provide best investment returns. List building is not an easy task but if done properly, with the usage of appropriate tools, not a tough one either. The biggest positive element of email marketing is the fact that it is easy to learn, implement and fairly cost effective.
Email list building doesn’t require you to constantly work on it as you can automate your entire email marketing campaign by using sophisticated email autoresponders like GetResponse.
GetResponse has recently launched email automation feature where you can automate your newsletters and follow up mails in an extremely intuitive manner.
So in current world, when you have access to this kind of sophisticated email marketing software, you don’t have to bother about any kind of manual labor.
And it is available at extremely economical too, whereas in case of SEO, you have to constantly work and be on the top of it to maintain your ranks and traffic. I don’t mean that in case of email marketing, you don’t have to work consistently but work load is much lesser. As mentioned earlier, your success is directly influenced by the size of your email list and its quality. Email list building is critical for any business and you should use your resources adequately to achieve it. These are some of the most tried and trusted ways to build email list and tools like WPSubsribers & GetResponse has proven to be awesome List Builder for me. Notify me of replies to my commentYou can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username).
I may receive affiliate commision on products i review and recommend if you purchase them using links given on this website. So let’s begin with a classic: How do I prevent or minimize unsubscribes from my email list? First, make no mistake about it: over the course of their life cycle with you a certain percentage of subscribers will choose to leave your email list despite your best attempts to keep them and believe it or not, this is good.
That said, there are proactive steps you can take to mitigate unsubscribes by not only honoring the cornerstones of permission (choice and control), but also expanding the choice and control options you offer. Probably the best known and most effective deterrent to an email opt-out is a practice known as the “opt-down”. Naturally as consumers we have shifting levels of affinity and periods of need for any given brand, product or service.
You can see a perfect opt-down example in this unsubscribe page from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Opting down in promotional email frequency is a logical choice but not the only way subscribers can stem the rising tide of email. Because many subscribers will be content to maintain a minimum level of contact rather than unsubscribe completely giving them an option to remain subscribed to your email newsletter is an excellent option. A third way to give subscribers the choice and control they need to avoid leaving your list is to allow them to change or update the email address by which they are subscribed. With now nearly 60% of all email now being opened on mobile devices, message format and rendering remains a concern. Finally, just because someone leaves your email list doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to hear from you at all anymore. You don’t want to make the mistake of “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” by ceasing all communication to subscribers who opt-out of email – but do be selective. I’ll leave you with this to consider: when you treat the email list opt-out as a learning opportunity rather than a loss, you’ll see it in a more positive light and reap additional insight into your subscriber base. Opt-down is often mistaken for the opt-out procedure which involves resigning from receiving future messages from a given sender.
Join the Email CommunitySign up for email and get new blog posts, breaking industry news, event discounts, the latest free email tools and more! It may surprise you, but email marketing gives you the best return on investment (ROI) of any of the basic digital marketing techniques*.
If you were wondering how to build your email list, now you have some concrete ways to get started.
About Latest Posts Anna ColibriAnna Colibri owns the eponymous Anna Colibri, a mompreneurial marketing solutions company providing teaching, writing & digital strategy for small businesses and solopreneurs. Client TestimonialsMy business partner and I hired Anna to set up a website for our company Cup of Tea Birth Doulas.
Although it was hard work and a big learning curve for us it was also a very enjoyable and empowering process.
Learn how a custom digital strategy can save you time, streamline marketing and boost profits so you can be your best and nothing less.
Colibri Digital Marketing generates targeted leads to websites that convert visitors into customers using digital marketing best practices for clients who value the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Easily accessible sign up form – you should always make it extremely easy for your potential subscribers to subscribe to your list.
Seek limited information – it is recommended to ask for limited information in subscription forms.
Maintains Privacy – subscribers are often concerned about privacy especially after the surge of spamming in email marketing.
Use giveaways – free giveaways and incentives are the best ways to encourage your visitors to sign up for your newsletters. Use Social Media for Social List Building – social list building is a effective way to collect subscribers for your email marketing campaign. Provide additional method of subscription – you can provide additional ways to subscribe to your email list for example, comments. I will suggest you to invest in correct tools like GetResponse which provide lots of excellent tutorials on email marketing.
These are individuals opinions of mine and i am not associated with any of these companies.
A “conundrum” is defined as a puzzling question or problem, and in email there are a few persistent ones I have been asked about on a regular basis since the channel’s earliest days.
It’s the nature of any permission-marketing channel for the ultimate choice and control over receiving messages to rest in the hands of subscribers. Specifically, to “opt-down” means to reduce email frequency as an alternative to leaving the list altogether. Sometimes we’re in active purchase mode, other times we just want to “keep in touch” until the next time we’re ready to buy.
Since this retailer deploys promotional email almost daily, they’ve wisely chosen to offer an opt-down in frequency to either every other week (twice a month) or once a month. For many marketers (business-to-business, travel, services) a high volume of email messages is due not to constant promotional offers, but instead to an overall mix of many different message types.
There are many reasons people will need or want to update the email address they’ve given you; among the most common are a) they change email account providers due to a move or job change b) they revise their chosen subscribed address from a work to a personal email address (or vice versa) or c) they abandon a consumer email account that is receiving overwhelming, unstoppable amounts of spam for a clean new primary email address. Often in order to stay interested and engaged with your email messages, subscribers need them in a more easy-to-read format, which means offering them the choice of plain text vs.
If he or she has been a customer (transacted with you) prior to opting out of email, make sure to keep in touch with them through alternative channels such as direct mail, catalog and social media.
Monitoring customer engagement and purchase history across all channels is essential to knowing where and through which it economically pays to continue customer communication, reduce it or cease it altogether. Activating even a few of the ideas above will not only help you keep more email list members, but also tell you a lot about where you can improve your programs to prevent opt-outs or complaints in the future. Join for the latest news on email marketing innovations, tips and exclusive event discounts delivered straight to your inbox. Clarity is a marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with top advisors & industry experts to get strategic advice, industry insight, marketing help or learn a specialized skill to help them grow their business. The people who have given you their email address, which means that they have engaged with you in some way (visited your website, gone to your Facebook page), have given you enough of their trust to let you into their inboxes.
Finally, emails and newsletters are the perfect way to share special offers with your audience.
Although more effort intensive, webinars are a way to not only build your email list, but also sell your products and services.
Targeted contests are a great way to build brand awareness, get engagement, and build your subscriber list — all at the same time. If you promote your business via public speaking and events, don’t forget to collect emails.
To learn even more about email marketing and how to grow your email list, schedule a complimentary digital strategy session with Colibri Digital Marketing founder, Anna Colibri. When she's not working she's momming, meditating or iPhonographing the streets of San Francisco. Anna not only created a tasteful and attractive website for us, but also helped us clarify our business aims and goals, and then educated us in how to use our site and manage our business to it's full potential.
Maintaining a good list has to do with updating your list regularly by gathering response data from your campaigns generated by the system as well as from user interactions ( like opt-out requests, preference changes, activity and engagements etc.) We had discussed how to manage the bounces previously, now we will discuss what could be done at a user level to ensure that you have a clean list which is far important in email marketing. You should always add some note in your email opt-in forms to state that you will adhere to standard guidelines and will protect your subscriber’s privacy.
I am using WPSubscribers which place a small checkbox in the comment section which allow users to subscribe to my newsletters while commenting on my blog. You should place social media buttons in your newsletters along with a forward button which help your subscribers to spread word about your blog and hence, increase your subscribers.

My reviews are based on my personal experience and online feedback i collect from variety of websites. In fact, these challenges seem to keep so many people up at night that I believe they’re always worthy of discussion and a fresh perspective.
Plus, we know from the channel’s nearly 15 years in existence that commercial email works best when it is deeply rooted in permission. For the subscribers of many retailers, publishers and other high-volume senders of email the opt-down provides the breathing room and relief subscribers need to avoid feeling smothered by a brand in the inbox. Either new frequency represents a significant reduction in volume from daily and provides enough relief to make subscribers who were on the fence about staying on the list because email was coming too often much more comfortable with sticking around (click image to enlarge).
Notice in the Bed, Bath & Beyond example above that the company provides an option to unsubscribe from direct mail as well as email – now there’s choice and control!
Given the amount of email so many of us have to plow through on a daily basis, it’s quite an honor! Typically, these take the form of free downloadable content such as convenient cheat sheets, handy templates, comprehensive toolkits, actionable blueprints, interesting case studies, entertaining video series, inspiring manifestos, and compelling infographics.
Not only that, but a good list is attractive to other business owners who want to get the word out about their own business. There are many PLR websites which sell these books which can be used to giveaway to your subscribers.
Email opt-in form created by GetResponse and WPSubsribers support facebook integration automatically. I never recommend products of poor quality so you don't have to bother about the quality of products recommended here. So, your first step is to accept unsubscribes as a fact of life and not take them personally.
Again, these options can be integrated into your unsubscribe pages to mitigate opt-outs, into an email (or overall account) preferences center, or both.
Chances are, she may simply not be a fan of email as a marketing channel but is still a fan of your brand. In the case of email marketing, that means creating content that your audience finds useful, entertaining, or emotionally moving. Contributing a poem and getting it published on Facebook is fun for the participants, but it’s also rewarding for you as a marketer or business owner to help people share their work. I am using GetResponse’s form creator and WPSubscriber plugin (WordPress List Building Plugins) to create and manage subscription form on my blog. I am using my own eBook and I think it’s better if you use your own handwritten book for this purpose but if you don’t have one, don’t wait for it. You can use GetResponse’s landing page creator or instabuilder to create awesome squeeze pages for your email list building campaign. So if user has loggin their Facebook account and visit my blog, their details will be auto-filled in the subscription forms placed on my blog. Idea is not to push bad products but throw some light on it so that you can make informed decisions. Being given the option to adjust email frequency to suit our desired level of involvement with a marketer is critical to keeping a relationship with a brand not only alive, but also healthy.
If you suspect message format and rendering issues might be causing people to leave your list, offering simplified format choices is a must.
If you create quality content, you will lose fewer subscribers, which means that you will need to spend less time figuring out how to build your email list. Email list health is the bloodline of any email program, as it affects program growth, consumer engagement and list fatigue. As consumers’ tolerance for email is heavily dependent on their personal engagement with a unique brand, testing how your subscribers interact with your brand is imperative.Will your consumers benefit from hearing from you more often?
Since I did not enter 5 reminder email addresses and dates on my first attempt I was given the option to enter them again.Do you have any examples of Gift Reminder services? As long as you keep these key points in mind, and give your email health constant checkups, you should always know how well you’re doing, and where you need improvement. Tags: Email marketingAbout Marketing ForwardMarketing Forward is more than a name, it’s a quest.
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