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In simply $9, I’ll rephrase your gig on any other platform so that you start getting orders right-away! Growing your database can seem daunting, though, with the number of tactics at your disposal.
Digging deeper in the Benchmark Report, we find this tactic was only the sixth-most used among the 10 listed.
Website registration pages are, far-and-away, the most popular tactic for growing email lists, with 75% of email marketers using them.
Adding several calls-to-action to join your list throughout your website is an effective tactic, and you can greatly improve results by following best practices.
This information is pretty consistent with what we’ve discovered at Digett while working to grow our own list. Hi Adam: Wondering who I can speak with about getting permission to use a high-res version of that chart above.
We’ve found much success collecting emails at our fundraiser and events using just a few ipads for our volunteers to use.
We also found that sending folks an email at least 24 hours after the event with a call to action resulted in a donation or followup by a higher percentage that someone who signed up to our website.
The views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect in any way the views of MarketingSherpa, its affiliates, or its employees. April 5, 2013 By Rachel I share a lot of great B2B marketing content with my social networks.
This article outlines seven bad email marketing habits that could be causing you to lose subscribers. This article offers a case study on how one company attempted to engage their inactive subscribers by sending them a “we’re removing you from our list” message.
If you have access to your marketing database or CRM, you know exactly what I’m talking about.
Going beyond the annoyance (seriously, please stop sending me emails with Dear LISA), not having proper email addresses could seriously hurt your email marketing efforts.
A company’s email deliverability is determined by your email reputation, not the content in it.

Subscribers go inactive for different reasons – maybe they left the company or they just keep deleting your messages.
While the best defense is to have an upkeep process in place and continuously monitor each email’s deliverability, bounce rates and unsubscribes, sometimes you find yourself in the position where the damage is already done.
Luckily for you, email marketing is a big business so you have many different companies that will do it for you. If you have a smaller list or are up for a challenge (or just love data), dive into your database and email analytics and see what’s really going on.
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O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Recortar slides e uma maneira facil de colecionar slides importantes para acessar mais tarde. Doing so will help keep your engagement numbers healthy and ensure your brand is connecting with new prospects. Their popularity remains above 70% across email marketers who target consumers, businesses or a mix of both.
Kodak, for example, captured 33% more email subscribers by updating its email capture form, adding more opt-in requests, and adding a capture form to Facebook. Most of our new subscribers come from landing pages: they fill out a form to get a whitepaper, and sign up for the newsletter in the process. The thing that I like about this article is that it not only offers ideas, but also aligns them with your target audience’s stage in the sales cycle. It discusses everything from the frequency of your mailings to the possibility that your email subscribers may not feel special. The “opt-out” email was very clever and can provide you with inspiration on how to better engage your audience.
She helps B2B marketers improve their response rates, clearly communicate complex messages and generate high-quality leads.

The reputation depends on the number of bounces and spam complaints your campaigns receive – so the goal is to keep these low!
Keeping them on your list in hopes that one day they’ll open up an email can actually do more harm than good – they can keep other subscribes, even engaged ones, from seeing your message. Return Path’s Reputation Monitor will help you understand your sender reputation and BriteVerify, Email Answers and EmailInspector, just to name a few, help you remove invalid emails from your campaigns.
We help our clients get found online through innovative search, social and online advertising campaigns. They just signed up for your emails and want to click and open them.For this reason (and many others) you should always strive to grow your email list.
That’s why I’ve decided to round up some of my favourite articles (this time on the subject of email marketing) and share them with you below.
The article also provides statistics on how many links you should include in your emails to maximize your click-through rates.
An easy way to find followers is to search for hashtags that your ideal customers follow or for keywords that they use in their bios. Doing so will help keep your engagement numbers healthy and ensure your brand is connecting with new prospects.Growing your database can seem daunting, though, with the number of tactics at your disposal.
The chart is pulled from the all new MarketingSherpa 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report.
For example, many websites feature an opt-in box on the right- or left-hand side of the screen.
However, you can also consider placing an opt-in box at the end of your blog posts or on your “About Us” page.
The Online Marketing Institute listed Rachel as one of the top 40 digital strategists of 2014. A good overhaul is definitely time consuming, but it will give you a good view of who your customers are and what’s working, plus will increase email deliverability for future emails.

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